Radeon RX 570 Review: The Best Cheap GPU For 1080p60 Gaming?

Just like the RX 580, the 570 is essentially an overclocked version of its predecessor – but the benchmarks are impressive, and more than that, you can get some great results at 1080p.

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ZiisusChrist says:

Nah… Can’t handle Linux. 😛

O Texugo says:

In my country Rx480 is cheaper than rx570 lol

gpturismo says:

Great vid. About to build my nephew an inexpensive gaming rig and ryzen with a 570 might be the route I go to get him playing.

GraveTrooper 905 says:

how about i5 4440 and 8gb ddr3 ram combine with this gpu? how about performance? can it run 1080p 60fps on latest AAA games on high setting?

GamingTechTipsTV says:

hernja 😛

jaxxstraw says:

I’ve got a Strix RX470. Very happy with it.

Rogerio Santos says:

Hello from Brazil, thanks for the information you share, would be possible compare the rx 500 series with the r9 280x?

robin vd berg says:

AMD ❤️

Tulio Campos says:

RX 57 is the best card. 3:15

Newglitch44 says:

Will a i3-4130 bottleneck this card?

Dazdigo says:

What is with all of these reviewers wanting legacy ports like DVI on all of their graphics cards? Displayport can be converted to all former legacy options (DVI included) and supports high resolutions and frame rates.
I’d rather have more DVI ports than sacrifice a lot of expansion port space for a DVI port that I’d never use.

XΣRXΣS says:

Would this be a great upgrade from a GeForce GTX 560?

foreverPCgamer says:

I could listen to this guy talk about GPUs, CPUs or anything about PC gaming performance, all day long. He puts such passion in what he does, it’s bananas. Love the channel <3

Max Facts says:

Where are the benchmarks showing watt wasting Polaris RX580/570 vs Asus Strix Pascal 1060?

Why does AMD low end Polaris which performs like a low end Pascal 1060 need as many watts as a high end Pascal 1080Ti?

Why is AMD Polaris a power hog with inferior performance per watt?

Why does AMD not have a performance answer to Maxwell 980ti, Pascal 1070/1080/1080Ti?

Smart gamers want to know!

mike marco says:

Enhanced Rx470 n Rx480

Waseem Ahmed says:

PC is so smooth <3
60 fps should be must in all games!

Aaron Gentry says:

great! Now…to find one that doesnt cost you your firstborn child…

DerTim says:

i dont know why but i can only run crysis 3 on high settings with my rx480nitro+ and the xeon 1231v3.. Very high always gives me laggy framerates, its in 1080p and i think vsync is off

Luca Maistre says:

I think the best value card would be a 470 on sale

Erke Yurdakul says:

Hi Wichard

h4jkos says:

What about rx 580 4gb vs rx 570?


Amazing review good stuff

I am not The Walrus says:

okay whats the different betweet the sapphire nitro+ and sapphire pulse ?

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