Review: Nvidia’s GTX 960 is a Good, Not Great 1080p GPU – GameTech

The GTX 960 boasts superb power-efficiency, and MSI’s version runs near silent, but thanks to some stingy memory specs it’s not quite a home run for team green.

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Blackadder says:

Nvidia GTX 960 2GB GPU
AMD FX 4300 3.8GHz Quad Core CPU
Windows 10 Home Edition

Is this any good?

Abdul Haseeb says:

Can we put this card in and CPU. I am having an i3 with 8gb ram , will it cause me problems or run smoothly?

YellowPeaches says:

4Gb model?

speedygon21 says:

this card is good for all games on high resolution, bf4 will pay ultra and things like gta 5 on high, so its okay, if you want better just buy the 980ti, probs a good idea for next gen games like BF 1 eg

#something says:

All i wanna know is will it run RUST on highest quality at above 60 fps csgo ran abou 120 fps at maximum no freezing


Would this bottleneck with a 8300 cpu?

OneSh0tLinkon says:

CPU: Intel i5-2500k
Is this a good GPU upgrade from an GTX 560 or will the new GPU (960) bottleneck because of the CPU?

Andrea Tommasetto says:


Sebastian Presley says:

hi, I’m looking to buy a new computer that could run Arma 3, is this a good setup:
CPU Type: Intel Core i5
CPU Speed: 4460 (3.2 GHz)
GPU/VGA Type: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960
Memory Capacity: 8 GB DDR3

Ionut Cosmin says:

Why do u compare the 960 to the double priced 970? i dont see the point

FoxReviewsTech says:

Lol game spot, fuck off.

HlDlTR says:

everything down about this card is the 2 gb memory so what if i buy the 4gb edition? will that beat the 970?

Andrew Leon says:

dude no it can play fallout 4 ultra 1080p so……..

js valino says:

Its worth the upgrade from my old 550ti. 960 is like magic.

TheBoyAnimeReviewer says:

so is a 500W power supply enough?

Matthew Graham says:

A buddy of mine has a used one that he’s had for a few weeks and selling it for $150. Is that a good price?

Romis says:

still believe the 960 is the best for 1080p

SwegMeister says:

I have a ZoTac 960 2gb and it works very well on even GTA 5. Those who have crashes on GTA 5 should turn off the memory limit and make the settings higher at least that helped me, On the 960 card ofc since i have it, i don’t know if it would work on other cards though 🙂

AnAdoringFan says:

why does mine look nothing like this lol

Tomssen says:

Upgrading from an GTX 650ti to this MSI 4GB version finnaly i can play Witcher 3 on high settings with 60FPS

Mattster says:

Getting this card for £70, or $90. is it worth it?

Petak SEMPER IDEM says:

im Running:
AMD FX-8350 8-core

Danny Danny says:

people are so negative to the GTX 960 4GB I got him here is my fps for some game’s

Battlefield4: 90/150 FPS (ultra)
CSGO: 190/270 FPS (ultra)
Gta5: 70/100 FPS (ultra)
H1Z1: 90FPS (custom “shadow to 2 from 3 because it sucks”)
Arma3: 60/90 (ultra)
sp blacklist: Can not higher than 60 they blockt it (ultra)
NFS Rivels: 85/100 (ultra)

this are my games I play much

Aaron R says:

I own a GTX 960 2gb and 1080p.. 
FX 8 core 4.3 ghz
many games tested and having a great time. All using Med-High setting and getting 50+ fps. Games like World of Warships, GuildWars 2, MFSX, Bioshock Infinite, Crysis3, Talos Principle, and many more run great. Stick with 1080p if you have this card and you are fine. Rarely see dips below 50fps.

Frakteon says:

Is my MotherBoard compatatible with GTX 960 ?

Asus P8H77-M LE

Source Gamer Second Channel says:

Using the recommended settings from the Geforce Experience almost guarantees 60 fps.

ThePhoenix says:

I’m planning on buying an iBuyPower gaming desktop with the NVIDIA GTX 960-4G, is this a powerful enough PC to record on???

Lok Wong says:

hey guys can you please give me some thoughts on this list, and if it can run games like GTA V and Halo 5 on high or ultra? cheersss

Jacob Isaacs says:

Lol “not great” 1080p

Guy cohen hanoch says:

but there is a 4gb version.. so you dont have to be a Biatch for the 2gb version

Sam Knightley says:

What would a pc with a Intel i7 4700k 4.0GHz, 16GB DDR4 RAM and a GTX 960 be any good? Cos I’m picking that computer up tomorrow for £800 from 3B systems

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