GTX 1050 TI – Which Card Should You Buy? 6 Card Review

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EVGA SuperClocked — @Amazon — @NewEgg
ASUS — @Amazon — @NewEgg
Gigabyte 1 Fan — @Amazon — @NewEgg
Gigabyte 2 Fan — @Amazon — @NewEgg
MSI 1 Fan — @Amazon — @NewEgg
MSI 2 Fan Low Profile — @Amazon — @NewEgg

Time Stamps
0:00 – Intro
0:26 – Who Should Buy GTX 1050 TI?
1:58 – No 6-pin PCI-E power required!
3:33 – What is the same on each card?
6:05 – What is different between the cards?
12:20 – Which would I buy?
13:13 – Additional Cards Not Shown
15:00 – GPU Boost 3.0
16:01 – Summary Before Benchmarks
16:40 – Benchmark – Rise of the Tomb Raider – Each Card Shown
25:16 – Results
26:56 – Final Conclusion


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Orca AgaeYT says:

Which one is best

Skills of Aesthetics says:

Asus or nvidia geforce gtx 1050ti? the core clock is slightly higher in asus 1379 to 1354 but what do you think?

AcIipse says:

I like the evga one

Orca AgaeYT says:

I just want 60 fPS on high in fortnite
Which should I get

master of nothing says:

none of them fuck this price gouging shit a 1080 is a fucking 400 dollar card not fucking 1200 fuck u

the potato gaming says:

I have got the gigabite gtx 1050 ti on my pc and the pc is like 6,7 or 8 years old!!!

GamingTech says:

can i fit a 2 fan gtx 1050 ti in a dell optiplex mini tower ??please can any one help

semloH says:

This is not a review this is a sermon. And this guy is a preacher- but what a preacher- thorough, conscientious and very honest.

Χρυσανθη Φουρλιου says:

I have the gigabytes 1050ti and I think that it is the best

LTE Motivation Bangla says:

is the gtx 1050 and 1050 ti also the same.

FKNGamer TV says:

Which is best GTX1050TI

FLIPJB says:

What about the strix 1050ti

Shinigami says:

ty so much for the subtitles. i’m from France, and nobody had done a comparison like this, thank you 🙂

Alonso Cortez says:

Thank you for all the information. I wasn’t sure about the Gigabyte one fan or two fans. The price difference for one more fan it’s just not worth it.

GameCaptain says:

outstanding review – WOW

Master Of Puppets says:

Awesome review. Subscribe support and thank you! you helped me a lot!!!!

muhammad anas says:

Msi gaming x is better than All?

ali hassan says:

My God this guy is so soothing

Joel Dmello says:

such an great explanation very good……

RandyArmy says:

Great Video, Clear Voice ,nice english and you should to be a Lawyer sir

Tech Deals says:

*NOTE* – The NewEgg link is listed above first because it is pre-sorted priced lowest to highest, Amazon doesn’t allow that sadly (or they do, but it doesn’t work right), which is why I put the NewEgg link first. The prices are pretty close to each other on the day this video was posted, but check both, you often will find one on sale or with a mail in rebate!

David Coyote says:

Great video and YouTube, many thanks for all your sane info… Two numbers stand out, GPU temp and fan percentage, EVGA SC wins. Just have to try and get one…

Akash Jeet says:

i have a PC with
Intel core i5 3550
8GB RAM 1333MHz (2 Sticks of 4GB each)
Sapphire HD 7770 GHz Edition 1GB DDR5
Intel DH67CL motherboard
600W PSU
Samsung S22B370H (1920*1080)

Will this run battlefield 1 on ultra settings(1080 monitor) if i replace my GPU with 1050ti and add a 8GB single memory stick
1. Will my CPU support my GPU will it have any botllenecks?
2. Can I add 1 single 8GB RAM stick along with 2 sticks of 4GB each?
3. Should i go for 1060 for ultra settings or 1050ti will play bf1 on ultra

Daniel D says:

Evga 1050 TI is damn near $450 on New egg now. Amazon looks to be the better route for these cards.

jelle van wee says:

Does a amd a10 7890k work well with the gigabyte 2 fan?

Amer Huba says:

How about re-review since it’s the only sane priced 1080p High 60FPS card beginning2018

Windows and BIOS patches, Nvidia has newer drivers… how it runs the latest AAA titles?

Just got Asus Phoenix one and running GTAV High MSA 2x, OC 1850mhz/4000mhz all that cool 60C pretty silent :O

Nick Panacci says:

I love how in June this was “under $150”. Now you’re lucky to find one under $250

Nizon says:

detailed keep it up!! man. team up with other youtubers you can get more subs

TheGoodKid says:

Great video, thanks! I did notice that the two fan GIGABYTE has three HDMI ports, while the one fan has only 1 HDMI.

nafisa fairuz says:

Is Leadtek 1050ti is same ase this all graphics card or its different??? Will it b good if i buy 1050ti of leadtek brand??

ThatGuyNamedScott. C says:

You remind me of the Bob Ross of PC world..

bfhcorp says:

is the asus gtx 1050 2gb considered low profile ? will it require just 75w like the mst gtx 1050 low profile ?

Manjurul Islam Mahim says:

gigabyte gtx 1050 ti best?

David Maldzigov says:

This video is very very informative. You come straight to the point(s) and said all I need


ClassicPerformances2 says:

Am I mistaken or did you say I don’t have to buy a power supply??? Was ready to buy i8700k asus extreme 4 z370And Evga supernova g3 650… will this card work well? NO GAMING- just video editing writing and some graphic work..Thanks

Sand Burg says:

Thank you the video was very helpful

Joheb Venesa says:

Such a detailed video.. Awsomness

Sachin John says:

sir which graphic card is better Asus gtx 1050 or Nvidia gtx 1050 mini

Sameer Majhi says:

I am a budgeted gamer so i should have go for 1050 ti or 1060 in laptop

Adrian I. says:

WTF. This card costs 200 euros in my country 🙁

MetalMoshin says:

I just wanted to let you know I found your video very helpful and have donated $3 to your PayPal. I know it isn’t much, but it’s the least I could do.

Steve Brown says:

I never comment and just had to here…. Fantastic information and clearly laid out. I’m picking up a 1050 Ti based on your feedback… Thanks for putting in the time to research every detail.

KPconn says:

got the asus and its coming tomorrow! hope its good!

Kakashi Senpai says:

Best youtuber ever, your videos are amazing and all the information is interesting 😀

By Max says:

This guy is my GOD!!! Thanks for all the info!!!

Hamza Asaad says:

Dude i think if you get 16GB of ram it would be 10 FPS more …. cause this game love the ram soooo much

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