Legit Chinese Brand GPUs? Hands on with the Yeston 3GB GTX 1060

“Made in China” is something that’s seen in a lot of products, and most people are okay with it. It sometimes carry a negative connotation, and really depends on the product. For cheaper and lower tech items it’s not that big of a deal. Even things like generic action cameras and other mainstream electronics from China are generally accepted and sometimes quite popular. But what about higher end PC components? Like the GPU? I got a chance to check out a GPU from Yeston, a brand based in China I’ve never heard of. There is virtually no coverage of any of these cards online. Note, these are still Nvidia GPUs, the manufactures just equip it with custom coolers, PCBs, clock profiles, etc. I tested the Chinese card and compared it to an equivalent card I’ve used from one of the big US based brands. This video summarizes my findings and thoughts. Would you ever consider a Chinese GPU?

Higher resolution images of the PCB:

The Yeston 3GB GTX 1060 at Banggood :
Banggood has provided a coupon code: 8c3d78

Yeston Official Website:

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Rise and Shine says:

price will never going to be how it was before, it’s just like how the Rams are at the moment. It jacked up to $180 just for 16gb with low speed and it’s been a year or so already that the price increased that much. So I don’t think the gpu will be back to how it was before around average $150-250

BigWater59 says:

All of their cards went through the roof. Worse than USA prices now.

vThE DeviL In I says:

That’s because most Americans don’t release what’s beyond America

Cornelis Kolbeek says:

Please be careful, not all content from Banggood is suitable for the EU or US market..

mesa S says:

But does it mine?

IbanezRG says:

All of your words blend into one. SPEAK CLEARLY

Charles Charless says:

I brought 16 of these bad boys in December !!! I mined a whole lite coin today !!!

Nerd on a Budget says:

So it seems after I released this video, the card has 1) increased up to $400 (WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!) and 2) gone out of stock. I have no words for the current state of the GPU market -.-”

HOWEVER, assuming we one day return to normal pricing, everything else in this video still stands. I’m still going to be considering these Chinese brands if the price fits the bill.

Average Gamer says:

How the hell is this “Budget” its a 3gb 1060 that costs $400 when u can get an ASUS, EVGA, GIGABYTE etc 6gb for around $200p

Kael The Invoker says:

Nice video, very informative!
Unlike other channels who won’t even consider going out of the box for reviews, you do a pretty good job at showing us what we want to see. Liked and subscribed. We need more videos like this.

MrIronFist says:

this is a sight Miner’s Are destroying the DAMN MARKET FOR GAMERS ENTIRELY! https://gyazo.com/7dde92c818781133652da406fd2d63d6

Nagy Janos Florian says:

its 400$ now =))

雷诺的游骑兵 says:

Why comparing it with Gigabyte though. Gigabyte is some trash compared to Asus.

Steve Vachaviolos says:

I would definetly buy 1
Actually looking for 1 now

Wingman1977 says:

According to Nvidia, GPU prices won’t be normalizing until at least Q3 2018 so that means 2019.

JDB21 says:

Very informative and you cite your sources well, good video!

Marcus Loke says:

I am a big fan of buying on China sites, like Taobao & Tmall, GPUs and PSUs are so much cheaper compared to their US counterparts.

FYI most of these China brand are factories that actually have contracts to OEM for branded GPUs PSUs and Mobos


I HATE Crypto Miners. Everything to build a computer is either hundreds of dollars more than it was before or just out of stock because of them.

Sir .Driken says:

Bang good… i know about that site

Bmw M3 e46 says:

Fuck miners looking to make big money on what we use to game on, they should fk off

Sinclairs Virgo says:

this “clon china made” cost $300?and “clon iphone 8 china made” can cost only $300 only……yeston totally bs greedy product china .

ruddy Puga says:

the fans loop cheap as hell. Eventually mining will not be profitable and the video cards will loose so much value that everyone will have an updated PC.

DustHaze says:

if it has to be at least -30% lower priced to consider because buying from China has its cons from package damages to warranty (you have to ship your card back to China if you expect warranty).

Mylech XI says:

Amazing video buddy AAA+++

Dixie Normus says:

I wish crypto currency companies would switch shit around and make gaming GPU’s obsolete.

Aqdw Muhagungr says:

this GPU can be mine ? need riview for mining 😀

chris Plissken says:

I recently installed bang good and wish and I saw All this cards like the legendary 970ti for 50bucks but I’m like hmmmmm glad I came across your video

SVTsupercharged says:

Bang good lmfao!

You have to remember that the Chinese brand most likely doesn’t have the warranty, software or quality of a well known brand name card. For saving a measley 30 bucks it’s not worth it in my eyes.

Th3 Trinity says:

Does it come with PUBG hacks?

Emily Sweets says:

I would never put that in my computer. Anyone that does is a fool. Those cards were made for the Chinese market. One thing you have to know about the Chinese market is that products made for them are made cheap and of terrible quality because there are no demands for quality as there is in the west. Do some research about products made for the Chinese market and you’ll see what I mean. Especially watch crash test video of cars made for the Chinese market by Chinese companies. It will make you sick. That is just one example, but it is indicative the kind of quality that you can expect if you buy a product that was meant for the Chinese market.

Sonicdude10 says:

I remember getting my pair of EVGA 1070 cards for $300 each. I then added $100 water cooling kits to each card. I bet if I sold them now with the EVGA water kits I could get at least $700 each if not more.

Manos Eskintzis says:

Is more expensive Yeston GTX 1050 2Gb cost 175$ and in my country i can buy MSI GeForce GTX 1050 AERO ITX 2G OCV1 for 163$ (include p&p) if was let say 130$-140$ i would considered as an option.

fishboy1111111 says:

after paying shipping and duty at the border i fail to see how it could be cheaper, unless the retailer is willing to package and label it as a gift thats the only way you wont get charged duty fees, i tried buying a cheap computer part internationally once and the duty fees added another 30% on what i paid

Theo Campbell says:

I’m confused, is this the real thing licensed from Nvidia (Like MSI/Asus/etc) or is it an in-house clone?

Hal Jalikakik says:

Excellent discussion. Maybe drop some links in your description.

Brett Prior says:

Yes, have heard of and seen Yeston cards used, reviewed, overclocked, and benchmarked… They are what they are, which doesn’t seem all too bad, so long as the price is right… Like anything. Pretty sure PhilsConputerLab has played with Yeston cards… Good video review though, informative in a corner niche that there isn’t a whole lot of coverage in. That said, you can totally push a 1060’s memory much further… so long as it can do it, most can. Go for +700 to +800Mhz… +200 to +250 is about all you’ll get on the GPU clock. Memory makes a nice tangible improvement though…


$400? uhhhhh no


if the card was going in a liquid cooled system with custom waterblocks youd never know lol so the plain shroud wouldnt matter , worth considering shame about the price increase tbh

M4XC4V413R4 says:

Good video, first one I’ve seen from your channel, liked how you tested stuff, the fact that you showed the pcb, although your findings didn’t surprise me as there’s no reason for the hardware to be any worst on these, not to mention that the GPU chip has to be from NVIDIA and the memory chips have to be from one of 2 or 3 companies as there aren’t any other memory manufacturers, and they’re all good. I really liked your sound test, good way to set a benchmark.

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