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In this video we’re going to be taking a look at Nvidia’s / MSI’s GeForce GTX 1070 with the custom GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X graphics card based on the pascal architecture. This video is NOT sponsored (not money exchanged hands), and we were sent this GPU as a sample for review purposes only.

We’ll be checking out the cards build quality, performance in games and benchmarks, MSI specific applications and features and also have a look at the Pascal architecture.

What first struck us about the Gaming X was the high build quality and asthetic of the card. While beauty is subjective, from my person opinion, it is one of the best looking GPU’s I’ve personally used.
To the rear of the card is a simple black back plate with MSI’s Dragon Logo emblazed onto it. It’s simple enough asthetically to not be overbearing – but its primary purpose is to keep the GPU cool. MSI have also opted to use their Zero Frozor fan technology to help keep the GPU as cool as possible while under load or operation – more on this in a second.

The Gaming X features the usual plethora of connections – SLI fingers for those who need to run high end displays, 3X displayPorts, 1 HDMI and a single Dual Link DVI-D connection. For power, need both a Six and an Eight pin connector, for the cards power draw (with no user overclocking) is 150W.

The gaming X combines the companies Twin Frozr 6 and Torx 2.0 Fan. The company claims the fan design pushes 22 percent extra air to help keep the card cool under load. We can confirm that the card is virtually silent under usual operation, and even pushing the fans to 100 percent manually the GPU was quieter than the majority of GPU’s in under their normal operation.
As a note, the cards fans do not spin if the GPU is under 60 degrees, and thus light gaming or regular desktop use and the fans will sit totally idle.

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Love the review but, U need to turn down the music considerably. Like in the negatives if possible. The BG music is way to high for my liking.

Daryl Austin says:

just picked up this card to go along with my acer g sync 1440p monitor

Alex Howe says:

The review turned out good man

Niclas Johansson says:

Great review. I love mine 😀

Reinis Seredziņš-Seredzenes says:

Please fix your microphone!!!

Bálint Becsei says:

How did you get 151 fps in Tomb Raider at 1080p? Mine can don only 50 fps!!! Meanwhile cpu utilization is only 90-95% (i5-4690).

Joe Mills says:

Sexy card, i’ll probably get the 1060 Gaming X 6G eventually, I love the Twin Frozer VI cooler.

evol_ killer says:

Hope to see more hardware reviews on the channel. Enjoy the sound of your voice

ADevilNeverCry says:

Shit music. Shit camera work. Audio glitches, Horrible pacing… At one point I couldn’t even hear your voice.

4/10. 2 fucking months of talking about of this review for this? Are you drunk most of the time? Anyway, don’t give up, but this review was shit.

Tihomir Raicevic says:

static noise

Veritas says:

A little bit late now this has been reviewed many many times over the last month, you just wasted your time recycling what’s already been said, sorry.

Scott R says:

I have two of these and I love them. They’ve been running SETI@home 24/7 since I got them, shortly after they got into stores, so these cards are tough. SETI brings GPUs to their knees and will let you know very quickly if the card is going to last or not. They run at 100% load, 24/7. The main card runs at around 65-67C and the secondary card runs at 60-61C, there’s one slot between them. I don’t overclock or overvolt. I do game with them in SLI, occasionally, when it’s something my R9 Fury can’t quite handle.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend these, whether it’s for gaming or distributed computing.

Nasty N8 says:

music was too loud over speech. Please adjust to a lower decibel. Great review though, I appreciate it.

revolution says:

thb the founder editons are the best looking cards, love the simple and clean design. (even tho they don’t warrant the price)

John Doh says:

Your audio glitches badly throughout the video. Very annoying.

HVS says:

About time !

RemusKingOfRome5 says:

I’m very happy with my MSI 1080 Gaming X, occassional stutters but i think they are game related

Vin Jak says:

So RIP AMD-finally you came to sense and use NVIDIA instead!


dream card

Doughnut Digger says:

Just bought a zotac amp edition 1070 and I feel it’s going to be as good as any other custom gtx 1070 🙂

TheJohdu says:

good work mate! is the 480/1060 Review still coming?

arwen vermeirsch says:

is this comparable with the tegra x2?

Hugo Jean says:

Sorry but my 1070 Amp Extreme from Zotac never goes higher than 70C even playing Witcher at 4k !

GFB GamerPT says:

what? you need to have the 6-pin and 8-pin connectors plugged at the same time?!

mathyoooo2 says:

For future reviews I would love if you could give us a quick overview of the pcb (power phases etc)

NiceMemeBro says:

Why would you use such a creepy background song.

Justice League says:

this is boring and that broken microphone is not making this vid. ny better

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