EXP GDC 8.0 eGPU | External Laptop GPU DOCK | Hands On Review

Today we experiment and checkout what this eGPU Graphics Card Dock Can Do
Where To Order:
Gearbest: http://bit.ly/2g7iSPw | Power Supply Included!
Banggood: https://goo.gl/Yve7e9 | Coupon: PCNetwork | 12% OFF
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So you pretty much run a Desktop Grade Graphics Card On Your Laptop With this $50 Dock


If you have any questions feel free to ask

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Mayur Doifode says:

Can I do mining using this on laptop and r9 280x??

Nadeem Iqbal says:

Hi I have Sony vaio i7 first generation laptop with ddr3 is it possible to run ddr4 graphics card on it

Studio McCutch says:

will it work as a EGP with a 2008 MacBook Pro with Mac OS 10.12 and Express card slot?

funny man says:

hi,i have a question:my laptop doesn’t have ExpressCard slot, if i buy a USB to ExpressCard Adapter and insert it on my laptop,the ExpressCard version egpu still working?

toontownlegomaster says:

I got a MacBook that has ddr2 should I even try to game on it with an external GPU on windows 10?

Nacho says:

I have a laptop from 2012 its a Sony Vaio with an i7 CPU and an AMD HD 7670M GPU 1TB do you think it would be worth getting this? What card would you recommend getting to use?

toontownlegomaster says:

What do you mean by more lanes?

Done Deal says:

HI what power supply did you use. Can you provide link?

jirat pharkdepinyo says:

I use hp pavilion 15n270tx and I try to do an egpu. Did you install a mpcie to laptop and when you boost into window it dont black screen? When I boost into window(plug in psu after power on laptop), my laptop cant detect the egpu.

Fredy C says:

Happy to see people using this im really considering buying a dozen

Pootielol Lolzy says:

has anyone tried using the 12v power in.

GallopingLemons says:

If you buy one from the china ebay page, even with express postage, expect to wait at least 2-3 months for it to arrive. Plus it didnt even work for my Asus G75VX

Randy Tucker says:

I have a GTX 750ti Low Profile GPU that only takes power from the PCI slot. Would this GPU run on a laptop without an external power supply?

Luis Alberto Guiza Zayas says:

what is the cpu?

Jerahya says:

I got a EXP GDC. Don’t have a GPU for it. Life sucks for me. >.< Bottleneck must be the 5Gbps cap on the interface.

Nghi Nguyen says:

what if my Graphic card is on, but on the device manger, Display adapter doesn’t show ” Microsoft Basic Display Adapter “. it looks like my laptop doesn’t recognize graphic card.
Help me out, i have been looking for this solution @@

BeatDropHere says:

Change The Speed to 0.75
thx to me later!

toontownlegomaster says:

Dude this is so awesome. Like I built a desktop but I love using my laptop I actually prefer a laptop so this is fucking awsome

Azreel Meowzz says:

can we run a external nvida gpu if we already have a gpu build in the laptop?

MegaManNeo says:

Too bad you couldn’t showcase this adapter using your T400 because I have one myself (next to a T420) and was actually thinking about to pick up the variant with the cardbus connector.
Certainly it won’t magically turn these old guys into gaming beasts but it does well enough for say a LAN party or when being on vacation or something like that.

Reyhan Hendrawan says:

What is the grey Lenovo laptop?

Paulo Sousa says:

I Have a AMD E2-7110 with r2 integated graphics, and i run gta 5 on low settings at 1366×768. Average- 36 fps. ty amd

Revelation says:

great video just earned a sub. Question would this be a good option for a hp 9480m would the cpu bottleneck its a Intel Core i5-4310U with 8gb ram the graphics card ill use maybe a rx 480.

Emre/gamer/2003 says:

i haf a gtx 770 and i get 60 fps and more on gta v

Amir Mmm says:

what power supply for gtx 970?
and i not have monitor i can use laptop display?

F says:

Can i connect the hdmi wire directly to a 3.0 usb?

Danial Cool says:

Well I already tried this by using GTX 1050 not working, my laptop use mini pcie cable.

Jaydaks rules says:

5:35 can u plug the wifi in the other m.2 or it might be turn off in bios

Vagones 89 says:

if the laptop has expresscard can u use a pci e version too? by removing wireless?

Irwandee Cheah says:

What version is you mini pcie?

MZM says:

Nice vid, keep it up, and you are lucky with your i3 + GTX780. Full bottleneck ^^

Andreas J. W. says:

hai, I interested to try this on mini ITX motherboard, but before that, may I ask you:
– can use power without PSU ? (use only old notebook adaptor)?

Jaime Ruiz says:

dude whats up where’s the part 2 trying to see how it works on an i5 not only that but what about the gdc beastv9.0????

the man says:

try your core 2 duo laptop with the pci mini one. ive got a core 2 duo laptop from 2008 with a express card and 2 mini pci spots. i want to see how a similar setup would run before i go thru and buy this product

Christopher Mihaylov says:

Hi do you think an Asus k53sv with a 8gb ram, 500mb SSD and a I5 – 2410m CPU can work with this MOD?

Michael Lazarus says:

I did somthing similar with a few projects. 5 scenarios makes this plausible/useful.

First a few ASUS and one alienware had hdmi input so you could switch the display over the a hdmi input from the external card.

Second being a high performance mpc like the gigabyte brix which both has a spare mpci slot and would require a tv or monitor for normal use anyway.

Third is using steam streaming which does not bottleneck the limited lane enough to make it useless.

Fourth is of course of your doing video editing in the field, would act the same as a compute unit, they even make hdmi dummy plugs for this purpose. You can use it with software like resolve because they do not have to use the same card to display the workflow as they do for compression/rendering.

Fifth would be for cheap or makeshift mining setup.

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