DON’T Buy an External GPU Right Now, Here’s Why They Aren’t Great

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Here’s Why You Should NOT Buy an eGPU

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Alexander Whillas says:

Need something for machine learning. I wonder if it has the same demands as games…?

Navy Poppa says:

another SW fan <3

Bordpie says:

A development of the direct PCI express connection seems like the obvious improvement here, unless I’m missing something. I’m thinking of the Linus Tech tips video where they daisy chained lots of PCI-E riser cables together, why couldn’t you have something like that on a laptop which removes the need for the whole thunderbolt overhead on the laptop and e-GPU. The only disadvantage I could see is that it’s another plug socket to integrate into the laptop, maybe they could place it underneath like those laptop docking stations.

Nita Axzzel says:

Wow, i didn’t know it’s possible to eat that much shit…. i suggest stop reading from google to look smart in videos..and actually do some research, proper research…. anyone with a minimum brain will unsubscribe… peace out

tmpserg says:

great video, tech data and explanation…and such a yellow teeth 0_o it distract
well, maybe it is ok in GB


I think what prosumers really need is external PCIe…

jukkis6699 says:

Thank you for the very direct talking points.
I’m currently thinking about buying a very portable and durable laptop with only a 1050TI 4GB which would last for many years, and trying to choose between cheaper one with no thunderbolt or more expensive one with thunderbolt for future upgrade possibilities.
This definitely gives me something to think about.

SkyLegendary says:

Then what should I do if I’d like to have a 2-in-1 for college to take notes, use resource intensive programs for engineering, do some light video and photos editing, and more on the go, but would also like to be able to play games and whatnot at a dorm? I already have a 1070 in a large pc, mouse+keyboard, monitors, etc. but I don’t want to bring this huge thing with me that’ll probably cook the room and be able to be heard down the hall when I’m just playing games.

Bender Anglesmith says:

Well most doesn’t want the hassle of using two windows systems.

Andrew LiLAD says:

I just bought a razer core x for my xps15 and YouTube fed me this.

Meissnerflux says:

Would you please explain what you mean by “latency”?

xxasifxx says:

GPU performance far exceeds most gaming demands at 1080p

Buy a 1070 or rx580 and you’re good to go until the 7nm gpus are released

CamNYC says:

I don’t think *anyone* goes out and buys a thunderbolt 3 laptop + an egpu + an external monitor! And they’re not advertised or recommended as such anywhere! But they’re *extremely* useful, *right* now, and fairly cost effective for people who *already* own a laptop, and often, like me, already own an external display.

Remember, the MAIN DEVICE, in reality and in everyone’s understanding, is the *computer*. NOT the frigging graphics card!

*Who cares* that the graphics card performance is only a percentage of what it “could” do in a current computer? It’s comparing apples to oranges. People getting eGPUs do so exactly to *avoid purchasing current computers.* I don’t give a rat’s ass how a GTX 1060 6GB can perform in a brand new computer! I care about *how much better* it can make the computer *I already own* perform! And how much that cost me compared to how much it’d cost me to get that same performance increase in a brand new setup! To me, it’s even more so the case since I’m a Mac owner, and my eGPU benefits both my Pro applications on macOS as well as my Windows gaming on Bootcamp.

A new MacBook Pro with 1TB SSD would cost me easily $3000! My brand new eGPU cost me under $500. And it’s an incredible upgrade for a laptop I purchased 5 years ago for almost $2500, and then upgraded its SSD to 1TB for almost $500 a couple years later. The alternative to my $500 eGPU would be a $3000 new Mac. And the $3000 I’ve spent over the past 5 years on my current MBP with a Retina display, still in pristine condition, wouldn’t be sellable for more than perhaps a couple hundred dollars.

Thunderbolt technology, far from being the “limiting”, flawed technology that you describe, is the enabler of these enhancements that weren’t possible before, when you just had to essentially toss your laptop and get a new one. And not only to those with thunderbolt 3 laptops, but also thunderbolt 2 and 1, as is my case! That’s a hell of a lot of computers – and people – out there that would be very happy to see their old computers get such a big upgrade.

Lexxi Chen says:

yeah right!! i have been playing batman arkham knight on new dell xps 13+ egpu aorus gtx1080 without hiccups!!!! says the guy in this video that epu is not good !!! maybe u shud stick with video editing job!

Kaoukabi Jaouad says:

for rendering i heard it is pretty awesome, reviewer should stop just base their reasoning only for gamers

thedog556 says:

I won’t even look at them as an option until thunderbolt gets 8x pcie Lanes and laptops start getting display in.

HAH says:

Everybody has a tv!!!

cresshead says:

e gpu for cg rendering though and 3d asset creation…works not so much!

Martin Rabanser says:

I have an Aorus gtx 1070 gaming box but am now buying a desktop pc. Can i easily take the gpu out of the box and put it into the desktop or just plug it into the pc using thunderbolt?

Chocolate Giddyup says:

I already have a desktop with a 1080ti, so instead of buying a gaming pc with poor battery life, I’d rather just get an Akitio Node (179 new on ebay) and just pop out the 1080 ti when traveling. I would say that if you don’t already have a desktop GPU, the value becomes a little murkier, but GPU prices are pretty low right now. Also, one of the things that held me back from a straight gaming laptop was the lack of GPU upgradeability. If rtx is viable and much cheaper in 3-5 years, I can just pop out the 10 series and use whatever. It would be really cool to see more docking enclosures with mobile chips though. So far, all I’ve seen if the Lenovo gtx 1050 dock. Portable TB max Q 1080 hubs in a convenient form factor would be a game changer.

batsmamaru says:

what do you think guys… I have a dell latitude i7 7600u and I bought a gaming box with gtx 1070, so… I’m thinking in sell the graphic card a put a gtx 1060, because I feel this combination is better logically, less bottleneck

ittotaq says:

What if you’re using a quadro p2000/4000? and not for gaming. Still hell of a lot better than integrated graphics…

Pablo Ois Lagarde says:

This analysis is correct but ignores some use cases like mine.

My only computer atm is my work laptop, a tb3 macbook pro. I wanted to get back to PC gaming (had a big steam backlog from old sales) so I installed bootcamp, went ahead and bought an eGPU, plugged it to my TV and voilá. I’ve been enjoying it for a year now.

The Technoclast says:

I use an Alienware with Alienware Graphics Amp sooooooo… nothing for me to see here. (Graphics Amp doesn’t have any of the said Thunderbolt bottleneck issues.)

James Hill says:

Can you show a detailed video of how you build a 700 dollar budget gaming computer thanks

leimak says:

You forget so many scenarios. What about working people or students who dont want to carry a fugly gaming laptop everyday? Or people who dont have an option for a desktop. Really weird to see your generally positive review of the aorus gaming box and now this video. A reviewer wit such different opionions between video’s doesnt make it very trustworthy.

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