NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 GPU Review & Gaming Benchmark (Strix)

This review & FPS benchmark looks at the new nVidia GeForce GTX 950 graphics card and pits it vs. the GTX 960, GTX 750 Ti, R9 380, R9 270X, and others.

Full article: http://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/2051-nvidia-geforce-gtx-950-review-and-benchmark

Card will go live here at launch: http://bit.ly/1UU9BUt

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Simon White says:

I saw an SLI finger, how much do you get with SLI 950s compared to a $300 card?

Pure says:

for everyone thinking the gtx 950 isnt enough for high detail games. you are wrong and right. your right that it cant by its self but you can see a major increase in most games such as gta v and far cry 4 with razer cortex so this is a great card if u help it out a bit

HarvinderGeek says:

Gtx 950 predecessor
Is gtx 650 ti boost.
Both have 768 cuda cores.
Gtx 650 is half of gtx 650 ti.
Gtx 650 ti = gtx 750 ti.

JohnSTF72 says:

Is this a good upgrade over 650 Ti Boost?

Chih-Chieh Chiang says:

I am planning a 4K media center, a graphic card with HDMI 2.0 is required for the 4K TV. Either buy the nVidia Shield Android TV or build a PC with GTX 950. Which would you consider. And should I just wait for the 950 TI for the 4K streaming media PC.

Dhruv Ahuja says:

Guys, can this fit in a generic 15 inch case 5-7 years old?

Boy Wonder says:

Do you guys know the fps it will have on h1z1 sorry I am a console skrub and converting to the pc master race

Jay Plays says:

im looking into buying a gtx 950 oc but im not sure about my psu…
i have an fx8150 3.6Ghz stock (auto overclocks apparently xD)
16GB corsair vengence Ram 1600MHZ
500W PSU evga
3x hdd 7200RPM
and a GT 740 oc currently and that says minimum 400watt psu and the 950 says 350watt psu but it said graphics card power consumption is 64watt on the 740 and 90watt on the 950 so why is the psu requirements lower on the 950?
oh and a 990fx mobo with around 3 fans not including the core fan or gpu fan

Thanks for any help 🙂

Michael Weiss says:

Another great review Steve, I’m not in the market for a card like this but i do see a market for it, and lets face it, the majority of games people play this card would be fine, if not overkill.
I run SLI 970’s and i am happy with the performance. Nvidia and AMD know the majority of gamers dont need high performance cards, I’m sure the margins are smaller with low end cards but they make up for it in quantity of sales.
Keep up the great in depth reviews, its greatly appreciated, i noticed you have been mentioned on other review sites in the last few months (cant remember witch ones) and that can only help the channel, you work hard and deserve much more success than a fool like Linus, i cant stand that guy, he is a late night TV pitchman.

HighTechDreizehn says:

Benchmarks are wrong

Nacho Chips says:

great review!

bobbins Taylforth says:

would this be an upgrade to my asus radeon hd 7770 direct cu?

Neil de Guzman says:

can this run 3 monitors at once? i have an old hd 7850. i can do eyefinity on it without hassles.. my gaming demands are not very high for i use three very old 1280×1240 monitors. and i only use them in iracing which is very easy to run. not very demanding on video cards. if this can run triples then my eyes are on this one… anyone?

IsaacClarkeTheKiller says:

What power supply should I get to run this card?

Keenan Smith says:

How would this compare to the amd 460 4gb now?


pls tell me the gtx 950 is possible with my 300 watt power consumption?

LuxKadafi says:

is the R7 370 better than the gtx 950?

mathew lim says:


Some juan says:

the 950’s price should be lowered, for just about $20-$40ish more( i actually see some 950’s at the price of 960’s) , you can get a 960 or 380

Hose2wAcKiEr says:

3:50 Hey I play SC2 and I’m thinking about this GPU!! 😛

kamen traikov says:

Can someone tell me if any other gtx 950 card is worth more than Palit GTX 950 StormX Dual ? Storm X is the cheapest of all but the specs are nearly the same. Please tell me if its worth buing the xtreme or msi or the others gtx950 card. Thank in advance.

leo19957 says:

Did I just see the 960 beating the 280x let alone the 390 ? I smell bullshit of some sort or a mistake idk.

HUGSaLOT Valkyrie says:

can it overclock, assuming there’d be a point to that, Ah well i just need something to replace my old GTX 550 ti.

maxesman0626 says:

+Gamers Nexus What Graphics card would you recommend for Graphic Design and a little bit of gaming?


Is the R9 270x better? Just asking.

SpyingAround says:

At 10:59 you see the fps of r9 285 at 37 fps and the r9 280 at 51 fps..? how does that make any sence?

Not An Argument. says:

I hope i see u at PAX.
odds are low though.

kisk0s says:

gj man ty

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