Graphics Card Built For Mining Worth It?! EVGA vs Zotac P102-100 Blockchain GPU Review

Is a graphics card built specifically for mining worth it to buy as opposed to a normal graphics card that comes in retail packaging and is good at mining AND gaming?
Today we review the mining specific Zotac P102-100 which has no display output or fans.
Thanks to Luke at Blockbrook Technology for allowing us to use one of his Zotac p102-100 to review! –

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VoskCoin says:

Thanks to Luke @ Blockbrook Technology for letting us review his Zotac p102-100 ! –
Nvidia GTX 1080 8gb on Amazon –
*VoskCoin Patreon -*
*VoskCoin Facebook -*

Greg OMeara says:

mining is so low right now that buying into it is a complete bust 🙁

Andrea F says:

Greetings from VA Beach. Been watching your channel for a year now. Good job. Quick recommendation, don’t handle these cards in a carpeted room. Or if you have to, get one of those static electricity discharge arm bands and wear it while handling electronics.

Ziazmere says:

No resale value : submerge the cards in Dielectric coolant – Single-Phase Liquid Immersion Cooling.

dllhoundcompany says:


ShuhDonk says:

check out vosk and make a video about it please abot is pretty nice!

Furkan ÖMÜR says:

Arkadaşlar free minig startminer referans linkim bu linkten üye olabilirseniz sevinirim.

Ishowbest says:

Why are the dog’s legs shaking?

Serge Aleks says:

I agree, if the cost was sinificantly below that of mainstream graphic cards used in mining, buying these would make sense. But shorter warranty and no resale value are huge disadvantages. Where is the advantage then? I guess as long as they will still be able to sell these at 800 USD, price will stay the same.

TC says:


Juan Diego Salazar says:

The card does not have video out…. But it does have and SLI connector…. Can it be put in SLI with a card with video out?

Carbon Cloud Computing says:

They are really too expensive! But i think with the 1180 coming the prices could drop. Even 600$ would be a bad deal

Tomasz Olszewski says:

100% right

William Ventura says:

there’s already too many GPUs out there. why doesn’t nvidia make these more readily available?

Blud Duck says:

Thanks for all the great info, even Tails did not even want nothing to do with that card.

mrour canada says:

I don’t think there’s any incentive for any graphic card company to make anymore just minding cards they just drive too much powerwhen you compare them acic

Shaifullah Al Ahad says:

looks very ugly with the dog

Romelo Aguilar says:

No resale value, no hdmi connection, no fan, on the same price of equivalent standard GPU? No way! Let the farm have it, not for decentralize purposes like individual miners.

Danny Armata says:

Have u check out sqrl miner they have the acorn that can allow regular card to go much faster check it out lmk what u think looks legit has bitcointalk thread

Joren Gibler says:

is there a way to make a windows 10 mining rig with a series of 580 cards and one vega 64?

Camron Sabour says:

Cheering for Croatia Vosk!

tindahan pampalipas says:

i think evga are way more better than zotac. but in price range zotac are way to cheap than evga.

OnePhat Miner says:

I always find the mining cards interesting, but I fully agree, they really made a mistake with the prices on them, even if they were a 100 USD cheaper then a 1080 I would still buy the 1080.

userpike says:

I am so glad I never bought any of those cards. I have 2 older model Radeon r290 GPUs and get 2130.6 h/s out of them on cryptonite algo on avg.

Nintrance - says:

Thank you for a great you tube channel!
Mining cards could be used in other CUDA applications compared to ASICs that wont be able to be used in anything else.
I believe some ppl have used ASICs for encryption research or something but the usage for anything else is extremely limited =)
Another thing, not sure about how and why but motherboards with lots of pcie slots mining specific graphics cards don’t use the same amount of system resources because they don’t have any video output.
If I’ve understood it correctly that’s the reason why you can put more mining cards on the same motherboard compared to using normal graphics cards.

HOrseshoeM says:

I agree , the only way these cards would have sense is to be at least half the price of normal GPU… but then again I’d be the first one to buy cheap stripped down mining GPU and use/buy some parts from older cards and make it into fully functional gaming GPU (since the PCBs used are exactly the same, it wouldn’t even be hard conversion tbh)

Seng He Ng says:

Miss vosk she thicc bro

Frankie 2times says:

Vega 56 ftw

Kev RWL says:

Sorry, but can you please dont hold your dog on your legs? He is trembles, and want to go down, but you hold him.

randomunavailable says:

I need to hug your doggo. Won’t take no for an answer.

Pondly and Derek says:

I have a 6x 1060 rig and a 6x 1070ti rig. Using SMOS. I am thinking of doing a 6x RX580 rig but not sure. Price wise, the 580 would be much cheaper than another 1070ti rig. any thoughts on what would be better?

Shyv HD says:

Vosk you should look into the rebtech blockchain USB gpus/mobos. They make RX470s that have an USB port so there is no need for risers and the coolest thing a MOBO that looks and si the size of a GPU, has 8 USB ports that can be used to connect GPUs, has a low powered APU, SSD and whatever.

Stephen Markovic says:

Hey vosk wondering if you know why I loose hash rate on three of my cards when adding a sixth card I have 5-rx5704gb doing 28 to 30.5 then I put in a rx 580 it doing 31 but three are now 24 mhs any thoughts. Been watching since you started keep it up great work

John Gosselin says:

Vosk, anyone who buys a GPU to mine based on resell value shouldn’t mine at all.
As for your comment saying that the fact theirs is no display output makes it a pain and need remote to access your rig, I hope you were joking right ?
EVERY single mining board comes with on board video output, so why would you need it on the card.
Theirs is 3 drawbacks IMO not to buy those cards
1- they have no fan and force you to put them in a close enclosure type of thing. (extra cost and time for serious miners)
2- warranty on them suck, well at least for U.S.A buyers.
In Canada and some other countries their is a legal warranty, so any re sellers would have to respect the legal warranty. But most farm buy direct from China anyway.
3- The steep price compare to a retail version, I get the MSI 1080 8 gigs for cheaper then that card AND its 3 years warranty.
That card is a stripped down 1080, no reason for it to be more $ then a retail version
BTW I see that Tail is doing much better, my boys and I are very happy about that 🙂

GeorgeCee says:

There’s only reason to buy mining specific p106-100, p104-100 or p102-100 mining specific cards. Miners that want to run 19 GPU rigs with the ASUS B250 Mining Expert Motherboards need to populate 8 spots with mining specific cards to be able to populate the remaining 11 spots with AMD 470,580, Vega56 or Vega64. This is how the B250 works and this is what I do. The mining specific cards are hard to buy and you have to buy them directly from China. Specifically from Getworth. They are on Aliexpress.

Derrick Thomas says:

That dog quivers like its nervous, seems like it may pee on you.

2000jago says:

Turn down the AC, Tails is shivering…

Theodor Ghannam says:

Would like to see some charts with the Algos and cards next time. Just to get a quick jist of it.

CryptoVin says:

Seems useless, because of resale value and no fan.

Didi says:

Your dog is scared of that card:)

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