NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti Review – The Fastest GPU for $279!

We’re very excited about the new Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti! Not only is this one powerful card but it’s priced well to fit the current mid-range segment. Here’s our full performance review with benchmarks.

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VE SACÉ says:

Such a pretty little card

Da Fuq says:

The GTX 1070 and Vega 56 have come down in price but they have better performance. So I don’t see a reason for this card to exist.

Ya Nope says:

its a 1070 for 70 bucks more, nice.

Breezy Berwick says:

Vega 56:
I’m gonna stop you right there

Curious Cat says:

Pity most reviews center around games. I´m having a hard time finding good reviews about 3d modelling and rendering programs that compare performance of the GTX range with the RTX range. Also, most reviews bash the RTX cards for being half useless right now because games dont use the technology and like you said “it will be hard for game developers to make games around these features” with more GTX cards coming out.

Well… What about us low-income 3D professionals? We need cards that boost ray-tracing and other features at a lower price (not all of us can buy a $3000+ workstation) so having the RTX range makes me happy. Pity that it´s hard to understand their value if all I hear is that they are not as good for games, not as good for games, not as good for games. Like gaming it´s the only thing happening in the world of GPU technology.

soju69jinro says:

im sorry but “Fastest GPU”? what’s fastest about it?

VerDeLanceDeNigro says:

why? how much can you get the 1070 8gb??

Fahmi M.R says:

nice card good msrp, sad to say here in asia that card worth USD 350 and rtx 2060 worth USD 450. sad pricing. i can only watch ur video atleast just to imagine if i can buy that card with the same msrp

मोहित शयोराण/ ਮੋਹਿਤ ਸ਼ਯੋਰਾਣ says:

Will there be 1660 ti Laptops and what will be it’s price?

Gabriel says:

I’m sticking to my 1070

A Tem says:

i dont get it. why nvidia does not continue production of the 10 series. its the same more or less

waynebradyirl says:

I am upgrading from a gtx 970 windforce oc to this.. gigabyte is selling at the $280 price point with aftermarket coolers installed. waiting for it to come in the mail this week!

That Benjamin Person says:

But for less then that price you can get a vega 56…..

Slick Guy says:

Lets say you wanna buy a car, but the black colour, (which you really like) is 5000 more expensive,
naah fk it “not worth it”

Lemon Tofu says:

is a 550w psu (evga supernova) enough for gtx 1660ti & ryzen 5 2600 oc to 4ghz?

temp temp says:

now we need a mobile 1660ti.

Astroc Slopes says:

Pretty happy with my Sapphire Vega 56. Bought new for €300 with Resident Evil 2, The Division 2 and Devil May Cry included. Undervolting from 1.2v to 0.96 was as simple as typing the number in. GPU power draw never went above 200w. My PSU fan doesn’t even turn on while gaming

Vido Vidotto says:

I run DESTINY 2 Highest details ssao fxaa on 1080p at 95fps. 65FPS on 1440P but at 1440p frames drop drastically while aiming.

MocnyBolekZ says:

0:27 – 1616 ti?

arK says:

My graphics card is a higher number so it’s better than this thing.

シFrancis says:

Can I slap this on my i5 8gen? or will it bottleneck?

XENIC says:

If anyone wants a Fortnite FPS test with the 1660 TI with no shadows and anti aliasing etc check out my second to last vid

Rithik Sebastian says:

This thing really is worth the price. One could say its less than it should be.

Pollen Natino says:

Can this support 10 Bit monitor for PS?

Steven Truong says:

Not gonna lie… that EVGA 1660 Ti is the most beautifully futuristic card I have every seen.

Dray says:

useless card

Veer Maharaj says:

There is no Radeon 7, Its the Radeon Vega 2!!!

Paul-Sebastian Manole says:

The 3 slot EVGA card CAN BE matched to a pretty good looking mATX motherboard inside a smaller enclosure! Especially if you have water cooling for the CPU and you need the extra room for the radiator and/or reservoir. I don’t think EVGA’s decision to build this card was wrong. It’s an option you wouldn’t have got otherwise. And it’s not performing any worse for it.

A Tem says:

pascal cards are still better

Quantum 2217 says:

please stop taking those diet pills . you look really sick .my friend did the same thing .everyone would just look at him and comment to me . he looks like he’s dying . he cared more about how much he weighs and didn’t care how bad he looked .

Asian nub says:

in canada this is like nearly two times the price ;-;

Exsoly says:

Ewwww fucking Indiana’s

Sabir Saheel says:

what is the name of the background music?

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