GeForce GTX 1070 – 7 Card Review – Which should you buy?

UPDATE – NEW Version of this video has been published for 2017 –

7 Different GTX 1070 cards – Which should you buy?
What are the pros and cons of each card? Watch to find out!
Check current prices using the links below:

Link to all Founders Editions – –

EVGA SuperClocked – –

Gigabyte G1 Gaming – –

ASUS ROG Strix – –

EVGA FTW Edition – –

Zotac Amp! Extreme Edition – –

MSI Gaming X – –

Links to each review of these cards:
EVGA Founders Edition –
EVGA SuperClocked –
EVGA FTW Edition –
Zotac Amp! Extreme –
ASUS ROG Strix –
Gigabyte G1 Gaming –
MSI Gaming X –

If your power supply does not provide 1 8-pin or 2 6-pin PCI-E connectors, you’ll need to replace it:

EVGA 500 Watt – –

Or for $10 or so more, get 600 watts!

EVGA 600 Watt – –

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Computer Deals Outside of the US: – – – – –

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ElectricBulletZ says:

On Newegg G1 gaming 1080 is goin for 500 dollars! What a steel!

Matthew Lynch says:

I just wanna play 1080p will I have the more dos?

LATTOP says:

20:40 Phone vibration 😀

The Nighty Monk says:

REALLY good video dude! keep it up!

DanHubHD says:

and what about the GTX 1070 EX by kfa2?

Jason Lim Chin Hoong says:

can I put msi gtx 1060 gaming x on atx mid tower case without overheating(1 fan on the front 1 exhaust fan on the back)

Thomas _ TK says:

would it be overkill to buy a gtx1070 and game at 1080p resolution

Whistling Bungghole says:

You can’t max out all games at 1440p 60fps with a 1070! That’s absolute bull crap! Even if you have a ryzen 7 or i7. Don’t say this stuff if you don’t even know what your talking about!

DJ R-DOG says:

Do a review on the EVGA 1070 FTW Hybrid Edition. There aren’t any good videos on YouTube for that card.

Agustinus Alvin says:

what is the cheapest 2×8 pin GTX 1070 ? need advice please .

ThatJuangamer says:

I love dat hair

Tech Deals says:

*UPDATE – NEW Version of this video has been published for 2017 – **** -*

The Crazy 88 says:

Hey, what a great informative video. You earned my sub for the unbiased opinions. I also had a story like Varga Daniels…..
*Buy RX470 at sale price
*Find out it has a tendency to “Black Screen” when running games at max
*Put it on ebay
*Sell for £100 more than you bought it for new…..yeah really….holy crap!
*Watch above video
*Buy Strix 1070 to go on my Maximus mb (not from ebay)
*Make cup of tea
Happy gaming everyone

Arpan Chatterjee says:

I am planning to get zotac gtx 1070 amp extreme edition…..What will be the best psu for it?……Do i need to change my mother board for it?…..

TheDutchGuy110 says:

looks like this guy bumped up the beauty slider XD

Ray says:

Why are the prices a lot more expensive now?

Geometry Dash | iTzTien says:

14:04 voice crack? xD

Jesse Dickens says:

I have no clue if you read the comments, but I’m loving the detail in these vids!

Jérémy Drouin says:

Meh… i will buy the turbo even with my cooler master haf 912 case! Because it make sense anyway, better than my r9 280 and the cheapest 1070. I have looked all your video and still, I think it will do the job. Because yes price wise is something and no fancy fan, led and back plate didnt worth it.

AmirAli Tn says:

That’s around $2700….I just want to touch them.

Whistling Bungghole says:

*AZEUS* Wow learn to talk…

Uncle Anon says:

I tried the Zotac amp extreme and boy is that card a beast, out of the box it clocks 2012mhz. Haven’t done any OC whatsoever, I highly doubt the other cards are the same.

Mister WW2 says:

Can I run it on 60FPS on 75Hz monitor?

JWsha Mck says:

what aboout the PALIT GTX 1070 ????? answer MEEEEH xD

skyslayerplays says:

You are getting hurt a lot

x dumb says:


crix says:

That was SUCH A GOOD VIDEO. I am actually surprise that there are so good videos on youtube. Wow, thanks!

MacDigMan says:

is the 1070 still the graphic card sweet spot now that the 1080 is only $100 more? Especially for a first time builder starting from scratch?

AlmanzOff says:

Awesome video

eT4aa says:

Awsome video help much !!!!!

Elliot B says:

would a i5 6500 hold back the 1070?

reaper3bot0 says:

world of warcraft… Not running at 60fps at ultra… This is on 1980*1060 res…

Aleksander Sundet says:

I bought EVGA GTX 1070 Sc or something, i bought it from It was a sale and it costed 2300$ instead of 3000$. It was a prebuilt beast of a pc

Piaoderso says:

Very helpful!

Sliding__ __Guy121 says:

Please don’t take fushia

-Tech Deals

Bhupesh Baberwal says:

I don’t know much about gpus so do these affect performance?

Adilliosz says:

You really made my choice much easier.
Gigabyte g1 all the way.

Sawse Bawse says:

This guy’s teeth bothers me

Frank Jackson says:

awesome, thanks

Vixoded says:

I don’t know on to buy the ROG Strix or FTW for my build. The Strix because it can combine with the motherboard maximus hero 9 and it has 3 fans. Or EVGA’s FTW because it can combine with the case. Help :’v

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