MSI GTX 1070 Aero ITX GPU Review + Benchmarks

When building a compact PC selecting the right GPU is important. MSI has a real winner on their hands with the 1070 Aero ITX. See my impressions and the benchmarks here.

MSI GTX 1070 Aero ITX:

Written Review:

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Niels Egense says:

I’m mashing a MSI GTX 1060 Aero ITX into an old 3.5″ floppy storage box… A review like this makes me want to finish it faster, to get temps/noise-lvls sorted!

Zakiy Ramadhan says:

The new king of compact gpu?

Should be for this one, no?

Oscar Cooke-Abbott says:

That thumbnail doesn’t make sense – an ITX 1080 was just announced…

MarcParis says:

Are you sure it’s just a 92mm torx fan? For me, it’s a standard 100mm torx fan like on twin frozr vi.

Andrey Tegelskiy says:

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Tek Everything says:

To everyone commenting saying the Gigabyte 1080 Mini is better. Obviously that should offer higher levels of performance. However it hasn’t been released yet.

Miles Prebble says:

Not sure there are any cases that would prevent this card from being fitted. You made reference to the height, keeping in mind compared the GTX 1060 ITX from ZOTAC but I don’t really understand why? Love the videos, just trying to be critical to help you stay on your toes!

Kevin Moondust says:

Hope you can get hold of the GIGABYTE GTX1080 ITX recently announced. I’m really looking forward to it if it’s better than my ZOTAC GTX1080 Mini

Annoyer says:

Galax made a mini 1070 with reference width for those with extra tight spaces, only 181 mm long.

He Paul says:

Can they work with the MSi trident ?

Daniel Östling says:

TE, Great review!
Do you think a 450w PSU would be enough for this card + Ryzen 1600 stock? (Corsair SF450 or SF600 PSU?)

DJ Marchand says:

i’m impressed with this one! a 1070 puts out a good amount more heat than a 1060, so it’s a feat! oh btw, i still have the noisier evga gtx 1060 sc and i found a workaround for the unbearable noise, and it didn’t actually come from the fan, or the heatsink, but from the shroud design. i removed the shroud and it’s now whisper quiet, and runs very cool, around 60 degrees while gaming.

Felix R says:

1:10 I do not care what the manufacturers say about their “improved” fan blade design, the only way to make a fan quieter is to run it slower 🙂

And for more airflow you have to let the fan run faster …

*aerodynamics* ?

Peter Cruz says:

Damn bro, very impressed by the written review! Sorry for the question, but what is that cased called (the one you tested in). Love the vids!

Josh Payne says:

OMG have you checked the prices of the 1070 ITX or mini models? OUTRAGEOUS!

Randall Lawkin says:

What do you think about the EVGA 1070 usually perform better than the zotac?

Jesse Abraham says:

gigabyte GeForce® GTX 1080 Mini ITX 8G
I would say this card is the king right now.

Russel Lacerna says:

great vid bro!

Osama Amin says:

Your videos are great

seniornuggtes says:

my dude, are you related to Oz?

Igor Kim says:

I sold that exact same used 1060 6gb for $190 yesterday. did I lose money?

Tom Brown says:

I wish they made a low profile version of the GTX 1070. Can you review the single slot GTX 1070?

Mushichis says:

Nice video, you got potential.

Hail Storm says:

Good morning Jay! How are ya my dude!?

fatroc33 says:

Great video but I don’t feel comfortable with a one fan on a 1070. I’ll stick with the Zotac 1070 mini

MarcParis says:

At what resolution and framerate did you test gtx 1070 please? 1440p, 4k? I hope not 1080p lol…because in that case, gtx 1070 is like a ferrari at 50km/h lol

Nic says:

10k BOI! Wasn’t long ago when you were at 1k!!

Chun Thangnawk says:

Can you get the zotac GTX 1080 ti mini to work on the S4 mini? something like a dual brick or any other possibilities

hiddeninja says:

Bro, you’re a great tech PC SFF build reviewer. I’ve been subbed from when you had maybe around 1-2k followers. One of my fav reviewers. Don’t stop this channel lol.

Phantom says:

Graphics score of firestrike is way too low. And what is with the heaven and valley benches, why on high? Method of benching here is questionable.

TheUglydandy says:

Looks like a Vega Nano competitor.

Arekkusu The Great says:

great review. This is what I have been wanting for to put inside my S4 mini.

myultumatum says:

Great vid man.

Cakesom Supeax says:

“new”, arent 11 series cards right arround the corner :3

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