GPU FIGHT – GTX1050 vs GTX1050 Ti

Which to choose,GTX 1050 or GTX 1050 Ti?
Let’s find out in this GPU FIGHT comparison video with 1050 vs 1050ti gameplay and benchmarks…

Featured cards;
Gigabyte Windforce OC GTX 1050
Gigabyte Windforce OC GTX 1050 Ti

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Demirhan İnel says:

Amazing voice and languenge skill bro I can understand all words thank you

Toby Wenman says:

I have a g1 gaming 1080 and now 2 other of my friends have bought the same card but the 1070, can confirm cooler is very good

Malik Abdul says:

eargasm hardware review? i’ll subscribe!

Landon Fellenz says:

This is a very good video, you explained what you were trying to say very well, I think I know what graphics card I will be choosing for my new pc.

Tom Gunstone says:

defiantly going for the 1050 ti version now

Mr Free says:

this video helped me out alot!! ty

Lord Mark Espina says:

Your voice is good for storytelling .. very relaxing and make me feels like i really want to listen haha

Jaime8D says:

great video Blunty

redgal says:

Thanks dude!!

Alexandru Cristea says:

Hey blunty, nice video and a fair presentation! Thanks a lot!

VanillaLoJoJenkins says:

Very informative video, will be getting the 1050 ti version. Thank you blunty 🙂

XxCallumtyYTxX says:

Thanks i found one of these in Currys PC World I’m gonna get the GTX 1050 WINDFORCE Cause boy isn’t the speed of that one better. 😀 Thanks for Releasing i woulden’t of known witch one if i didn’t see this one.

Danny F says:

Gigabyte cards are really quiet… I have the Gigabyte G1 GTX 1080 and I hardly ever hear it.

CaffeineIsLife says:

love the review. thanks!

Bretzel Esser says:

Very nice Video!! Thanks for the shopping guide

Raion 247 says:

Your voice is the best

노래 says:

good !

Beta Gamer says:

THANKS YOU i go buy GTX 1050TI 4gb ddr4

Thomas Sucks says:

Yay an Aussie tech channel

REATRD420XD says:

those backplates are badass

Leviathan says:

1050ti necessary for every entry level and poor gamer like myself,..

Crusader1815 says:

Excellent, coherent, informative, literate, and even fun. Absolutely great review.

Noahman2000 says:

I just bought a 1050 ti and I’m so excited to start playing games with such a good card thanks for the video!

Fat Potato says:

GTX 1050ti it is for me!

Sam Trương says:

You sound like the Narrator from Stanley Parable 🙂

Amaet says:

do you have an asmr channel? you would be so good at it

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