GPU Sag Bracket Support Review – Cooler Master and Atlas

In this review we take a look at the Cooler Master Universal support bracket for GPU sag as well as the Atlas Brace from 4th level manufacturing.

Sorry I look so dead, brand new baby keeping me up 😀

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Andrey Tegelskiy says:

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Skull says:

The answer is legos!
Also its cooler master not corsair master 😛 for future reference

mechaart says:

have the cooler master one, the magnets on the bottom legs are quite strong and the metal used is sturdy. Used it to hold up my Amp Extreme 1080 gpu, does the job perfectly

Pentium says:

my mobo has a metal pci-e slot but still says in the manual to support a heavy gpu. then whats the point of the metal pci-e slot? anyway, cable/zip ties work great!

Auto9 says:

No such thing as “corsair” master. Cooler master is disappointed in you, lol.

Erik Beekmans says:

Congrats with the baby!!! The idea is really good btw

ZigZag says:

100% Like ratio… not too shabby

john cena says:

Will it work good for msi gtx 1080ti gaming x trio

Michael Carter says:

Nice video on a topic very few people touch upon. I do like the idea behind the atlas.Though at $17 it is somewhat overpriced.But all in all,another good video.

Thomas Sourtzis says:

The camera doesn’t focus on you , that’s kinda cringy.

Todd Black says:

The universal support bracket is by Cooler Master not Corsair, isn’t it?

eltouristoduo says:

I haven’t seen a good design for these. L-brackets that use the pci mount screws suffer from poor geometry. But I think one better might be an open-web steel plate, (or slightly thicker aluminum) running vertically, mounted at other end of card area. I would have tabs that hold it to middle partition of case that would require drilling tiny holes in the partition (for some tiny bolts/nuts or alum pop-rivets if u have a gun). Many grommet holes already there might make it tricky but if you made mock up with cardboard I’m sure you could make something nice (If you are good with a dremel), And some other tab or tabs to fasten to end of card. This would be almost invisible and decent looking as you would be looking at it ‘on edge’. It could be triangle shaped for one card, square for SLI. Feel free to steal my concept. Obviously simply holding the card at both end is a good way to go. You could also maybe use a ‘corner bracet’ that you find premade somewhere the same way ! If I ever make/use one, I will post it.

fintini says:

Cool build you got there mate, really like the back fan, wich one is it?

birdsoup777 says:

Great video. i had gpu sag. I don’t know if it hurts the card on the socket but i hate it. I made one that was pretty easy for my nzxt h440. i took a bolt about 3-4 ” in length and put a piece of rubber on the top of the bolt head, glued a threaded insert to a half inch riser, mounted it to the power supply shroud ( i have the same case you do except its the h440). placed it at the edge of the graphics card, and threaded it up till it just touched the edge of the card to give it support. it worked great. I made it from spare parts from IKEA furniture. i saw the msi graphics card bolster and bought that but it doesn’t work with cases that have the psu shrouds and there is no gap 1/2″ or more between the psu shroud and door. I got lucky my nzxt h440 had just enough room between the door and psu shroud for the msi bolster to fit. The bolster is to tall if you set it on the shroud. Well i bought the nzxt elite 340 for the tempered side glass panel and the bolster is way to big and i threw out that bullshit thing i made. Looks like i will be going for the corsair one.

Akis Aek says:

All you need is a slot cover from your case, a thumb screw, 2-3 cable ties and a dril; (in most cases). Drill a small hole in your case, then take the slot cover that you remove anyway to mount the gpu, and screw it vertically or horizontally depending on your case (mine has a psu cover so i put it there vertically). Bend the slot cover until the card sags no more and tie the gpu power cable on it using cable ties. This way you hide the slot cover and it will look like the card is supported by it’s own power cable.

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