GTX 1070 Ti Review.. Oh and Also WTF NVIDIA??

GTX 1070 Ti: Vega-killer, or minimum effort? And what about those factory OC rumors…?

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profix25lo says:

mac users dont care if their video card costs 500$ or 500000000000$ as long it says apple certified

Lizzy Hale says:

Is it just me or does Linus never like any products lol. There’s always something wrong with everything.


Rip my life. Played this video infront of my parents

ThunderWolf says:

Hello guys, I need a little advice about this card. Does it support adaptive v sync ( and does adaptive v sync still work? (I read that they disabled it because g sync :P)

Ian Lockyear says:


Rtep PWR says:


Dom Trussardi says:

THANK JEBUS for AMD. Can you IMAGINE what Nvidia would do if it was a total monopoly like MS?!

NorThai says:

Is the 1070 the same tickhness and the same width as the 960?

soulbytes says:

for a customer who stil use 960-980 ti might upgrade to this 1070ti ..

Mahixo says:

Sooo… is it worth to buy it or not? I don‘t want to have a 1080 cause its not worth how i would use it.

Kevin Howard says:

I hope my 480wt PSU doesn’t damage the card. but since I got the card from dell its covered by my warranty. How the heck do you have so many Play Buttons? one for every Million?

Daniel Tube says:

Really? 2 Sponsors?!?!? What is this, a business?!?!? Lol

John Cutts says:

Great big hair on your right ear, its an age thing and makes you and I look like a Ferengi

Golden Eagle says:

wonder how much they pay you for this video alone and its very very very expensive

Steven Threlfall says:

mmmmm one wonders if their in bed with apple..

Christian Jansen van vuuren says:

Hi linus can you please make a video explaining EVGA 1080 FTW2 icx bios update to q
11ghz vram

Aaron D says:

6:24 – “Hower is better”. Time to hire some new editors Linus.

Mike McKelvey says:

My r9 290x died. I have been looking into this card. Is it safe to buy a 1070 that was used for mining? My r9 was used for mining and it lasted forever… does anyone know or have experience with used 1070s?

LRF49 says:

the 1070 is better value. Frankly, if you are willing to buy a 1070ti that will cost you $450+, just get the 1080.

Luke Gino says:

If I turn on Tunnelbear will I stop seeing the ad?

I use a 1070ti. Very happy.

Zupez says:

So should I go with the GTX 1070ti or 1080? I’m building a PC with an R7 2700x CPU and the difference between the 1070ti and 1080 is 40pounds. Should I pay the extra?

Wired Wrong says:

You do know that most people don’t want or need overclocking because it just cost more for power and add issues of burning through cards like their underpants or something and cost comparatively.

whitehotwater says:

“‘And for the foreseeable future, I think Pascal is just unbeatable'”
— _AHEM_ **Turing**

João Vitor De Laia says:

Stupid 15second adds

B Ko says:

so billion dollar company should listen to you when it comes to their products ? if you were so good, you would be the CEO of NVIDIA

Colin Gordon says:

I’m happy enough with my AMD Ryzen 5 1400! It’s not the greatest but it gets the job done. But I’m a console gamer as well!

Sky says:

When he said remember ”Greenlight” I thought he ment Steam Greenlight, everytimne I think of I cry.

happy b.s. productions says:

Call me crazy, but I believe the ti models support surround view (3 screens) with 1 card, and no displayport required.
2 dvi and 1 hdmi. The last desktop card I had was a 760ti. And this method worked.
Unsure about the non ti cards. I don’t get into all the details with graphics card companies.

jaguar warrior says:

That Jake stuffed animal is badass

Stormwebb19 says:

Linus Tech Ti ps

Bendy Snowball says:

Pretty good review, but the way you segwayed into the tunnelbear sponsorship was on point, but that awkward pause you made before doing it was a little weird and unneeded and you could’ve just gone “and these other companies are getting the shaft” “Oh and speaking of getting the shaft” instead of pausing for 10 seconds. Idk, I love your videos but I’m just trying to provide some constructive criticism

New User says:

i just bought a 1070ti PNY from dell they have them on sale for 369.99

Tybok C says:

the 1070 Ti makes the 1080GTX obsolete. cos the price of tjhe 1070 Ti GTX is almost as good as the 1080 GTX..

Karthik Shridhar says:

who tf uses nvidia,amd is much better

edit:just realised everyone uses nvidia

Austin Farrar says:

6:23 hower is better hahaha

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