Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Review: The New GPU King

Nvidia’s Titan X used to be the fastest all-round GPU money could buy. But it’s not any more. GTX 1080 leaves both Titan X and Fury X for dust. Rich presents his full review here.

More detail and reams of benchmarks here: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2016-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-review

1080p Benchmarks: https://youtu.be/JXhHivCLBwc
1440p Benchmarks: https://youtu.be/Wf6lpFmCKGQ
4K Benchmarks: https://youtu.be/LuViSYChy7Q
DX11 vs DX12 Benchmarks: https://youtu.be/RqK4xGimR7A

Buy the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 in this video: http://geni.us/qzzU5U
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Clarence Boddicker says:

I would like to see a 1080 Vs 2 x 980 Ti SLI comparison video, that would be very useful for me because I have two 980 Tis in an SLI configuration and would like to know how they would stack up against a single 1080.

Yazu13Z says:

Very informative review. Eurogamer is always a very professional and informed news outlet for things like this. I just ordered a custom desktop with a GTX 1080 in it and I can’t wait to see what it can do. The Witcher 3 comes to mind as I was never able to max it out at a constant 60FPS on my last setup. It should be a treat.

MartinNY78 says:

Hi, have heat issues with geforce 1080. It gets so hot while playing BF4 that you can’t touch it. This can’t be normal. Had geforce 980 and no issues. Please help/any suggestions?

mazzoza19 says:

Do graphics cards such as these only have relevance to gaming or is it useful for watching other things like streaming sports online?

RedCalx Z says:

Should I just wait for other versions to come out to save a couple bucks?

baum stamp says:

i am a 980Ti owner and i must say i curse NVIDIA for trying to cover up the comparison between 1080 and 980Ti. its even more ridiculous when you see how they put in titan x instead…
people who dont have as much time and are not as enthusiastic about benchmarking as i am will think they should upgrade even from 980Ti to 1080.
pretty sad.
this was my last nvidia card. there is no card to switch to at the moment. but the next gen high-end card i buy is red and probably way less expensive than upcoming 1080Ti.
doing the research and self-tests you can easily see that 980Ti with a little of OC just owns the 1080… while being CHEAPER (for the moment at least)

Matt Cantin says:

Not impressed

KiDZ says:

I’m waiting for some rich bastard to post a vid about quad sli GTX 1080 now :/

MassEffectVanguard says:

So…. who’s picking up a gtx 1080 this friday??

Nano Flux says:

Yea I’m waiting for the amd vega befor I make any choose sins I want HBM2 ram for my 6 screen set up.

DevTheBigManUno says:

I love the 1080. Bought one when I had the rare chance to get my hands on it. But overall maybe looks like we’ll have to wait until Volta for all around solid 4K performance. Man… technology.

Adam Keel says:

Great review guys, well presented and laid out. If you review the Gtx 1070 in June can you show the performance gain over the Gtx 770 if possible ?

Strider says:

I love digital foundry great videos. Straight to the point not a lot of messing around.

betonman9 says:

over 100 fps in unity in 1080p with ultra details……consoles shit resolution with 25fps in unity…with medium details

Mpamphs Kangourosaurous says:

Hi do I need to upgrade from 980ti to 1080 or I have to wait for 1080ti ? I need at least 60% boost .Thanks

Namelus says:

I love your videos, but your bad porno music has to change man.

Regular Guy says:

Will this be perfect with Battlefield 1 coming on Oct. That’s all I care about….

Jouni Rantanen says:

i would like to see the 1080 SLI. And can it finally push 4K in 60fps

atomicbrain9401 says:

how much bigger will this increase my e-peen?

what? says:

Richard you sexy beast!

Omid Khaliqhi says:

Will hold for 1080ti

Gábor Rozgonyi says:

Do You think this card is usable with a 4K FreeSync monitor? Or it is a wrong idea?

Zzz Ssss says:

Does playing boring AAA games at 4K/60+ FPS really make the experience any better?

I’d argue that it doesn’t :/

Valkoor Deathweaver says:

Liked and subbed good job mate!!!

Santiago Carrera says:

thats the founders edition?

William R says:

I think seeing a doom benchmark to show vulkan performance would be great.

IntegratedSful says:

still too low in 4k,i snipp this for a year i think

Christian Galatolo says:

You should investigate on Pascal problems with GSync. I don’t know for other cards, but GTX1080 stutters a lot with Gsync (PG279Q). It would be interesting to see a video from you on this matter.

RoxyLuffer says:

you get the like/subscribe JUST for that Ferris Bueller quote, not that the whole video wasn’t informative and fantastic by itself!

Nate Johnson says:

btw i own this card and it’s amazing

Krishna Kanth says:

Is there a GTX 1070 REVIEW coming?

Jonas King says:

Awaiting the inevitable AMD RX480 comparison.

Jose Garcia says:

I purchased one of this bad boys to upgraded my gtx 680, I can’t wait to see the difference on this two cards, I will probably get mind blown lol.

v vicky says:

Nvidia and this card are irrelevant. ps4 is the future of gaming. ps4 neo is more pwoerful and shits all over this weak useless card. its time pc gamers reliaze how outdated their shitty pc’s are.

Kay Wrobel says:

For someone who is still rocking a 1080p 60 TV set, these frame rates are really out of this world! And frankly, I do not need that much power. Also, I will probably state the obvious here, but developers *will* find a way to eat through all of that power and bring the 1080 down to its knees. Be it by being wasteful with the VRAM, or by adding so much on the screen that your eyes will bleed. I am convinced that the laws of diminishing returns will eventually apply to the GPU and gaming sector.
Game developers should really focus more on the gameplay aspects of their games and the story they are trying to tell. But that’s a whole other topic…

TheyCallMeFilep says:

the general complaint is that the 1000 series is not optimized for DX12 and that may hurt Nvidia in the long run unless it’s an issue that can be fixed with a quick driver update.

Kenzi says:

the MSI 1080 with twin frozr cooler is 974 USD where I live. Going to be fun saving up for that >.< in comparison a 980 over a year ago cost 780 USD. Jeez, I can't even imagine the prices of the 1080 ti :s

Robert Artenie says:

Can you get 2 RX 480 sli them and do a benchmark?

SzachMatt says:

How to get these amazing graphs with Frame-Rate and Frame-Time?

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