Review of GPU Performance in Photoshop Lightroom 6 CC

Which features of Adobe’s new Lightroom release actually benefit from GPU acceleration, and which remain slow and tied to the CPU?


dmbers892 says:

Two years later has this improved? says:

Nice straightforward test!
I got other kind of result. (I use Lr 6.1.1 which has – I know – solwed GPU support issues)
I use my laptop for editing with i7-6700HQ @ 2.6-3.4 GHz , and GTX960M. Since there is a box for camera raw acceleration via GPU in Lightroom (Edit > Preferences > Performance) that can be ticked on/off, I started experimenting. These are the results.

Setting the Lightroom to work with CPU only (by the nVidia Control panel): Everything works just fine except the Graduated and Radial Filters, which are VERY laggy, Brush adjustments are quick, cropping modestly fast, zoomin in with 24 MP RAW about 5 sec, so nothing unexpected. *note: I have to turn Camera Raw GPU acceleration off, because Lr does not recognise the Intel Graphics 530 built in GPU (I get blue screen).

But when I turn put the GPU to do all the work for Lightroom (again by the nVidai Control panel), the overall performance drops. The magnifier (1:1) does its job slowly – 8-15 sec, drawing with the Brush works VERY laggy and slow, and on the other hand, what was slow, becomes instantly faster. I refer to the Graduated and Radial filters, which are absolutely responsive, in other words, real time. And using the GTX960M as the motor, it will only affect the Filter performance once I tick the Camera Raw GPU acceleration box on, otherwise it is acting just with like ordinary CPU usage.

I draw the conclusion that not all GPUs are supported equally, and there should be a way for accessing the GPU when it is needed, otherwise continuing with normal CPU usage.

Monster Norm says:

Great topic and you obviously know your stuff, I which you get around in doing a video on small things that people can do to make Lr cc not run so slow. I kind of get that if you would do your adjustments in a different order, you might get a better performance for that picture. Thanks for the info!!!

paul shields says:

I enjoyed this video, also computer/photo geek. just got a 970. Hopefully LR will utilize the gpu more in the future.

Jonathan Vander Veen says:

Great video. Thank you for taking the time to make a video that answers some questions and confirms some of my suspicions. Even though Lightroom has GPU acceleration, I find it to be PAINFULLY slow (e.g., facial recognition, spot removal, loading full size previews, local adjustments, etc).

And yes, I’ve done all the performance enhancement things recommended by Adobe and most forums.

Brian Peppers says:

How come you put “crop” in when it was already in there? You just went full retard.

Dipu Saju says:

How about Importing and Exporting…

Pushparaj Mangalore says:

which is the best gpu for lightroom cc..

Carlos Velasquez says:

Hi, mattalone93.
Nice video. My pc meet all requirements for Photoshop CC 2015.5, but it is seen that some task is performing slower depending of graphic card I use. I have two graphic card an AMD Firepro V7900 (workstation graphic Card) and MSI R9 390X. To be honest the firepro V7900 has a better performance than 390x. Even thought, the 390x seen has a huge specs in comparative with V7900. BTW, both cards use the open CL in Photoshop. Performing filters in Photoshop the V7900 beats the 390x. Reason? Maybe, Because V7900 is a workstation and not game card? Drivers? I don’t know. :/ Right now I’m looking Upgrade to a better workstation graphic card because depending a type of graphic card makes difference. It’s what I tested. :/

Yerry Batista says:

Which program did you used to monitor the GPUs?

I have two 980s and I need to check if both of them are working, I did some test on lightroom qith GPU-Z but I need real time monitoring on both.


08g8gt says:

What resolution screen are you running? Thanks for the video!

Polyktor says:

thx man! i just figured out, that disabling gpu acceleration speeds up my system. i cant figure out the reason for that yet, but it seems that GTX760 is not perfect supported (though it should be)
i keep searching for that, but thanks for this great review!

RetouchPRO says:

Fascinating topic, good idea for a video, but the audio seems to get way out of sync, maybe like a minute or more. But we’re kindred photo/tech geeks, so I’m rooting for you.

Studio McCutch says:

I am also a Computer/Photography geek

Sssaga Benches says:

What’s the difference in ACAD/Lightroom/Vegas… using Intel HD 530 (skylake CPU) vs GTX 1050/RX 460 vs GTX 1070/RX480?

Building a 900€ PC around skylake – i7 6700 on H170, 16GB RAM.

What’s that sweetpost combo for non-gaming rig?


Crocellian says:

Useless. Utterly useless. Just ignore this qualitative, highly subjective nonsense. No controls, benchmarks, industry tests, nothing. Just whacking it. What is the point of autoflagulation?

Alan Sarco says:

HI, I’m happy to see your program test, because I’m lightroom user, since lightroom 2, and always said Why Lightroom dont use GPU video Card?, Now I have LR CC But I have an old video Card, so I think to buy one.
which GPU did you use for this test?
I bought SSD CARD, AND AMD 8 cores processor, and the performance increase. but I is really better performance, buying an expensive GPU, or not?
when you export all photos to JPG, use GPU or CPU?
And about SSD CARD, you have a recommendation for configuration?
Thanks for your time!!! regard.

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