NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti Review! Fastest GPU on The Planet?

NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti Review! http://bit.ly/1cH5x7M

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– R9 290X Pricing: http://amzn.to/193SSUj

Is NVIDIA’s new GTX 780 Ti the fastest single GPU card on the planet? Find out as we take it head to head vs AMD’s R9 290X!

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Zyad48 says:

well now most ppl would probably call me a nvidia fan-boy while im not, im mean for starters until i found out about nvidia’s g-sync technology i was gonna get a radeon hd 7990, but then the one thing i needed from a graphics card was performance and i’ve read that some games have a lot of problems while v-sync is off so I wanted to make sure that when i play those games that i get consistent performance and i get lag while v-sync is on in my games currently so i usually turn it off, but now then again ppl will still call me a fan-boy for saying that stuff BUT, still even though mantle is good, its not really as performance upping(i cant find any other word for it ;P) as g-sync, just taking the load off the processor isnt gonna change a whole lot in games as much as maybe recording the game but still if u have dxtory then you dont need to worry if u have an I7 processor or at least a decent processor. so to me, performance is everything and ppl are ofc gonna starts saying “oh then if thats it and u dont care about heating or changes to ur pc setup then get the 295x” now that may be true but i’d rather not change as much to my system just to get an amd card and i still rather have g-sync than mantle, sorry amd users but i have to go with nvidia cuz of the g-sync(yes IK its only on supported monitors, IDC i found a 1080p 144hz 1ms response time g-sync monitor for 500$ so i have that covered)

Nikesh Patel says:

snagged this for $100

Very, Insanely, Ridiculously High Fructose Corn Syrup says:

Can this rune Mincraft at Ultra wit atlest 60 FPS or shud I get 2 GTX titan blacks?

Jason Tien You says:

@ComeAtMeBrawh Midtun I’m sure it will.

kentkatchem says:

got my 780ti recently, will be here Friday! CAn’t wait!!!

Jacob Tsang says:

Some versions of the GTX 780 (not the 780 Ti) actually have 6GB of VRAM.

Mikel bradley benjamin says:

amd wins @ price per performance nvidia @ power efficient per performance, 3D graphic workers would prefer amd on its free lux renderer, toon animator would prefer nvidia’s CUDA for realtime visualization, 780Ti is the champ, but mainstream gamer probably get r9 like myself.

Aurelius The Gunsmith says:

happy 2nd anniversary GTX 780 ti!!

Guy Random says:

The reason why I’m spending 150 euros more on a 780 Ti rather than a R9 290X is mainly because the 290X gets so freaking hot. Not only will it lit up my room like a fireplace, it will also drain so much power that my powerbill will go up. Besides that, a cool card is a long-lasting card. Quality products that we are used to from Nvidia. I still respect the R9 290X though, very powerful card, just slightly less than the 780 Ti.

AlmightyBanger says:

So not even a Sapphire Vapour X r9 290x would keep the gpu cool enough to last? I’m pretty sure that card has pretty damn good cooling, but that thermal threshold of 95c?

Cdek Ibalio says:

OMG! I can’t believe the 780 Ti beats the Titan! Conclusion: 780 Ti is way way way better than Titan. Money? Worth it. Right? Thumbs up so people can see. =) Happy gaming!

Rabizzx says:

Is this card worth it for 350€?

Generic Username says:


Ryan BurnsRed says:

The 780Ti beats a Titan…I mean I’m not surprised considering the 780Ti has more CUDA cores and higher clock speeds than the Titan. But Nvidia really love to overprice their video cards based on vram 

Leah Player says:

GTX TITAN Z? For me is the best


i thinking maybe i should start lowering my frame rate expectations and just be content that i run above 30fps.

SmartNexus says:

Nvidia tricked many of its fans to pay 600 dollars for regular 780 before launching their real 780… I’m Nvidia user and I have to say I was really disappointed to see how greedy the company really is.


lady pleaser lol

ComeAtMeBrawh WienerPecan420 says:

Will I be able to play bf4 on 60fps+ with: cpu: i7 4820k gpu: Gtx 780ti cpu cooler: corsair h60 motherboard: asus p9x79 case cooler master cosmos II

Cdek Ibalio says:

Can you recommend a very good graphics card below $90?

alvarg says:

depending where you live the cost difference can be huge, i can get a 290x for 500 cheapest 780ti is 899

Anton Torstensson says:

Is 850w enough for 780 TI SLI?? 

RifleRud says:

‘Fastest GPU on The Planet?’ little did you know..

Jayke K. says:

Okay I get it. So basically the fine gentleman Mr. GTX Titan married his sweet heart the lovely lady GTX 780 and they had a baby. The baby is GTX 780 Ti. 

Random Black Guy says:

I cracked up when he said “10.5 inches, still a lady pleaser” that was very funny

Ed Costin says:

Great video. No bull good review style.

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