Razer Core Review – The Best External GPU?

Dave2D review of the Razer Core – Thunderbolt 3 External GPU. Covering gaming performance and thermals using a GTX 1080
Laptop Skins: http://www.dbrand.com/razer
Blade Purchase Link – http://amzn.to/1TQAWtW
Stealth Purchase Link- http://amzn.to/1TMwyH
Core Purchase link – http://razerzone.com

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Razer Core Preview: https://youtu.be/RsxhcTs0zJ8
Razer Blade Stealth: https://youtu.be/I4SgcraOAOU
Razer Blade: https://youtu.be/TN-Rub-lmc4

Desktop Wallpaper Download: http://imgur.com/JlCcVWj

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youyida says:

.How about macbook air

Mr.Shark says:

I have the acer predator 15 with a GTX 1060, if i got the razer core with a gtx 1080 for example, will i be getting only the gtx 1080, use the graphics cards seperately or get SLI?

Saw Yan Lay says:

Is That thing work with MSI GP70 2PE Leopard Laptop bro?Please…..

Neel Shah says:

Have you done a review on the Alienware Graphic Amp?. I have a Alienware 15 R2 with a 970m. I am considering getting it right now. Or do you think i should wait for the MSI gus 2?

Oliver Nield says:

Does the core come with a craphics card?

Ník Vølvø says:

I just with that this worked with the 2016 MacBook Pro.

Mickey Oliver Lee says:


I have a HP spectre x360 (think it’s the older model – bought it in Sep 2015), will I be able to use an eGPU on it?


binh nguyenphuc says:

when you buy a core , is it already have a card in it ?

The Kooky Cat says:

Is this only compatible with razor blade laptops

Mangle Dangle says:

does the alienware external GPU enclosure work on the razer blade 14. is there compatibility issues?

Frosty Blade says:

Can i use it for other laptops?

waqar khan says:

will it run 4k? with external monitor or tv

dimple sharma says:

please review about dell graphic amp


Do you have to build the core

HellloBRIT says:

Does the MacBook also support it?

iKazed says:

Do you have any updates on whether the Dell XPS 13 (specifically the Kaby Lake refresh) has been better optimized for use?

Fantasy Troll says:

Dave, do you think getting the Blade stealth and the core is better than the Blade 14? Is the razer core that future-proofing in term of upgrading later gen graphic cards? Thank you.

Đinh Tài says:

Hey does it work with the dell xps 9360 ?

abhinav saini says:

can I use this with dell precision 5520 ?

TripleXGold says:

Should I buy a razer blade stealth and then buy a razer core and gtx1080 or should I just buy a razer blade w/ the 1060? what do you guys think?

Young Yu says:

Thanks for your video Dave! I have a question. I have been using Asus GL552VW-DH71 for a year and it goes pretty well. However, the graphics card (GTX 960M) is not as powerful as it was when big titles have been coming out. I am wondering if I can add an external GPU to my laptop so that I can play more GPU-demanding games on my laptop. There is just an USB 3.1 Type-C port on my laptop but no Thunderbolt 3. Therefore, I am not sure if I can add an external GPU onto it. I have been doing much research but I still cannot find the best answer to my question. Can anyone(including Dave) help me out? Thank you so much!

seven love lucky says:

does this only works with Razer laptops?

FEDRIK456 says:

can we use laptop’s internal display with gpu?

Warlock M says:

What’s the new Dell XPS 15 like with this?

McChickenNugget 1 says:

Does it work with a dell inspiron

ItzHardlinesoldier says:

Do you need to buy a separate graphics card?

Tahjae J says:

Now this doesn’t really have to do with the core but at 2:02 does any1 know what keyboard that is.

DeadlyVoltsHD says:

I can’t even afford an internal gpu yet people are putting them in their own enclosures with their own psu, dam


is there a cheaper alternative for this?

Ata Akca says:

Hey Dave,

First off, thanks for all the useful videos. Finally I got myself an RBS and Core with 1070 Asus Strix.

I noticed on your thermal footage the max heat you are getting is around 40 degrees. I am getting around 60-70 degrees in my RBS, atleast this is what the hardware I just downloaded is telling me The software is called RealTempGT. Is it normal to get around these temperatures on load? Or around 50-60 degrees offload?

Navjoth Bahadur says:

sir does it work with Rog?

EternalDg says:

can you use this on a regular laptop?

Zacronzer Zetto says:

so, aw laptop can use any eqpu? wow nice

Mr. Q - iLoveQatar.net says:

Made the mistake of buying this. Just like everyone else, I have issues with the USB ports. They keep disconnecting. Only solution was to plug things directly into laptop with a dock.

ThorVeras says:

You could remake a review on this. The drivers are now more mature…

Club Time says:

can it work with my laptop that has no usbtype c . I found this cable on the internet if it work the USB C to USB 3.0 cable like plug the usb type c to the razor core then plug the usb to my laptop

Wali Adeeb says:

Question: are other laptops able to connect with the core more effectively now?

I’m thinking of getting this with the latest XPS 15 and I’d like to have a smooth connection that doesn’t hang like you described.

Any response would be much appreciated.

Kyle Spevak says:

I had no idea graphics cards could be external like that.

kevin coones says:

Hi Dave if my GPU went on my laptop. Would Razer core still work.?

hawkar xald says:

Razer Core can work on Lenovo g50-80 core i7 5500U, 2.40 ghz, intel hd 5500 and amd radeon r5 m230 2gb ??

HI i am yi main says:

so how can you buy it i cant find it online 🙁 can anyone give me the link?

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