Nvidia GTX 1060 – Still A Good Buy In 2018?

How well does the Geforce 1060 hold up in 2018? Check out this in-depth review of the 1060 GTX to find out!

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The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 is a great midrange GPU for gaming. After collecting the benchmarks, I’d say the 1060 3GB is one of, if not the best graphics cards for gaming at 1080p. If you’re looking for the best GPU you can get for budget or midrange gaming, the Nvidia 1060 is it.

The card I had for review, the Asus Dual GTX 1060 3GB, comes with a great dual fan cooler. This Asus 1060 requires a PCIe power connector but also pushes great performance. If you’re looking for an Asus GPU, specifically an Asus GTX 1060, the Asus Dual-GTX1060-O3G is a great option.

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ThE_JaGgEd_ EdGe says:

Should I sell my kidney for a 1080 ti?

Antonio Ufi says:

Can someone please tell me if this is a good build, it’s my first pc
Dell XPS i7-7700 
256GB SSD 
NVIDIA 1070 Gpu
Z270mx gaming 5
Liquid Cooler BeQuiet 280mm or the h60

Вомпер Стомпер says:

why even testing on csgo? these 300+ fps results give us nothing

Faze Dank420 says:

But for a very high demanding game such as rainbow 6 siege, how would the 1060 hold up?

jose asmar says:

1060 mid range? are you fuking crazy whath do you expect us to be rich to buy the 1080 fuking shit

HuMoz says:

we have the same specs!!

kueth thon says:

Is the gtx 1050 ti good for 2018?

Venom Sense says:

benchmarrking AAA games try those games everyone has problems with, games that everyone is playing. cs go is nowhere near gpu hungry

Ron Johnson says:

????? you posted this to early wtf??????

ZigX says:

will upgrade my 950gtx to 1060 3gb it is worth PS i dont have money to buy 1070 or 1080

Sai Rithvik n says:

My PC plan:
R3 1200(OC’D)(tell me if I should get a 2200g)(I WILL UPGRADE TO R5 1ST OR 2ND GEN IN AN YEAR)
8GB DDR4 2400(Upgrading to 16GB in a few months)
1tb HDD.
Assassins creed
NBA 2K Games
Tomb raider games.
Do you think this build would last me for 1-2 years(upto 2020) with said upgrades within an year(CPU,RAM)?

VF2blaze says:

i dont think anyone wants a 3gb, i think most people will go for a 6gb

Dani Schulz says:

Hey you.. need to get at least a 7600k cmon

Groof says:

i dont see why it wouldnt. The GTX is god tier for 1080p still

Pieter-Bas Peppelenbosch says:

I thought orange meant average so i was scared to death because i just bought one haha

blind23 says:

can you make a video comparing the 3gb vs the 6gb?

Paoloh PvP says:

funny that it was fucking 200 dollars, now 1050ti is 200 xD

Titan Carreon says:

1180ti please come out soon!

Teen Tactical says:

! thing I want to say is for dues ex MD, don’t use the in-game bench mark. It’s not accurate. On my 970(weaker than 1060) I only got 40 fps on the in-game benchmark, but during real gameplay the FPS never went below 60 at ultra. Besides that good video.

DMX X says:

I have an i7 7700 16gb of ram and a gtx 1060 3gb. I get over 100fps on pubg with it. When I stream I get 90 to 100 with most settings on medium and high. A few drops here and there into the 50s. I happy with this graphics card but am curious what I can upgrade to next when that time undoubtedly comes..

craycrayfish 451 says:

Dude i m using a gt 1030 wtf

robotomo says:

still better than the horrible intergrated radeon r7 graphics (what i have)

Karlo Pasaribu says:

gosh, 199 bucks?

Realbek says:

The CSGO benchmark is limed by the cpu by a long run.

I have a 1060 3 gb with a i7 7700k and i get 700 fps on lowest.. and around 400 on ultra

ΞΛRN says:

Did he just drop kar98 in pubg test

john jackson says:

can i run 4 monitors with the 1060? 21 inch 1080P monitors

Darkis says:

Lol the price went from 199 to 299 in 2 years lol that inflation doh

Nion by says:

i own a laptop that has a 1050. i know its not the same as desktop one but they have the same architecture. i play world of tanks, world of warships, counter strike go, pubg, assassins creed black flag/unity, fifa 18, rome 2 total war, skyrim with mods. the fps are okey the games go smooth. i suppose my cpu helps its an i7 7th gen. i think the 1050, 1050 ti and 1060 will still be okey for gaming for several years.

Peter Gibbons says:

I’m getting gtx 1060 6gb

AlakraNNN ุ says:

It s lie or true because i dont get this fps with gtx 1060 6gb please help me how to solve this problem



James Hall says:

Ummm. Yes.

Zeek M says:

Mm, another nVidiot, by nVidiot I do not mean those with an NV1 by SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics PCI 1995 Diamond Edge 3D with sega pads.
In the genre that card counts as LEGENDARY.
it’s not the hardware, it’s the software in fact. It’s because currently we’re dealing in polygon graphics.
That is changing to Voxel. nVidia corruption is legendary. I’m not speaking of the RMA staff, they actually do right.

Jaegar Ultima says:

I’m having to utilize my 1060 6gb Even though everyone and their mother says I will bottleneck if I use an i7 8700k i’m going to swap out my Ryzen MB and 1600x chipset for an Asus Rox Strix Z370 and an I5 8600k with a cooler master hyper 212 evo.

Ali Raiymkulov says:

What moniter should i get if i want medium, high, ultra settings for a gtx 1060

pastuh says:

Ordered gtx1060 6gb for 280€ i hope its worth

PewDiePie's Chair says:

what about 6gb model(gigabyte version)?

matthew martin says:

Is 6GB one good

Dukkiegamer says:

Christ, I bought it at the end of last year. Payed at least €100 more than launch price and you have to pay at least €200 more than launch by now. Doing a good job tho.

Dylly In Suffering says:

isnt there a 6gb ver?

Dipesh Khadka says:

Maybe use 2018 high graphics games?

urbadalex says:

Trust me it will hold up

Lightdagger says:


Amine Work says:

I have the 6gb and its enough

SuperMario 53 says:

I’m going to upgrade from AMD Radeon R7 250 to GTX 1060.

JangJimi says:

so im guessing fortnite would run good?

Minyaw says:

I found one for under 200€ and bought it immediately. Now I can wait for the next Generation not be rushed to buy a high-end card (1180/2080 or whatever it is called) at a good price.

David44284 says:

Maybe a 1050ti? I got it and I can run most games (aka every game I have) 1080p 60fps

Saptarshi Mozumdar says:

Whats the point of this video?
Barely any AAA 2018 games are out , in this video you are still using the same old games :/

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