MSI AMD R9 390X Gaming GPU Review

AMD’s 390X is upon us and MSI have gone to town on their GAMING version to try and make sure its faultless

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Crillionair says:

Feaking loved the vid bruhh keep em comin!!

Wally West says:

Would a 550w psu be fine with this? I read that would be a minimum , because i cant afford a new psu

Mikael Schwartz says:

Really nice card, definitely one of the more interesting 390x cards. Although I am so tired of black/red color setup on everything MSI and Asus, and those are the two brands most prominent were I live.

This is just for sharing memes with me friends says:

Would this bottleneck an I5 4460?

Giorne Ganz says:

My 2 cents on the review… next time put ”Click here for full Review” with Annotation, people can’t read whats on the background on the graph, overall good job.

Joshua Pineda says:

This video convinced me to buy this card. Ordering in a few weeks.

TechPress says:

“theres a new cooooooooooooooooooler on it” hahaha lol.

zzApotheosis says:

I just ordered one of these on Amazon for $430… Anybody wanna assure me it was a good buy?

Nevsack63 says:

Must have used NTH1 thermal paste. For some reason it will always over time (a few weeks) seep over the edges and run off the die leaving exposed sections.. Don’t use NTH1 on GPU’s. CPU is fine for some reason.

Shanil Sanchez says:

whats the difference between the msi radeon r9 390x and sapphire radeon r9 390x?

Rahul Arora says:


Can I use R9 390X with intel i3 6100 processor efficiently or it might get bottlenecked? Please suggest as I am very confused between gtx 970 and r9 390(not available in my location, so planning for 390X which is around 125$ costly then 390)

SXcite says:

my hd 7970ghz died cuz the vrm were not cooled enought ( after 5 years ) gpu temps were very good but vrm going to 90Celcius and more for to long over 5 years killed it and i had good airflow ( fractal define R4 ) sad end for a good card i hope this one will last longer than that :p

Outsmoke says:

Would be nice if you could see the graph legend. Why put info on the screen, then cover it with a “Click Here” annotation?

Tina Belcher says:

MSI just makes sexy looking video cards. God damn


If any one is wonder what is the real fps on the stats just knw that that higher fps means lower res and the lower fps means higher res

LDSG Bossman says:

Question, I plan to buy one of these, as said in the video a 650 watt power supply is the lowest for recommendation. Pcpartpicker says the total wattage for my build will be 497 watts, could I get away with buying a 600watt supply?

Arnold Klinkhamer says:

Will this work out good? Like i mean good? XD. I7 4790k. Msi z97s sli xfire gaming edfition mobo. Amd r9 390x and 750w psu and. Corsair h80i water cooler? Please tell me if this works out well!

Jody Trandana says:

wow im amazed at how much it beat the stock 980 ti by
Would love to see some overclock benchmarks

thereddog223 says:

I was really close to getting this card

Asikeer says:

Is a bronze Seasonic 650 watt PSU good quality?

John Smith says:

I have to say i am really impressed with MSI’s new cards . I have the 980ti at the moment and my friend has this 390x. I used to swear by EVGA cards but after a few bad experiences i will not be buying an EVGA product ever again . Great review as usual

Victor Hassan says:

Bought MSI r9 390x. returned it next day.
That thing runs 90 degrees, while my sapphire tri-x runs 70 degrees.
They tested it and it shows millions degree. lol.

Jean-Louis Angevin says:

Good review as usual, thanks.

Red Team Gaming says:

Dude you should brush your teeth…

TheTasty Melon says:

Can this run in a sli configuration

Ceslovas Kubilius says:

I do have AMD FX 8320 CPU, 8GB of ram, Samsung 850evo 500gb, Samsung/Seagate 1TB Hibrid Hard Disk Drives….  and want to buy this card as an upgrade from my 2gb amd r9 270x windforce, is my Corsair Builder Series CXM 500W Modular 80 PLUS Bronze powerful enough ?

rush mckelley says:

thankyou for the review

Shawn Lee says:

y msi r9 390x 8gb not showing its 8gb it shows 4gb but on normal software it shows 8gb but not on Windows 8 or 10 or o. cpuz an all

27mvp35 says:

this or the 980?
8gb vs 4gb

xXOreoChucklezXx says:

The 390x is the 3rd most powerful AMD GPU and the 7th most powerful GPU of all time,
according to Futermark

Nar Love says:

Awesome review as usual. Thank You!

Fernando Turconi says:

i’m between 390x and the GTX 980 or 970. Any idea which of that 3 is the best? thanks !

KingSmith2310 says:

so should i get this or msi gtx 970

Flago Man says:

hey, bro, you message of click here for full review is blocking the charts info.
it would be great if reload the video, without the message.

Alex Reed says:

Im thinking of getting this graphics card but i have an AMD FX 4100 quad core CPU will this graphics card bottleneck if I use it with this CPU?

UnsatisfiedGamoerz says:

can this card go with the MSI MSI Gaming Z97 GAMING 5 LGA 1150 Intel mobo? i’m new to pc building so i’d appreciate help c:

Ibrahim Khaled says:

I would like to know if the G1 Gaming R9 390x would run on a 500W PSU?

Jack Thorpe says:

So I want to get a gaming PC, I have a budget of £1300/1500, would this be a decent card to get? Is it worth buying a custom PC from one of those websites that build them? Is that much more expensive then building one myself? P.s, I have no idea how to build one and what parts are compatible with what haha

aghaeis says:

The MSI version of this card looks impressive, however they run hotter than the Sapphire version. Also, Sapphire version is less plagued with random issues such as crashes and such.

Freddy silvas zamudio says:

I want this fucking card but i dont want mt electric bill to increase that mich, god dammit :’c

Nakasi Pes says:

damn it´s good review!

Lee Fesler says:

Why does his symbol remind me of TSM from League of Legends?…

Turbo banaan says:

does the version from gigabyte make more noise?

Shawn Lee says:

will this power supply be good for msi r9 390x 8gb Rosewill Hive Series 1000 Watt Modular 80 Plus Bronze Certified ATX12V / EPS12V 1000 Power Supply HIVE-1000S

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