GPU Prices Are Actually Coming Down! – GPU Market Review

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Patrik Miskovic says:

great time to get rx570 ,30$ more than 1050ti

Nitesh Mhatre says:

resellers are not lowering price

Cr Pyt says:

What happens when btc skyrockets again and the whole craze starts all over and fomo kicks in again.

WeThePeople HaveSpoken says:

AHOLE, AHOLE I’M A AOUTH AFRICAN A HOLE!!! That’s your new theme song brother!!!! Don’t pay can’t play in the live stream with this MF’er!

Timi Kärkkäinen says:

not wise to buy anything before november when we can see whole 11 lineup and whats old gen prices

PackardBelltoll says:

Since there is no mining market which what the price gouging was about . There is really a low demand and the way to deal with low demand is low prices.

LegendaryVegeta says:

so can i get a use 1070 for £150 already?

André Fortin says:

AMD is waiting nvidia to make the first move to show off Navi :3

Serj Star says:

Miss u Miss u

Sam Parkin says:

Except ASRock asking $20 more for their new 580s than they did 3 weeks ago

ABQCML says:

Seeing a majority of comments with a do not buy advice, maybe I should just get a r9 270 for 50$ lol. People who do not have a display card shouldn’t wait IMO.

Lixxor says:

In argentina gtx 1050 ti its about $350 US

danny3man says:

Only in my country the prices are around 950-1000 $. i fucking hate them, hope their stores burn down, greedy bitches.

TX3 Ulti says:

This channel is growing faster than you losing respect for me :kappa:

Chris Hansen says:

Gtx 1080Ti’s are still 1000 dollars CAD, can somebody link me a tutorial how to hack my 1050ti into a 1080ti?

How2BeNoob says:

Found an rx 570 for 200 lol

Bushhawk says:

Ironically, the GPU on the thumbnail never goes down in price (KFA^2 /GALAX Hall of Fame)

FishSnot says:

here in canada where still getting fucked over hard

Pinkus Floydus says:

just got a gtx 1070 ti duke for 389 bucks loll

Reiden Lightman says:

I’ll write you a jingle for free!

Jethro Rose says:

Prediction: gtx11xx will launch and go up massively beyond rrp due to mining 2x as well as current cards.

Jeremiah Freeman says:

Waiting on the 11 series. Might even wait for the scramble at launch to die down and get one from the second, or third wave. My 1070 still powers my 144htz, 1080p monitor just fine

DanDan says:

why is everything soooooo much cheaper in the us, in the the uk it is 160 quid or about 210 dollars fo 1050 ti

Zeo says:

It took some awesome news for me to finally sub. Been watching this channel for too long not to be subbed by now.

Thomas Baissac says:

Problem is, we never get msrp in SA.

Marko Grobler says:

Everyone has entered a holding stance with their money for the new 11 series, I dont know how nvidia will sell even half of those call back cards. they need to drop the price to a point where the ROI is appealing to miners and those that are looking for a cheap card will jump at it, anyone with a budget for a high end card wont even give the 10 series a second look at this point. If we see 30-40% below msrp then maybe they will clear all of their GPUs out. Hell, I’d even consider buying a bunch for mining rigs even with asics beginning to disrupt the GPU mining space.

Gregory Horseman says:

The prices are really bad for the 1050s. Around $150 for a 1050 2gb and $200 for a 1050 ti 4gb, which is way off from their msrps of $110 for the 2gb and $140 for the ti.
This is Amazon btw.

Random Videos says:

hi sir can i mine XMR on a gt730 4gb gddr5.?

Zach D. says:

Tbh I’d rather buy right before the 1100 series comes out because I can see them being much more expensive so nvidia can keep selling their overstock 1000 series. Once people see this they’re just going to buy the older ones. Why would you spend $100+ more for an 1170 when you can get a 1080ti, you get me? So unless the 1080ti still isn’t powerful enough for you and you want an 1180 I don’t see any point in the new cards unless my prediction is wrong and theyre a similar price. But nvidia would be taking a massive loss if that happened. And if you wait until after a lot of people will be snagging the older cards (assuming they are much more expensive as I predict) causing their price to increase as well.

cracklingice says:

1170 and 1180 on 12nm with no other cards in the line would be the smartest way to go IMO.

Nissan skyline r34 gtr 1999 says:

Fake news. You say this but I know that in a week you will come out with

tha villain says:

Just got my hands on a used gtx 1070 sc for 275$. I game at 1080p so i am expecting the 1070 to hold me over for a quite some time. There is no way i was going to wait for the new cards to come out cause they will be out of my budget. with cyrpto down and the rumors going around about the new cards now is the time to buy used if you are on a budget

Jesse the Lawless says:

I’ll wait

Gina Roland says:

Did you go to UF? As someone who went to FSU I’m offended lol you need a Seminole shirt


I got a used 1070 for 360 dollars
Here a new 1070 cost about 700 dollars


Right I bought my 1080ti extreme for 1300 like a dummy

SGT Edwards says:

I got lucky to get my Saphire Vega 64 at MSRP Price on Black Friday 2017 (New Egg), there were gone within the day :X

Nitin s says:

GTX 1050ti 280$ in my country..1060 cost $400.

Evandro dos Santos de Moura says:

On Brazil, NEVER!!! We find previous GPU generations being sold as release price!! No matter how obsolete hardware can be. It’s aways expensive!!

flanno says:

I got a 1070 msi oc for $450 au

DataPhile says:

I hope the first gen 11 series has VR Link

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