GTX 1080 Ti Review! The Best GPU for 4K 60fps Gaming!

Three new GPU kings in under a year. Nvidia’s on a roll – so just how powerful is the new GTX 1080 Ti? Can it beat Titan X Pascal – and is it really 35% faster than GTX 1080?

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Chris Berg says:

hmm 4k no constant 60fps is bad… farcry…

MrDante134 says:

I love watching this stuff I think I’m going to start with a 1070 first and maybe a year or two upgrade to this bad boy. I’m not going to lie I originally wanted to build the PC to blow the fancy Scorpio out of the water, but I don’t care about it anymore.

Ahmad Kalban says:

Hi Thanks for the review. In this video you mentioned that an i7 6700k experienced a bottleneck with the 1080ti on 1080p resolution gaming. What did you experience and does it effect game play? is the 1080ti too powerful for 1080p ultra settings gaming? Thanks again

trigolis says:

LOL and somehow Xbox Scorpio fan boys think a 6TF console can do Native 4K@60fps.

Learning2Smile says:

just bought an alienware waercooled with rx480 8gb, 7700k, m.2 ssd and 16gb of 2400hz for $1500 canadian. now I want a $1000 cnd gpu. lol I don’t know… that’s kind of expensive lol

BadBoy ` says:

I will buy 1080Ti for 1080p gaming. Going on more than that is just waste of money, when in the end of the day u have spent 6k for a pc which cant run on minimum 100 fps on all games

TheGusBus says:

I can handle 50fps, still pretty damn good. I’ll stick with 4K for everything, this thing is a beastl

GGRANT d says:

Is better using this card with I7 7700k or Ryzen 7 1700 , 1700x , 1800x?

Carrioner says:

I’m more a console type of guy but this video made me want to get a PC with this card. Nice

George Republic says:

The day I can play crisis 3 maxed out at 4k with 8x msaa will be the day I physically shit in my driveway

IMA Bull says:

I feel lucky I can barely tell the difference from 1440 vs 4k. 1440 the ill upgrade to 8k

Adnan Bhuiya says:

Even the next top end from nvidia won’t be able to maintain 60 Fps with everything maxed out

bichillocv says:

i don´t understand, isn´t DVI port the one that goes over 60 FPS?? what cable should i use, i understand HDMI only gets to 60 FPS, please some help

Moonsover326 says:

Noob question… Atm I have a 1080 and a 500watt PSU, will need to upgrade the PSU for the 1080TI?

EPIC WARRIOR 5980 says:

Wish I could brought that beauty.

T - Wish says:

1080ti is still not really ready for 4k in my opinion. its just barely hitting 60fps in most cases. its best to stick to 1080p/1440p for now.

Zain kahn says:

so people are saying the scorpio can 4k 60fps when a 1080ti can just about do it.

Abel Arunus says:

your reviews are awe sum and so detailed love it! but i suggest u change ur games for benchmark! running abit obsolete on some game

mechaart says:

Im alright with my Amp Extreme 1080

Rix Dyas says:

Wait…so how is the 1060 outperforming the 1080 ti

Alejandro Calvo says:

I own a MSI gtx 1080, should I upgrade to: another 1080(SLI) or should I buy a 1080 ti? Any recommendations?

MrSuperVikingo says:

CS:GO in 4K? Sold! Lol

Palaash Atri says:

If I could afford it, my choice would be a 1080p 120 Hz monitor, and use DSR to run games at 4K, without AA.

TheGusBus says:

Why don’t they put this shit in consoles?

Learning2Smile says:

I ramped up all settings in gta5 on my rx480. I was getting between 1 or 2 fps. no joke, lol.

KirbysGame101290 says:

GTX 1080Ti Founders Edition CANNOT Play 4K In 60FPS In Stock Form. You’ll need to Overclock.

Chicken Bites says:

I bought a 1080Ti on launch date and in all honesty, I dont think its THAT much better than my regular 1080

Dan L says:

Hmm, this will give SLI users the advantage to run GTX 1080 Ti SLI to maintain 144fps with ASUS RoG Swift PG27UQ 2160P 144Hz IPS Panel, irregardless game engine and graphics quality. Nevertheless, DX12 API is more complicated than DX11, especially for those who running multiple graphics cards.

Kim Sanderhoff says:

Looks like I’ll be waiting until the next card comes around. I would like to get 60 fps with a little more breathing room.

Michael Fidelman says:

Can I run this with 650 watts?

Mida Multitool says:

time to sell my 1080.. and get the ti

Merox 537 says:

Do a 1080 ti 2-way SLI review PLEASE !!


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