Fastest graphics cards in the world!

We unbox, install and benchmark a pair of Pascal Titan X cards from Nvidia and show you just how much of a beast these cards are. Especially when you install the high bandwidth bridge.

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Time Spy 8:51
FireStrike Extreme 10:43
DOOM 12:29
Counter Strike Source? 13:05
Unigine Heaven 13:41

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Q) The FPS in Counter Strike Source should have been higher
A) You’re right, we didn’t disable the frame rate limiter. But we did it more for comedic effect.

Q) I would have expected the scores to be higher.
A) Most benchmarks include the CPU score in with the GPU and since Xeon processors clock lower then i7’s the score is in favor on a gaming benchmark to the i7. That being said these things are scary fast with graphics and frame rate in games or rendering applications.

Q) When will you get your Titan X’s?
A) I was just informed by Puget Systems that they would like to throw a couple in William in the next few weeks. I’m very excited for this!

Q) Why did you start this in the bathroom, it gets you lots of dislikes?
A) To make a good video I like to be organic and just do fun stuff that I would laugh at and at this moment in time this made sense to me. I get some people don’t get my humor and that is just fine, the video is still awesome 😀

Notice: After tweaking & over clocking when I left Adam (KevlarCondom) was able to get a score of 3339 in Heaven with the same settings as showcased in the video.
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Michel Guerrero says:

I waiting for the new GTX 1080 Ti

Tyler McCloud says:

My god clean up your desktop

Matt Deluxe says:

are you a millionaire because you say your poor if you got $300 graphics card and you say thats very poor

Cyka_Catt says:

what are you doing in the shower?

Jeff Goldblum says:

Can this run Viva Piñata?

Darius Bagdonasss says:

Is it just me or Barnacules really looks like a chubby version of Leonardo DiCaprio?

Schiken says:

WTF Nvidia ? Titan X Titan X Titan Xp ?
What’s with the clever marketing ?
Will the next Titan be Titan XY ?

Jason Viper says:

my gtx 1070 is faster than a titan X and CHEAPER.

Bosshogg210 says:

i have no idea what i just watched …but it was awesome lol

DengineStudios says:

жирные пидары сука, дауны. им надо обзор на макдональдс делать

z0one says:

0:03 dude.. nice

Wrath Wolfnight says:

GTA 5?

Declan Mcmahon says:

august 2nd is my birthday

Garry Perkins says:

Why use Anti-aliasing at 4k? It seems pointless.

Im Jumps says:

Time to upgrade to the 108ti

Pc Gamer says:

hey can i have you that gtx 1070 plz

gamemixtreize et farfadet says:

big ma ma


i am poor People has only a gtx 1050 ti windforce and amd athlon 860k

dreddjenkins says:

WHOA there big fella…. hows about ya put some clothes on

NovaDestiny says:


Frode Angell Løtvedt says:

And now Nvidia has finally released the Titan Xp. A year after this review…

Rob Ctrc says:

jesus christ the intro

logan maxim says:

Don’t you have 2 Titan XPs in William?

MisMuNimiOn says:

Who else puked when the video started?

Mu'az_ Hasanuddin says:


Archie Derham says:

I think jerry needs to learn how to read. Barnacules does not read “barnacleez”

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