Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Review – 15.6″ Laptop with 1050Ti GPU

Buy one at Lenovo – http://lon.tv/cxf6v (affiliate link) – The Thinkpad X1 Extreme is a high performing Thinkpad laptop with an integrated Nvidia 1050ti GPU. It costs more than a comparably equipped gaming laptop might, but offers better build quality and creature comforts. See more laptops: http://lon.tv/laptops and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:46 – Hardware and Pricing
02:09 – Battery Life
02:37 – Weight
03:02 – Keyboard and Mouse
03:46 – Thunderbolt 3 Ports
04:13 – Power adapter
05:41 – Fan Noise
06:16 – Performance: Web Browsing
06:42 – Speedometer Test
07:02 – Gaming: Fortnite
07:24 – Gaming: Rocket League
07:45 – Gaming: The Witcher 3
07:55 – Gaming: GTA V
08:23 – 3DMark TimeSpy Benchmark Test
09:04 – 3DMark Stress Test / Thermal Throttling
09:33 – Kodi
09:53 – Final Thoughts

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Hey Lon, great review as always! Just one correction: you CAN get power into the USB TB3 ports, however it will not be enough for full blended loads as the laptop needs more than 100W. I used it with my eGPU with a single cable without issue.

Roger Beck says:

I am sure lenovo will continue providing loan units to lontv … it is good for them (I trust Lon will continue with his successful format)


How does it feel to have your neighbor and fellow Connecticutian Chris Hansen passing around rubber checks in your state? I guess they should rename “To catch a predator” to “to catch a check bouncer”

Md. Siam says:

3k is too much for a laptop.

ya blackhole says:


does the material of x1 extreme made of carbon fiber on palm rest or all of the body? or else?

Alexander Kruszewski says:

does the right side feel like its on fire ? from all i examined the cooling system is a joke and lenovo is pretty skimpy with the thermal paste…

ricky gars says:

Hey Lon can you do a review of a p52 thinkpad there are not many for the internet. Thank you!!

saturnotaku says:

If you have a look at the product page on the affiliate link, there’s a picture of a dude working with the laptop and two discrete monitors. Only thing is, there are absolutely no cables off the ThinkPad, not even the AC adapter. Just thought that was kind of amusing.

Terrry Malone says:

I have had Thinkpads since the early IBM days. I love them, however today I wish to address a fashion issue.

You always wear these really good Shetland crew neck sweaters, but I am worried that you will stretch the neck hole — or whatever you call it — by how you have attached your mic. The mic is really dragging the sweater down and making the hole too big. Those sweaters don’t look so good when the crew neck has been enlarged by its having been pulled over your head too many times. It needs to fit snugly around one’s neck. The mic attachment will speed up that inevitable wear.

OTOH, techies don’t give a darn about clothes, so this concern should be the least of your worries.

Michael Pujos says:

The X1 Extreme is a monster of machine, not targeted at gamers (although you can game on it if you want but there are better options for that), but for people that need a very powerful laptop for heavy workloads, in a super light package, with lot of RAM (up to 64 GB) and storage, with an excellent keyboard, upgradability, repairability and warranty (including on-site). This is for much more than surfing the web or playing videos in Kodi. Currently there is a huge sale (30%) on Lenovo US with coupon code “THINKJANSALE”. It means the base model is just 1300$ (500$ off) which is a steal for what you get. So don’t be intimidated by the tested 3000$ config, there are configs much cheaper than that and even more with that 30% coupon.

Retro Goran says:

if i wanted a gtx laptop, msi/asus/acer is the way to go.
price 2 much for a business-class laptop.
i would price this at 1.5k with a solid quadro.

Luis Cunha says:

Your setting is just the best I have ever seen 🙂 You have original ZX 81 Software near to the machine, and an Apple IIgs… Great man, great.

Updi hakim says:


Al van der Laan says:

I got my first X1 Carbon in 2011 – I loved it. Upgraded the SSD in it later on, was in an office environment obviously. In the first generations there still were some limits, but what I have started to love about the Thinkpad line are their keyboards. Like the review, but I think the Thinkpad line needs a bit of an overhaul in the next year. The trackpad might seriously need a little more attention and the layout inside the laptop could be reorganized so that a little bigger battery could be installed, I mean we still will be looking at a gorgeous display and a great laptop.

Chey Chey says:

have owned thinkpads before and their build quality justify their cost and also their upgradable to a certain extent. Still rocking my 2013 thinkpad. Btw Lon is the 1050ti a max q version one?

eukat3ch says:

What a monster Lon, nice review as allways 🙂

mike menzer says:

Lon I think you missed one thing on the right have side near the end of the laptop there is some that looks like a card slot and that is right near you on the right

Russ Cooke says:

As soon as Lon said $3,000 I knew I wouldn’t finish the vid

Leiðulfr Von Link says:

Y’ouch! $3k! No thanks.

J Fz says:

a shame that x1 are so cos prohibitive, but is one of the best laptops one can buy

usrvprogram says:

Great review!

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