EVGA’s New GPU Technology – GTX 1080 FTW2 with iCX

EVGA’s New GPU Technology – GTX 1080 FTW2 with iCX
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Shuttle Munky says:

Grumpy Jay is an asshole.

BlazinNSoul says:

Seems a bit of a lack of foresight releasing this now. Especially considering the 1080Ti’s are likely just around the corner. Personally I’d go with the Titan X myself as they are a better card. But I guess a grand is too much for most people to spend apparently lol. Anyways EVGA it’s not really offering anything here I will get too excited over just yet.


Sorry for the dumb question but can I SLI this FTW2 with a FTW? Or do I have to buy another FTW ? I’m considering getting a second 1080 to SLI.

A Dream says:

More marketing gimmickry to retain their fanboy base. Asus rules this market. Their GPUs are the best.

Luke Mac says:

Waiting for my damn HOF 1080 Ti or FTW3!

DJOXyGeNe8 says:

Is there bios switch on it? Card’s own page says it has dual bios.

TheMicahPeterson says:

Hey Paul! I’m ordering the EVGA 1080ti FTW3 when it’s released. But I’m curious, should I use their single split cord, with the 8-pin connection and the 6+2 connection? Or use two separate 8-pin cords? I’ve heard that using 2 separate cords is better for power than the split cords…

Yomka Hassan says:

Aorus or FTW2?

Hi You says:

I’ve contacted EVGA about the new video card and there is no difference in performance unless you run the FTW on liquid or line 2 cooling will beat both cards on air. Although the FTW 2 is slightly better on air than the original FTW but if you want to liquid or line 2 cooling FTW is the way to go.

Vencislav Kostov says:

Would yoiu choose this card over the ASUS ROG GeForce GTX 1080 STRIX for a new build?

Justin Perkins says:

is it work the 750 bucks paul?

memelover69 says:

I feel like the fuse might be usful to prevent a psu short from taking out your gpu

Robert Pendell says:

There is a $65 price difference between the ACX FTW card and the iCX FTW2 card on Amazon. :/

vrty21 says:

how to rip off ur customer 101 with evga

3RAN7ON says:

that shirt is so hilarious!

JaycE says:

I like where EVGA is going. Nice video as always.

c0pyimitati0n says:

Man…SOOOO many GTX 1080’s out… which one to get? I don’t want to spend more than about $600. What is the best one for the money?

Fathan Hafiz says:

even ive watched dis, still love ASUS

Christopher Schlacta says:

custom loop water cool it!

Tailslol says:

background music sound like something out of halo ce.

TH3REDSP1R1T says:

My 1st evga 1070 (SC black edition) had fan noise and coil whine, got a replacement, now my fans on the new card is making this odd reverb type frequency i think from the airflow but thankfully not fan noise, It’s really weird i wish it would stop!!!

CryptPixel says:

The RGB Lighting on that card is absolutely sick!

hikeskool says:

Will these things catch fire like their last cards?

Jonathan Adam says:

GUYS have they released the gtx 1060 icx cards yet? i can only find the 1070 and 1080..

Shaun Abdilla says:

I was a fun of EVGA, but this generation they lost face big time! I’m hearing a lot of horror stories about support about this gen from EVGA. Going with Zotac and they’re 5 year warranty from no on

Justin Bates says:

Can you change the color of the blue FTW ?

MrApplewine says:

Does all this work just as well with Linux, or does it need windows? Does it work without the OS involvement?

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