Radeon DDR / 7200 Review of the very first ATI Radeon GPU

A video review of ATI’s very first Radeon DDR / Radeon 7200.

In the video you will find:

GPU-Z information
Drive options
Popular ATI tweaking tools
AA / AF performance impact
Availability on eBay
Gameplay of Blood 2, GTA III, Call of Duty and Doom 3
Does it run Crysis?
Benchmark results
Power draw results

Enjoy this video!

♦ Links mentioned in the video ♦

Drivers and tools: http://www.philscomputerlab.com/radeon-7200.html

New AGP GPU benchmark build: https://youtu.be/DxUL3G-yK_E

Rage Fury MAXX review: https://youtu.be/JuD5a-MWMvY

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Jamie says:

Is the FRAPS counter at the top chopped off for anyone else?

PixelPipes says:

For Doom 3, the game tries to run the GeForce 2 codepath which obviously doesn’t work on R100 architectures. However someone came up with a tweak that GREATLY improves performance, just by going into the game’s config file.
Add a line that says ‘r_useVertexBuffers 0’
Then change ‘image_usenormalcompression’ to 1

Ismael Espinola says:

a long time ago i tried to play half life on an old pentium 4 computer whit integrated graphics , the game ran at 15 fps most of the time but the vehicle of the begining of the game started to do weird movements (similar to the brake dance) killing Gordon in the procces (sorry for my bad english :'( ).

manuelink64 says:

My second 3D card (PCI version)!!
the first was the *Ati Rage 128 Pro*!

oh the memories, all the day messing around with RadeonTweaker & AtiTool!!

Blood II was a total garbage, the first Blood (DOS) was really f*cking good!

dcikaruga says:

You should be able to overclock it to 183 Mhz anyway, I had an All-In-Wonder 32MB version in retail @166 Mhz and changed the BIOS to 183Mhz easily, the retail 183Mhz version could be overclocked to 200-210 Mhz from some sources I read.

MadDogsVlog says:

I think my first pc had the Radeon 8500. I remember it having trouble playing some games later games like Halo, gta 3, Doom 3. Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield worked fine but the Athena Sword DLC didn’t. Also for some reason I could never get Aliens versus Predator 2 to run properly on this card. 🙁

Tanasen says:

Nice! Now you can compare it with a geforce2 sdr and ddr version. Also with a voodoo4/5!

Nathan Hardy says:

I do enjoy that you’re now checking whether Crysis will run. It will be interesting to see how low-end you can go and still get a successful install, as well as the lowest specs that will actually run the game, albeit with single digit FPS.

Johann says:

Id love you to bench a geforce 2 mx 200 or geforce 4 mx 400/440 to compare to this one, because that trash is everywhere.

Jamie says:

This was the era of gaming I started to check out and become a retrogaming curmudgeon. Games looked fancy enough to remove most of the imagination that makes pixel art so good, but bad enough that they weren’t even close to realistic and just looked crap for the sake of being “3D”. I also think games focused more on graphics and GPU tech at the cost of gameplay. DOS games for life!

Lucas Milani says:

I want to make a very personal comment here – I understand that most of the people that are watching this channel are eager to see everything covered at same point, I think that there’s no point in covering games that can be run easily on today’s hardware without emulators. This means that Windows XP level of hardware is boring, just because I can buy one of these games on Steam and run them on newer machines all the way. I will personally refrain from newer videos, because Phil has an extense library. Thanks Phil!

ibm5155 says:

oh man my first vídeo card *___*

Silikone says:

Are you running Evolva with bump maps?

mauricio chacon says:

what the hell that gta3 perf, it reminds me of my ati rage 128 fury 32mb without t&l off course it was unplayable but i though t&l would make a great difference

Robert Breeden says:

That poor card running DOOM 3…

Zipzeolocke says:

I remember back in the day wanting to play half-life so badly on my Windows 95. It was running out like 5 FPS but I still managed to make it through most of the game. It was like playing in slow-motion

xXmobiusXx1 says:

the 7200 was not desined for those games in fact the 7200 was a windows 98/ ME gpu. Doom 3 was designed with the ATI 9800 pro in mind.

potmej1 says:

Great video. I just happened to pick up a lovely IBM thinkpad T30 from a local thrift store for £10. it has Radeon 7500 M. I was really surprised how well it performs in games up to 2004-5.

theodoros kotsilieris says:

i have this card in my old pentium 4 toshiba laptop !!

Crimson Sunrise says:

Most of the weird glitches in GTA are because the frame limiter is off.

w00tDr says:

I chose Radeon 7500 for my first complete system build. I still have the card, and use it for miscellaneous testing.

Rdrack says:

I have that card and I can play San Andreas without any troubles 800×600 32 bit and everything to low but is San Andreas, there is not that much of a difference between this and higher presets

JuniorAdventurer says:

Very nice video, cool to see where the Radeon series began! Just curious, what game is it that you were showing footage of that had the dual pistols and started out on a subway train?

desolator XT says:

Phil, pls add the following to your videos:
1) When presenting the graphics card add text showing the release date of it. (Radeon 7200DDR – 2000)
2) When showing gameplay/benchmarking add text showing the game title and its release date. (GTA 3 – 2001, DOOM 3 – 2004 etc)

This will make easier to compare the release date of gpu & tested games throughout the video. If possible leave said text on the video for the whole time each section is presented. That’ll make things easier to remember through the video and we won’t have to go back and forth to check sth out again. Thanks.

Alacorn says:

Crysis needs Shader Model 3 support as I remember, so Radeon X1000 or Geforce 6 is a minimum. 😛

xmngr says:

Oh, the old ATI days…
My first card was a Radeon 7000, it didn’t even had a heatsink or fan xD

M. V. Shooting says:

I remember my dad getting me a Radeon 7000 in 2005, we both thought the thing was modern…

Grant Spatchcock says:

Hey Phil, I was just wondering what accent you have mate?

Luis Mercado says:

Why such difference between Quake III and RTCW? As far as I know Grey Matter did not modified id tech 3 that much!

Another Linux Guy says:

Of course a card from 2000 will have issues with a game from 2004

Grant Spatchcock says:

Also, what Retro PC stuff do you play Phil? Maybe we could setup a PhilsComputerLab server for an older FPS? (UT99 😀 )

Grant Spatchcock says:

Nice one Phil! <3 My first gaming laptop was a ASUS laptop with a Mobility 7500 cost about $4000AUD! (in ~ 2004 iirc) Also, I did have those glitches in GTA3/VC on the 7500m, was due to incorrect handling of Texture compression. Sad they never fixed it.

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