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What’s the Best Graphics Card 2017 for 1080p, 1440p and 4K Gaming? I roundup the 8 Best Gaming GPUs you can buy from NVIDIA and AMD:
BEST FOR 1080p:
RX 570 – US: | UK:
GTX 1060 – US: | UK:

RX 560 – US: | UK:
GTX 1050 Ti – US: | UK:

BEST FOR 1440p:
GTX 1070 – US: | UK:
RX 580 – US: | UK:

GTX 1080Ti – US: | UK:
GTX 1080 – US: | UK:

Compare GPU Brands & Benchmarks:

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Juan Camel says:

Radeon HD 6670 is chillin’ in my PC

The ReEditor says:

You just saved me a tonne of money on my new build! Cheers 🙂

Seiibetsu says:

Loved the video!

Jipsy says:

who else thought the graphics card at the beginning was legit 700 pounds. Like in weight

StuffedTiger2001 says:

MAN, hes strong he can hold up 700 pounds in his hands…

Daniel Penna says:

When he said “This is a 700 pound graphics card” my American brain immediately thought “Wow you are a strong man and I salute you”

Michael Bennett says:

Intel HD Graphics 4000 🙁

DJ Hots says:

So for 1080p 144hz gaming which card would be best? I really just want a 1070, but try and find one for under 400 bucks. Or should I wait for the GPU market to stabilize?

Marc Anjeh says:

I’m using the RX 580 Gaming 8gb

fayt atreides says:

I’m thinking about getting a gaming pc but I’ve got no clue about pc’s. Want 4k and vr games. I’m a huge Japanese rpg also games like gta,racing and games like civilization. Any tips on what i should try and cost.

Julian Andres says:

I bought the 800$ graphics card 🙁

Cryptize says:

It took me a few seconds to realize that he meant ‘pound’ as in the currency and not the weight in the beginning haha

Jeremiah Hurst says:

So I would like to buy the rx 580 but I’m having trouble finding where to buy it. I am kinda new to this so i don’t really know where to look, if you could help I would greatly appreciate it.

Ragava Rahul says:

MSI GTX 1050 ti 4GB gaming x or Gigabyte gaming GTX 1050 4GB G1 best VGA card???.
Your suggestion bro

Star SpekleZ says:

700 Pounds? Thats a heavy GPU

chuckolatte says:

Didn’t mention ultrawide suggestions…..

matt matthew says:

This is terrible advice. Buy the most expensive card, you can afford, unless your gaming at 720p. There are games that drop below 30fps with a 1080 at 1080p, such as GTA V. there are no single 4k cards, right now/ as of sept 2017 there are no 4k cards, if you want 60FPS and above at 4k, for a year, two 1080s or two 1080 TIs would be a good option, or even two titans x pascals, but bang for your buck wise, titan isn’t always the best for price to performance. Anyway some of the advice in the video was good though, like keep in mind the watts of your PSU/ Power Supply Unit, and bottle necking/ the whole computer works together, you need a good CPU, and you need adaquite RAM/ Random Access Memory/ your computers only as strong as its weakest link. A 1070 isn’t terrible for 1080p gaming, but don’t expect to never hit or drop below 30FPS, because a 1080 will drop below 60FPS at times, and it will hit 30FPS at times, like I said to prevent this you need two cards, obviously you can lower settings and tweak things and get a good experience, it will be better than console graphics wise regardless. Also Vulcan may help with this ome as well, but regardless, if you want your machine to last for a while, buy the best you can when your in the market for a graphics card or any other component, depending on what your going to use your computer for, but I wouldnt be suprised if games started needing/utilizing 5cores here soon, and 6cores not long after. Anyway I know this was allot, but I don’t want people to have false expectations/hopes.

Nicolas Moore says:

(Video starts) my dude: “This is a 700 pound graphics card”
me: “Holy shit how is he holding tha-” ” Oh he British.”


Thanks this helped a lot!


In like 20 years 4K will be like 144p lmao

Silver Dimez says:

they all cost like 400 dollars well the 570 and stuff

Gethyn Joshua says:


Craig Penfold says:

What is the best price performance CPU should I pair with the Nvidia 1060?

3lectronic0 says:

Can my i5-4670K at 4.3GHz handle a GTX 1070 without bottleneck?

Jorge Alonso says:

dude can someone help me find the amd rx 570 that’s 170 dollars cause I don’t see it anywhere!! Edit: Yeah where in tf is there one for 170

DB Jones says:

Excellent Video. Even though I knew a lot of the information, it was a good refresh. Well spoken, and excellent visuals. Thank you again.

cancelled0ut says:

you put dollar signs in your prices but youre talking british pounds.

Tom Will says:

Having Only ever played at 1080p, can someone who plays at 4K tell me how much better the experience actually is ?

stuckftw2 says:

hi, i want to play pugb at 1440 144hz propably at gsync if i can find..should i got for 1080ti will i make it to 100+ fps ? and does it worth if its not 144 fps ?

BluethunderMUSIC says:

if you buy a graphics card with the current prices you are way overpaying.

LosN209 says:

6:43 When you are 7 months in the future from this video… and realize you are shopping for a card that is now $426.00 instead of $259.99…. (MSI GTX 1060 6GB)

Question Man says:

can i play aaa titles in ultra in 720p in gtx 1050 ti

snuffdog22 says:

I currently have a MSI gaming 1080GTX and i’m thinking if I should upgrade to the 1080Ti. I mostly game at 1440 monitor 144hz 1ms. Just not sure if I would see much of difference?

Mayur Desai says:

Ge force 210. 🙁

Lana Lux says:

I play Black Desert Online which is a REALLY demanding game and I have an Alienware alpha and it can’t even run the game on full graphics with smooth gameplay, what graphics card should I get?

David Johnston says:

Great video. No BS just some great straight up info. Nicely done.

CK_32 says:

Buy a 1070 and over clock that bitch. Anyone who buys and runs a 1080ti is just showing off they have a 1080ti.

stclairstclair says:

700LBS, you need a movers dolly just to be able to get it in the car…………heavy.

Obie says:

non till the shit drops in price!

anynameavailablewtf says:

That evil smile after smacking a pedestrian in GTA5

Zav Gaming says:

i got a 1080ti off ebay for 77 pounds

Micah Angelo Bumanglag says:

recommend me a VCard pls that will not be ok with a vs450 psu…

cpu would be upgraded within 1yr…

psu vs450
cpu pentium g4560
monitor 1080p 23.5″
motherboard h110m pro-vh


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