EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2 iCX GPU Review

Following some well reported issues with their GTX 1080 EVGA have returned to the fray with probably the most robust GTX 1080 Ti you’re likely to find.
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comeon9399 says:

liked your video, just received my sc2 today. do you happen to know what the seemingly random white lines over the warranty sticker are for? I thought it was just me, but the way those lines overlap on the warranty sticker looks awfully akin to mine.


pupsamson777 says:

would you recommend this or the strix 1080ti good sir?

Lobos222 says:

The problem I have with the “fuse”. Is that is seems like a “warranty shortener”. Meaning you pop a fuse, you RMA the card. EVGA “fix” it by just replacing the fuse. It lasts another 6 months before it pops again, but guess what. Now its just outside the warranty. Thereby being a fuse more focused on lowering EVGA RMA cost than other… Its also a component that can incorporate planed failure. Like you see on some washing machines that have swapped out parts that should be metal with plastic. So it fails a few years earlier than it otherwise would and so on. In short, not a fan of the EVGA fuse thing.

Devil Dog says:

I want the FTW3 version (SLI)

Alpha Wolf says:

I have a EVGA NVIDIA GTX 1070 8GB, do you think it’s worth the upgrade to the EVGA NVIDIA SC2 11GB? I recently bought the 1070 so I can return it and now that I’m paid again, I have enough to pay the extra for the SC2 11GB model. I mostly play WoW, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm. Occasionally I’ll play Guild Wars 1 and 2. Elder Scrolls Online. And lately Mass Effect Andromeda, though haven’t tried it out on 4k yet. I have a 55 4k tv that I plan to put it on in the following days. My processor is a 8 core AMD FX 8300 3.3 GHz if that info helps any. I have 20 GB of ram, planning to upgrade that to 32GB.  Thanks and look forward to the reply! You seem very knowledgeable and look forward to the feedback!

Sandwich247 says:

Got to hand it to EVGA, this one probably won’t burst into flames after a bit of an overclock.

Sinkfiend mood says:

that’s blooody noice!

Philip Clouds says:

Why don’t they just put the power connectors in the back lmao you gotta buy a fucken accessory for that shit :’D

Moe Sokolji says:

Great review Tom. As Im a Huge EVGA fanboy. Hope You do a 1080TI Classified versison review when it comes out. Keep up the great reviews love the channel.

Mike Goldberg says:

So it’s actually Tiny Tom Logan?
For the longest time I thought it was Tony Tom Logan.

Stephen Branget says:

EVGA customer support was amazing with my 1080 FTW card, they made me a customer for life.

Fry says:

For the love of Christ, can you please brush your fucking teeth. Once a night at the very least. Crest and a tooth brush.

leknyzma says:

your camera is so good man, it looks like you are literally in front of me

CoolCat says:

If you are looking for a different word than “pastel”, try “pale”, or “faint”, or “washed out”. That’s what the LEDs look like, but it doesn’t sound as good, does it?

I used to appreciate your reviews but to be honest, after this I don’t trust you any more. This card is not the quietest, it is not the fastest, it apparently forces you to use other software than “MSI Afterburner” (that practically everyone uses regardless of the brand of their card and which you did not compare to the EVGA software), etc., etc., but you still go absolutely bonkers about how supposedly great the card is.

Yes, the built quality seems impressive, but what does this buy me, when I can still hear the fans? What do the various temperature readouts buy me, if I can still hear the fans and/or the cooling is not allowing me to achieve massive overclocking?

Sorry, but I think it is plain obvious that you have lost neutrality and that the difference in appreciation you have been given this card and other, very similar ones, is not justified on technical grounds.

Vanilla Bumblebee says:

The card itself is very pretty, but wtf, that strange plastic add-on PCI-module…

Isaiah Pearson says:

Absolutely hate that everyone is bench marking Wildlands. Such a poorly optimized game, don’t care how intensive the graphics are. Stop showing this game, stop supporting it.

Dylan Musselman says:

Must I have the power link with it? I just ordered mine

Steven Davidson says:

I just bought the SC Black Edition 1080Ti because it was on sale for $666 m/ m/

Bill says:

tfw a gpu costs more than your laptop that lags when playing youtube at 1080p.

Battleneter says:

The review felt a little overly focused on what most consider a relatively small issue with VRM cooling on the previous gen cooler, should have just said “issue resolved no longer a issue” job done!!

conan900 says:

Just bought one. My fifth EVGA card(I upgrade fairly often, it’s not due to any failing obviously). Going back to 560ti. Their customer service is fantastic. Recently gave me a new 760 GTX when my old one in one of my systems failed after 3 years of use. No questions asked and no hassles. I also respect them for the way they handled the whole heating issue with my 1080 GTX. I don’t have problems with mine, but if any arise I have no doubts they will handle them with professionalism.

Goes to show that customer service and honoring warranties with no hassles nets you many loyal customers.

scorlin gonzalez says:

would their be any noticeable difference in performance between the sc2 and the sc2 black edition .. i think that the only difference is the the sensors not the cooling

BootStrap Gamer says:

TTL tech fanboy 4 life!!


I was wondering if you could start testing at 3440 x 1440, sorry for being a pain, just I personally run a curved 3440 x 1440 monitor as do a lot of my friends and customers. Just a request of course, if you cant you cant as I realize its a lot of extra work, which trust me I’m very grateful for.

Oldschool Gamer Rick says:

this card looks quite impressive, thanks again Tom for this awesome review. I will buy a 1080ti soon and I will Watercool it like always, but I’m not sure which one to get. FE or MSI armor 1080ti, the founders already has a water cooler available and for the Armor the block will be released soon. does the advanced PCB of the MSI will help with overclocking or does the FE easily hit 2GHz without problems?

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