Low End Video Cards Rant & Radeon R7 240 Unboxing & Review

To be clear, I’m not trying to hate on MSI or AMD here. NVIDIA’s low end graphics cards made by EVGA or ASUS or whoever else are equally pointless.

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IRNatman says:

Fast forward to 2017 where you can actually get good GPUs for around 80$ (RX 460s).

TechBaron, Cameras and more! says:

he gave nooooooo fucks all the tests were done were with fsaa and full shaders brutality on this pile witch i now run upgraded from 8400gs got this pile for free my nvs290 blew up

Richard Heumann says:

Though i understand your point Linus , you are being a bit elitist about it i think . Low end cards are for gaming at 1080P but not necessarily at ultra settings as most gamers will mostly go to high settings tops with low end cards . At least i would and do . If you are a gamer who has a bit of brains , you know that low end does not work on ultra in most cases and even things like AA are mostly off if you game in this segment .
I understand that if you are used to gaming on high end graphicscards that is what you’re focused on , even if you try a low end card . And to add another point : People who buy low end cards usually don’t have a cpu like an I7 , more like an I3 or 5 max so the tests aren’t that usefull for people who are on the low end of things . The testbench’s are to high to have an idea of how these cards run for intended gamers . Now i do agree that you shouldn’t buy the R7 240 and it is shit , but sub 100 $ cards aren’t as bad as you make it out to be .
I hope that you read this Linus .

flaming cacti says:

Linus reminds me of gordan ramsy

James Marcus says:

All I see is an adult acting like a child because he CHOSE to do a review he didn’t want to do. Here’s a tip for you Linus, do only reviews that you want to do or do what your viewers ask for, like a professional without a bad attitude.

Bazukax says:

Wow, it’s been 3 years already

。。。 。。。 says:

I think this is even better than my R5 340

Danny Clear says:

if want to buy low end gpu, use your onboard instead


Please Make a comparsion between RX 550 vs GT 1030

Alec Sutherland says:

I have a question. So im trying to build a budget gaming PC at around $500 – $600. I found this EVGA Geforce GTX 1050 SSC (With the bigger Heastsink, so its not one of the mini’s) at $110. Do you think it would be worth it, or no?

furkan strangermoon says:

it can lot lot better with 720p and no antialasing and high performace chosed on nvidia control panel.. this cards die when 1080p with fxaa smaa txxaa testers dont know that . with 720p (1280720p) when you connet hd tv or monitor its transfrom 1080p like Xbox 360 and ps3 and mot of cases without anti alasing textrues look good. so in the end this low ends cards not good but not that bad especially not junk. ı can only say this msi model little expensine you can chose gt710 instead of but don expect enter menus on doom or nfs 15 type but you can easly play even tiltles like bf3 skyrim etc which still best games out there. if you have 1366 res monitor somewhere in house this cards with pentiumg half price than laptop gpus and lot better if you buy with monitors price same.

JLock17 says:

Linus seems pretty upset about this. I also just realized that this video is 4 years old, and I am literally talking to no-one.
Also, buy used on ebay. Get a $50 7870.

aidan connelly says:

This is complete bullshit, you can achieve good performance on these humble products, something that spoilt Linus wouldn’t understand.

Marc Vezina says:

Cant believe some people are actually defending that crap card, yes if you are broke it will get you gaming at 720p on medium settings but you are still getting screwed over, go mow lawns, or save up a few weeks more like linus said. what happens a year from now when you cant even game at 720p because its fallen too far behind for even that. the other options linus gave in this video will last years more, if your money problems aren’t a short term problem don’t buy new that’s for sure.
I built a gaming rig for a friend of mine who knows nothing about PCs a few months ago, he had a 900$ cdn budget, i pretty much forced him to bump it up just a bit more and told him his tower would be at the bottom of the high end instead of top of the mid range, he asked whats the difference, i told him its like having a lower end lambo instead of a top of the line civic and that convinced him haha.

Tiberiu Iulian says:

“a product that sucks and is cheap” ahahahahahahahaha lol


When you got a 1000 people office you dont need 1000 high end GPU’s, you need to save every penny and make shure your staff wont play Dirt3 on the job.
those Video Cards is not for gaming. They r for wordexcel, presentations, FULLHD movies in smallest case.

Nihal Jackson says:

yup. marketing strategies.

slenderman7676 Rblx says:

If you have an low end GPU i say OVERCLOCK THAT $H!T

kairon156 says:

As a PC gamer I do understand more money is better but This video is helpful because it helps people understand mid-range GPU can run games fairly good too.

I went from a GTX 660 to a GTX 1050 simply because I felt the performance boost I got from what I had was more than enough for the money I was putting into it. So mid range cards of the current generation is a perfectly valid option.

Gergő says:

It’s run Witcher 3 in 1080p. It’s LOW settings it’s 25-30 fps but it’s run.
I bought this piece of shit for 5$.

Raj Jyoti Baruah says:

You must be rich only then u can say this
cpu i3 3.3 ghz, ram 4 gb ddr3 1333 mhz, 500 gb hdd, Powercolor R7 240 1gb ddr5 GPU, Asus H61 k mobo
cheap power supply, 22 inch LED monitor, keyboard, mouse, ups etc
for around 300$ (18000INR)
which I could even barely afford
Been gaming on it for 4 yrs without a single fault at 720-768p
As for the other options they are either too costly and good old used GPUs are not well available in India and also PC components are too costly here
Quite happy with my r7 240 ddr5 GPU

Dank Memer says:

most people don’t care about Ultra settings, you fucking idiot. But you still got good points about prize sweetspots.

Ainecker says:

I had a gt 710 and it was cheap but was more powerful than it was supposed to be but now I bought new gpu…

Nicholas Reif says:

Funny I just found an R7 240 in the trash.

Van Dinh says:

80 bucks? I’d rather buy the rx550

Matthew Marr says:

Ya know, part of being a good critic and salesman is still being able to find positive points and uses for things. This video card would still good in a HTPC, or grandma’s/girlfriend’s computer for watching youtube and playing Candy Crush. Maybe you just want to build a retro gaming machine….Well, I guess a Raspberry Pi would probably be better and cost a fraction of the money…. nevermind, no silver lining here, this card sucks.

ViralGrenade says:

lol Linus is tilted

Keijo 420 says:

i bought a 850€ computer for 500€ and am happy

Sk Fahim says:

I still use this gpu

PorkFreeGaming says:

but is the R7 240 4 BG better??

MiamMaster 2065 says:

I have a gt 730 (1gb) , and play Black ops 3 on it

vinodkumar CR says:

is it ddr3 graphic card

emucosmos says:

for a specific slim pc with no chance of changing the power supply, all I could fit in this little machine was an r7 250 slim single slot card, It’s alright for a core 2 quad q6700 dell.

Erik says:

I had an ASUS R7 240 once…

…then I got good and got a dual Sapphire R9 270x w/Crossfire

Shaon14 Arafat says:

Those 2k dislikes from the owners of this shit 😀

Duskie says:

If that is shit. Gimme that shit then fgt.

D Grossi 1999 says:

This card is probably meant to be a general purpose graphics card based on what Linus is saying, so he shouldn’t expect much from it except general computer experience.

bins says:

just bought a gigabyte 1050 ti low profile from amazon, couldn’t be more happy, you ofc hate lor profile stuff and low end

Naz Dhillon says:

What if I have a similarly speced gpu in my laptop ?

Jack_w gaming says:

I have this graphics card and if you overclock it you can play Csgo tf2 at ultra setting with like 75-85 FPS. But what sucks it’s not worth the price but it could perform well.


was going to buy r7 240, but thanks your video

Cone Cp says:

picka ti materina ruzna idi ubi se pedercino jebena

Purposeof Gaming says:

But can it run crysis?

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