EVGA GTX 950 FTW Performance Review – Best New 1080p Gaming GPU?

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Purple Halo Animations says:

I have to buy nvidia cards because I have a shield tablet


0:32 probably the most satisfying part about unboxing pc parts

b3rt1l says:

Did you overclock or leave it factory overclocked?

TheRighteousBro says:

How will this card do in this build? Will I be able to run games like Fallout 4 and Arma III on multiplayer?  http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Mg94cf

Leon says:

For the wind or for the win? Also should get a 960. A know a 960 has only a 128 bit bus and dosnt have 3 gb of ram. I know there is a 4gb models but they cost more and it looks like they don’t matter. 2gb doesnt sound like enough.

Noah Hendershot says:

I just ordered an EVGA 950 FTW Edition, and now I need an answer about the monitor. I want to get a 144hz monitor, but will it be too much for it? I play CSGO so I know it will be good on there, but if I switch to a demanding game, do I just switch the Hertz of it for better frames or will it be fine? Thanks.

Joshverd says:

LMAO reference is more expensive then the FTW version on amazon.


very nice video!

MrDynamicMan says:

I don’t think this card really has a place. with all that OC stuff like dual bios on a lowest-range card… I just don’t really get it. hell, my 970 doesn’t have that.

VIP balkan TV says:

haw much many is that ? !

Sh0kGamingMC says:

How good is this card compared to the one I have, the AMD Radeon HD 7750? (Yes I know, an old card, but it is all I have).

HankerTube says:

Why at the 3:25 mark does he say it doesn’t feature HDCP 2.2 support but every other place I’ve looked says does?

Benjamin Haube says:

I bought this exact card from amazon because my gtx 750 ftw (non ti) died from water leaking from the roof onto my computer. luckily it was the ONLY thing that got wet in the case.

Anyway, I needed a card to get me good performance on the cheap because I didn’t have a card in the budget for this month lol. I love the performance of this card so much for all my 1080p gaming that I may buy another soon and do SLI.

The amount of performance you get with this card for such little money is amazing. my system is a Z97-E, 4690k cpu, 16GB of ram, and an 850 Evo SSD just for a point of reference.

I literally bought this card because I saw good reviews from all the You Tube guys, it is inexpensive, and I needed something in a hurry. I planned on having this card temporally, but I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. I think it’s gonna stay in my system.

. says:

I am looking to get this card for Christmas. Can anyone tell me the proper way to overclock it? I don’t know if this matters, but I have a 430w PSU.


gabr13L says:

Hi is it a good idea if I upgrade to a 950 from an HD7770?

Alpha's Dank Shit says:

So if I wanted to, this card could power a 2-3 monitor setup due to the 3 DisplayPort’s.

MrZodiac011 says:

Which is better?
Nvidia geforce gtx 780 ti
Evga geforce gtx 950 ftw

The evga card being the one for my new pc and the nvidia card is the one my sisters pc has

TheBetaTester says:

This is urgent. I need to know if the ftw 950 edition worth the money or just the 950 sc edition. some one please reply i need to know

Enrique Diaz says:

Can some one help me arange these from best to worst 950 ftw, windforce x2, ssc, oc, msi, or aus, or evga.

Alec Wizzumz says:

Have you done the 960?

AdmiralSpeedy says:

Far Cry 4 Ultra with 4xMSAA? There is 100% no way you hit 43.5 FPS with a 950.

My 970 dips below 60 with 4xMSAA in Far Cry 4 if I use the Ultra preset.

Darren Rutherford says:

I got this card for $120 on Cyber Monday

james wasda says:

I bought an EVGA SSC for 130$. It was on sale, or else I would have settled with a 750 ti.

Smexy Gaming says:

In my country the 750Ti is 200 euros and the 770 300 that’s just stupid!!

Sergio Diaz says:

Should I get this over a 1050 ti?


can I fit this in the Sharkoon VG5-W case? please respond

Cobicus says:

will this run black ops 3 smoothly on high settings?

Mic Geneva says:

What is the system power consumption, card or whole system? Looks like the whole system, so what is your system build?

Niximations says:

i have a 660 sc that costs more than this. isnt this better? Why does mine cost more like what is the reason? I want to upgrade

ddthom2008 says:

This video stated that there are more GTX 950 videos on the way. Here it is 4 months later and this is the only one available on this channel.

EK says:

is this better than a gtx 750 ti?

FightingNavyman says:

this card vs the gtx 750ti ftw

Yuda says:

i just bought a msi gtx 960 2 gb oc on newegg for 179.99. It comes with a 20 dollar mail in rebate so if you use that you get it for 159.99! So if you were thinking about purchasing this graphics card id go for the 960 for about the same price but with better performance. Here is the link for the graphics card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127844&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-TechBargains-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=227502&SID=goo_cat_Newegg_0921_6581

Tekky Quickbits says:

Or I could buy an R9 380 4GB for 170$
(In my country, the AMD GPU’s are cheap)

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