Long term Workstation GPU Review: AMD W8100 vs NVIDIA QUADRO M5000

Big thanks to Escape Technology and Nvidia for the use of the M5000.

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Alejandro Olvera says:

Specification wise:
The AMD W8100 has 2560 streaming processors, higher memory bandwidth 320 GB/s, and a larger memory interface ( 512bit ), with all this running at 220 W max TDP.

As for the NVIDIA M5000, Cuda Cores are at 2048, memory bandwidth is at 211 GB/s, and memory interface is 256 GB/s, with all this running at 150 W max tdp.

However numbers don’t really mean much, since hardware design does come into account.
In this case the umbers indicate AMD as a well built machine, but in all likely hood performance increase is seen in the NVIDIA card since most of the programs ran are optimized for the CUDA api.

Some Info for the GPU seeker:
If you are looking at Workstation GPUs for gaming purposes, you’re better off purchasing a dedicated Gaming GPU as they are optimized for gaming.

If you want to double duty the GPU, they are capable of running games well ( I mean look at their specs), you’ll notice a small performance decrease ( max usually around 10% ), due to inadequate optimization.

If you’re building a more green PC, many of the workstation GPUs provide great performance at lower TDP consumption ( but many gaming GPU manufacturers have a market for them as well ).

In the end there are many variables that come into play ( mainly in hardware utilization whether it’s the GPU board or your actual motherboard, those have bandwidth limitations too ), so pick what you like, what’s in your budget, what meets your power needs, etc etc.

Just remember workstation GPUs are really expensive from the get go ( since you’ll usually see companies buying them not individual consumers, so there is usually a bundle deal ), so you’re better off getting a better gaming GPU if you’re looking for strictly gaming, since those are targeted towards individual consumers in terms of pricing.

MazeFrame says:

Isn´t the M5000 double the price of the W8100?

Funny Star says:

this video rubbish see gamedabtes if not go then go to cpuboos

Shibu Kinatukara says:

What is the point of loading up a workstation that has a W8100 or Quadro with gamer cards? I don’t understand how that would help? I saw on your blog that you said “a good mix is to run a workstation card as my main driver and keep a couple of gaming cards in my PC for ‘dumb’ acceleration when more GPU’s are needed.”. How do you decide ehich gamer card to use? When is it needed? How is this managed?
I am in the process of a new build so any info regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

Free Thinker says:

Forgot to mention 14nm GPU’s coming out this year from AMD.

MrMovieMan941 says:

This look like bad driver for amd card hmmmm…

Supahfly Adrian says:

Amd for a workstation hahaha don’t be silly. A titan x would out perform the AMD W8100 for rendering.

Eddie Regory says:

I run three monitors and had no idea what the difference was between a workstation and a gaming card. I always thought if you had a badass gaming card, you were sent for it to work just as well as a workstation card. Well, my video tends to freeze up while I’m surfing the web and vice-versa. I think I need a new “workstation” card that will enable me to multitask in multiple website windows, run Netflix, and Sony Vega 11 with three monitors hooked up. Problem is, I can’t fork out 500 on a card. So, my question is, is there a workstation card you would recommend at 300 or below?

Animalfx666 says:

hi, i have the m5000 – maya 2016 – win 10 – driver 362.56 and there’s nothing i can do to make the gpu work. please help


isso é injusto o equivalente a W8100 seria a M4000

Andre Guyon says:

This NVIDIA QUADRO M5000 ($2,600+) is in our work PCs, which it crashes and under performs the ASUS Radeon Strix R9 390 ($340+) in terms of speed and stability, at such a huge cost savings. I am not sure about the AMD W8100 since I don’t own one, but with the NVIDIA Quadro M5000, which is suppose to be a workstation card, I am skeptical about these bench tests since real world applications speak for themselves.

Sólon Kjartansson says:

dont buy any of the stuff in this video otherwise you are a retard

Angle Abtuse says:

AMD W8100 approx 1000 usd –> http://www.amazon.com/Sapphire-FirePro-PCI-Express-Graphics-100-505738/dp/B00LV8X570/ref=sr_1_1?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1458532746&sr=1-1&keywords=amd+firepro+w8100
nVidia Quadro M5000 –> http://www.amazon.com/PNY-VCQM5000-PB-NVIDIA-Quadro-M5000/dp/B013W9NGQK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1458532578&sr=8-1&keywords=nvidia+quadro+M5000

Quadro M5000 is twice the price of AMD W8100 but still it does not provide twice the performance of W8100 . Thus I think this is not a fair review and he should have mentioned the prices of both the cards from some known sources. A fair comparison will be between one Quadro M5000 and dual Firepro W8100 and see who wins and if Quadro M5000 matches their performance then it wins because it is a single card so taking less space, one less PCIe slot and less power. But if it is more than 25% behind the dual W8100s then AMD wins

08MANNY23 says:

Wow, over a thousand bucks minimum. I thought gaming GPU’s were expensive. I currently use Autodesk Maya for lighting and rendering scenes on a Hackintosh (http://pcpartpicker.com/list/T79b8K). My scenes keep slowing down as the scenes get larger (obviously), so I was thinking about getting a Quadro at first, but now I’m leaning towards a GTX 1070 instead. Will the 8 Gigs of Vram on the 1070 work as efficiently as the Quadro?

Sugar Kaine Mostly says:

How about the new Polaris card from AMD Radeon Pro WX?

Silvio S says:

best card for octane 3.0? 🙂 on osx

Ahmad Ali says:

would you recommend laptop workstation for free Lansing architectural purpose ,,, and what would be ur suggestion for specs.

HikikomoriGamer says:

I wished people would talk about more these cards… I have been hearing news about the consumer GTX1080 cards … but what about the production workspace. I think it’s as exciting.

Alessio Michelassi says:

Thank you very much for this video. I was searcing for the the main difference between this two cards but i didn’t find nothing about it.

Craig Moffett says:

Do you think the M4000 would run better than 2 Titan X’s? In real time 4k playback?

Edson Chiesa says:

Guys, help me, M4000 or W8100 ???? For solidworks!!

Thank you!!

3DCRAZY says:

Could two Quadro M4000 be used together? Do you think it would run better than 1 m5000? Because M5000=$1,985.00 M4000=$812.34

Mehmet Can Kaya says:

Just saying W8100 in my country 4500 Turkish Lira = 1500 USD, Quadro M5000 7500 Turkish Lira = 2500 USD.

Funny Star says:

amd radeon pro wx 7100 amd new card
boast clock 1tb
memory clock 1tb
memory bus 756398
1000$ price
if you dont like them then see pro duo world no1 amd card

jaicha88 says:

What was the length of the video that you rendered for premiere pro?


980 ti or quadro M5000 for 3d , video editing , VFX and for rendering ? pls suggest me, which is best to do all works perfectly

Lizard Mods says:

well you answer a lot of my questions and now I have a whole bunch more.

I think I’ll binge watch a bunch of your videos. if I still have questions after that well I’m coming for you. thanks for taking the time to make the videos. 🙂

dato says:

So less information about Qudaro m5000 vs Titan x for 3ds Max

Syphist Prime says:

I never really knew what these were used for. Still, thanks to all that use them as you are helping drive the GPU industry and the price premium you are willing to pay helps keep the general consumer’s gaming cards cheap. Still an interesting video too, I don’t see GPUs tested in such a way usually.

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