Mantiz Venus External GPU Enclosure Review

The Mantiz MZ-02 (Venus) is an external graphics enclosure which allows you to upgrade the graphics of your laptop by connecting a desktop graphics card using Thunderbolt 3. This is a great option for gaming on a laptop with no discrete graphics inside, or boosting your FPS in the future with a more powerful GPU.

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ryan199gamer says:

Hey Jarrod nice review as always. Btw can you review the PA71ES-G FROM? The newer version of the pa71hs.



Lars says:

Btw your Alienware monitor looks dope!! What model is it?

arikelvara says:

20K subs? WOW! Are you going to do a special video for 20K subs 🙂 ?

Dima Kaftan says:

Please do more videos like this one. Comparison with eternal cards and test of other external enclosures! You are most informative laptop reviewer that i found, thanks to you man! You are the best!

Nietzschean Ideal says:

Didn’t know TB3 had such massive bandwidth.

farhan kapdi says:

$389 for the enclosure + $600 for the graphics card itself. I would rather build an entire PC for that much money. I bought my gaming laptop a few months ago. I had the choice between a Lenovo y520 with a gtx 1060mq and no thunderbolt, and a Dell Inspiron 7577 with a 1050ti and a Thunderbolt port for the same price. I bought the 7577 just for the Thunderbolt port so I could upgrade my graphics card later. Needless to say, I made a poor choice :'(. I should have done more research. P.S I love your content. Please keep doing what you’re doing.

Sk Sadi says:

Hey bro Is LG C7T oled tv good? It’s in my country Bangladesh. Should i get it?
It’s not C7P it’s C7T.
I will play ps4 pro games long times, watch movies , YouTube
Is it good idea to buy this?

Or should i get Sony X900E
Or should i get Samsung Qled TV?
I heard all over the Internet it’s OLED got image burning etc. Is it risk to buy this TV? I am worry.

emmanuel inwardly says:

it would be interesting to the coupled to
and do test benchmarks and fps test, and other test ….

reaLEty says:

Hey Jarrod, do you think you can create a video on creating a gaming pc for 2018 or link me to a build online somewhere? I am interested in creating a gaming pc but need some help picking parts including a i7 8700K, GTX 1080, ESPECIALLY under 3K (AUD).

Mr. Dynamite says:

Very nice review. Something different….

Rusher02 Gaming says:

Been looking forward to a great enclosure review! I’ve been thinking about getting one when the next gen of gpu’s come out. Nice review Jarrod.

Ahmed360 says:

I really don’t understand these.
The Enclosure itself is $399! seriously?
That is without a GPU (say a 1060) $249, and considering the bottleneck it won’t cut it as you showed in the video.
We are now at $648 + Laptop cost + Loss of portability + More power consumption + Thunderbolt bottleneck ..etc
Those are for a very niche market in my opinion, Laptops with a full 1060 are available for affordable prices nowadays.

sh2345 says:

How does this compare to the Aorus Gaming Box?

HarD TarGeT says:

That GPU looks gigantic!

Bart A. says:

i like its subtle look 😀

NO no no says:

Would you say this is better than the one from Razor?

Luis270893 says:

Tb4 when it will be available?

Greg Smallwood says:

Excellent! Been waiting for good enclosure review and your is excellent. Thanks would love to see more when you can. Thanks heaps….

HarD TarGeT says:

Who knows by that time even thunderbolt may get upgraded. Closing the gap between PCI & Thunderbolt if possible.

Kurohayabusa says:

Quite surprised to see the 1060 max q outperform a 1080 eGPU even on the external monitor! I’m guessing the G5 has 4 lanes of PCIe (since the mostly identical 7577 has 4 lanes), so I thought there would be enough bandwidth to not see such a severe performance hit. Does the fact that it’s carrying ethernet have anything to do with it?

Thim says:

hmmm could combine this with a meta box? would be reasonably priced. nice vid!

Lars says:

Nice video as always! Could you do some gaming keyboards and mouse review please…?
UK’s KitGuru is also a great tech channel with good contents of gaming mouse, keyboards, desktops, laptops and much more.

Donn Alfred Mendoza says:

Albeit probably overkill, would it be possible to use something like this to be able to use other pcie-based devices with a laptop (or thunderbolt equipped device)? e.g. video capture cards, audio devices etc.

Safeer Ali says:

Please do a review on the new HP OMEN 15-DC!!

nEOs1255 says:

If you play instead at a higher resolution 2k /4k you can then see the improvements as the gaming processes is more gpu ESPECIALLY when outputting to external monitor these improvements can be seen

Awnings CosmicPVP says:

Let’s have a look 🙂

Phoenix-2063 says:

Buying a 13inch laptop with 8th gen quad core and hooking up an external graphics card should work out the same as buying a laptop with 1060 or 1070 max q graphics, in part because these only appear on higher end 15inch laptops which cost more anyway. Given this and as you say, you can upgrade the card without having to change the laptop makes it a price competitive option especially in the long run.

TuF says:

I have a question, when u use this thing does your laptop fans go crazy? Or all cooling is provided from that box ?

m.nageh says:

is this a microwave ??

Vik Sep says:

Hi Jarrod, great video. Would this be useful for a laptop that has a 1050ti? Or would the Razer Core X be a better option?

genium me says:

holy s*** a gtx1080 performing worse then a1060?? how is that possible? from evrything i read tb3 should at max make you lose 20% at which point a1080 is still 60+% better then the 1060! even more as this is a maxQ mobile card. so what happened in this test does anyone know ?

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