MSI GTX 980 Ti Sea Hawk Review – CPU Cooler on a GPU!

Full Written Review:


MSI 980 Ti Gaming 6G
EVGA 980 Ti SSC+
Reference 980 Ti

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Lars W Gjethammer says:

Which is the quietest Gtx 980 ti overall? Is the 980 ti louder Than a 970?

SirShizuka says:

pump audible?

mert sayin says:

Hello i have h100i gtx with 980ti sea hawk which way do your fans looking i mean volt information side is looking to down ör up ?

Edin Tarafder says:

Ugly card MSI lighting card much better looking.

CaligoMilites says:

Or you buy a reference 980 ti and put on an AIO and save 100-200$

Gerhard Adendorff says:

what was your ambient temperature when you did the test

Sir Elegant says:

I wish you would have compared the Sea Hawk to the GIGABYTE G1 Gaming 980ti model, since it is one of the most powerful custom 980tis.

Vincent Favino says:

whats the case its in??!?!!?

Ventus says:

what a retarded card

Anonymouz6015 says:

Consoles: PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4… PC: to much video cards….. too much processors, a lot of kinds of pcs. a lot of crap omfg.

Vile Gaming says:

shit hawk

daniel Chan says:

can i SLI this card?

mert sayin says:

Hello i have h100i gtx with 980ti sea hawk which way do your fans looking i mean volt information side is looking to down or up ?

Abdelrahman Elfeky says:

the 2 tubes are heavy and thick so my question is can the tubes get out from the rad with over time?

carlos velasco says:

psh my crossfire r9 250x will dominate this

Alec Anderson says:

Surely I’m not the only one hearing SeaHonk, right?

Dima S. says:

what is the case ?

MrZeljko88 says:

I got the MSI TITAN X

Ramadhan azka says:

can you change the h55 cooler

Wistbacka says:

This just proves that STRIX OC is the way to go. Not only better performances, but the fans are controlled automatically AND are automatically shut down when not using the card in high performance. Feels stupid that the fan isn’t controlled by the GPU….

Christian the Wizard says:

Hello! What power supply would you recommend using for this with 16g ram now, and 32 in the future ? Thanks!

Alexander Mustermann says:

the asus card doesn’t give a shit this XD just amazing

Renzo Ringhs says:

Can you replace the fan on the cooling block??

LentalSoup says:

what motherboard is that?

Lars W Gjethammer says:

Why does Evga hybrid have 200+ ratings from people on amazon on newegg, but this has Zero?

Fernando Mangas says:


SulaJardin says:

MSI GTX 1080 Sea Hawk Review plz ~~

Psycho's Video Dump says:

I just saw the 1070 version of the Seahawk, what happens if the pump fails? can we open it up and change it like what we can do with the Kraken G1?

Назар Гуляк says:

In your opinion, what is the best graphics card manufacturer ??

Kal Kuma says:

required psu?

Yourwolfsdengaming says:

Another impressive video ^_^ . I adore some of the shots you use as well ^_^ Too much money for my taste but a nice card.

Zraupp10 says:

240 rad ?!

Zaphod7835 says:

So what qualifies this (or any product) for the dam good award? I see this piece was outperformed as often as not by other air cooled skus and I’m a little confused what makes this “dam good”… it can’t be value, or ease of install, or even ease of use due to the manual fan profile on the rad. This probably sounds confrontational, but that’s not the intent… just wondering what makes this so “dam good” compared to other 980ti offerings, in particular the amp! extreme that sells at almost $250 cad cheaper on newegg.

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