EVGA RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 THE Ultimate GPU

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Skyrocket888 says:

Box review for gfx snoooooze

Trent F says:

There are very few 2080 ti being manufactured because the
Die is so large. It’s not like nvidia are selling a ton of them, they can only manufacture a few of them.

Fabius Maximus Cunctator says:

Finally someone who tries to buy every component from the same manufacturer to make it look good! Nice review!

Karl Laschnikow says:

not better than the msi x trio tho or?

Christopher Dean Howard says:

It’s certainly a bold design.

Nic Tenhulzen says:

Where do you get that extra shroud that you put on the front?

MiezeMatze666 says:

1.599,00 € in europe…
for no 60fps in 4k in AAA games
for extremly sucking raytracing and weak DLSS …

marketing of retarded

Constantin Mirea says:

did you guys find this card anywhere with 1299 ?

Johnny Greene says:

Is that the Burn Your House Down Edition. Look at that design….just block all the air intake.

beachboy boobybuilder says:

That’s an ugly looking pos.


I got the cheapest model – Palit RTX 2080TI Dual for 800£ and watercooled it using nzxt g12 bracket and kraken x62, which adds upto a much smaller amount of money than any of these models and still performs quiter, cooler and better overall in terms of performance. So what is the point of paying 300£ for just the cooler(and yeah, the thick radiator) and getting these models? Feels like not only the Nvidia went mad, but its partners too.

Sibusiso Maboya says:

Venom edition

Bekee x says:

Restrict air flow much lmao.

The Matirx red pill says:

At the scandalous prices, NO RTX card is worth a look.

Jesse Salomon says:

“For the win” lmao. More like “Fuck the world”… being all expensive and shit. making us take out a god damn mortgage on it

Carl Wendell says:

Thanks crypto mining machine owners for setting the outrageous price market for new graphics cards.

Parham Norai says:

most of video was about how it looks in your case and design!!!!! WTF!!.. I bet the most part of this expensive trash goes to all these fancy shitty craps!!.. not a card itself, how about making something simple no led or colorful crap BUT cheaper and do the job for us!!!???

riskyb100 says:

Like watching qvc

Phuc Yu says:

will it catch fire though

Mr. Blunt says:

What did he say about the overclock switch on the card? Does it instantly make the card faster by flipping that switch?

MuffyCakeMan says:

ugliest gpu lol

Jimmy Hira says:

Massive triple slot Kewlor

Mr Mudcatslim says:

11:50 in. See that’s the problem. Not trying to make you sell your Grandmother or your kidney to have the PRIVILEGE of having it………

Privilege? Yeah really? How bout them having the PRIVILEGE of ME spending MY hard earned frigging dollar on THEIR card.

Or is that all forgotten in the hype man?


I always thought it was a privilege for a company to develop a fan base that continues to support them even with all the really low skanky azz crap they do from time to time.

Hello Nividia I am talking to you.

You think I am wrong here? Anybody?

I also thought it was a privilege for a reviewer tech tube guy to get a subscriber such as myself to follow said guy.

Am I wrong here man?

Come on man. It sounds just like the whole Toms Hardware just buy it shtick.

I like you man but to me you kinda fumbled that one.

Or is it now a privilege to be able to buy their products that fund all those really cool leather jackets that the face of Nvidia is always seen in.

G Roberts says:

Wow so ugly…

KVN says:

I have 2 1080ti ftw3. Should i upgrade

Zipzeolocke says:

Yeah from the moment I saw that shroud over the fans I thought OMG why did they cover the fans, then it has to be terrible for the airflow! I’m glad you can at least take it off. it looks ugly in my opinion anyway, the card looks much better without the shroud covering the fans

Blake Crews says:

Guys, lets put 3 fans on it and then cover them with some weird bio mesh thing

Mr. Blunt says:

LMAO at all the jealous haters in here who can’t afford it! Saying anyone who buys this is “bending over for Nvidia”. You losers are pathetic. Let the people who can game in luxury, game in luxury. Go buy a console or go AMD if you’re too cheap to play at master race quality! Hahaha. I just discovered that “peasants” exist in the “PC Master Race” too pretending to be master race! LMAO

mohit kumar says:

Hello, can u give me that Samsung 2tb ssd

Raynor9899 says:

Light up that oc3d tv sign on the shelf with rgb leds.

mhe0815 says:

Looks more like the WTF 3 to me

Norman Rand Wolfe says:

You meant to say “The price is not going to be £1299”, seems you forgot the “not”… £1499 is the cheapest one I got, I hope, because it was a “buy now, pay now, and we’ll send it as soon as it’s available” thing, which seems to be the norm these days.

Jester The Legend says:

wuts with the spider webs all over that gpu. prob because no one wants the shitty rtx cards

1nicko29 says:

Ultra stupid! Nearly 1600€ for a PCIe-card? Decent used motorcycles start at that price! But it has RGB so…

Johnny Greene says:

This whole video sounds like a sales pitch. Kind of disappointed, I usually enjoy your videos.

TfernandoS says:

these card designs jus get worse and worse..

nilfisktun says:

This price point is a joke, honestly. Is anyone actually buying this shit, besides the 1%?

Ryan says:

I have two of these in sli with nv link, they’re amazing

Luis Cipher Mstar says:

Sorry, it looks like a hot cluttered mess lol.

Johnny Greene says:

Yes safety sensors, because EVGA cards like to catch on fire.

J D says:

the card in 1440p was slower when overclocked than stock settings. whats up with that?

jangelelcangry says:

What the hell is in that thing in front of the fans!? What’s next? A piece of tempered glass blocking the fans?

MaxXGrand says:

OMG wat is this?! Optic is Bad very bad.

Richard Stark says:

I’ve been very interested in this card since the 20-series launch! But… Dec 1st 2018: Seems like this will come in at about $1930 – $2170 here in Sweden =(… (17500 sek – 19700 sek)

Yousef Aldossary says:

How long do you think the 2080 will be able to play games at 1440p?

frostybe3r says:

Sent my FTW3 Back within a day of use, card performs exactly the same as Founders and looks like shit, feels like shit, has terrible build quality and is lighter than a toothpick.

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