Desktop Graphics for Any Laptop

THE CORE IS FINALLY HERE! Let’s see if it’s as badass as we all have hoped…

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Drizzy Williams says:

Linus goes to beach: gets on laptop.
Linus goes to Paris: gets on laptop.
Linus goes to Andromeda Galaxy: gets on laptop.

TheBlaze Clone says:

My laptop doesn’t support type c cable what should I do?

Poopie_ says:

So it works with Windows 10 because it has the things that they need? and also if i buy a adapter will it work?

mayank chowdhary says:

Can i install rtx graphics card

PlayAholic says:

Excuse me does anyone know where I can sell my soul to? So I can buy the core

smit patil says:

Does it support Linux

Brody 15432 says:

My laptop games just fine

Hayden Tyler says:

Its cheaper to buy a desktop.

Brent Hernandez says:

Does it work for any laptop with usb3

Chris Keller says:

I’m confused.

xShxdow Productions says:

Unmm this cost more than my laptop wtf

Ronald Valles says:

this is cool! how about to other ordinary laptop like mine is just inspiron 15, i5 6200u , 8g RAM and gforce 930M it will works for my laptop? thanks dude!

Why so serious ? says:

can i use it on gaming laptop to make it stronger ?!

Michael Kim says:

What resolution would be supported by such set up with external display? Only laptop native or probably external GPU supported resolution?

Elijah Shimbo says:

Was that sim lim centre didnt know you came to singapore

rana ati says:

Is thunderbolt port nessessry for this ??

Zee Balosch says:

Then why don’t u simply connect an Xbox 1x or Ps4 pro to your Laptop?

M R says:

Can I get a Surface GO and this thing? Surface GO has a USB C. It should work right?

ChairDoorMan says:

That + higher end graphics card = about the same as a gaming PC built from scratch.. and that’s not even including the laptop

Nosorious says:

I don’t have a thunderbolt port in my laptop, can i use a usb-c to tb to connect the external gpu?


For $200 it would be an epic product. But for $700 it is just ridiculous, you can build yourself an entire mini ATX gaming computer with a high end APU in it for that price.
Also how many people rely heavily on a laptop and just have a powerful graphics card sitting around? Not realistic, most people with laptops would have to buy this product and then buy the graphics card for it also, in total spending at least $1100. It becomes simply ridiculous on a monetary level to consider this.

Stone Muzza says:

Do you need a razer laptop for this?

Manoj Kumar says:

Hey bro I have a all in one PC

Elias ovchinnikov says:

i have an intel nuc, would it work?

Sabaru Engineering says:

can we put Nvidia Quadro / AMD FirePro on it?

Sozmicc says:

Sad. I don’t have a good computer or laptop I have a horrible Mac and I really want to play Fortnite because all my friends play and I can’t and I have the worst computer they all have really good ones and I really wish I could have one and I really just want to desktop or a laptop that can run fortnight so I could play with them

BlueShock Gamer says:

Razor core Vs aorus 1070 Gaming box

Abdullah Nagem says:

I have a Dell XPS 15 with a built in Nvidia 1050 gpu and still I feel I need an external gfx card…. pfffftt….

DjFreY LynX says:

But, can you use a laptop video card on a desktop? (Im curious)

Sristiraj Gupta says:

Man i want to be like you

CL1CKS says:

so can you use a usb to type C converter if you don’t have type c on your laptop?

GamerNot Foundroblox says:

HMMMMMMMMM since I’m an electrical engineer. Maybe i can make a circuit that takes 10 Thunderbolt connections and turns them into one. so i could have 5 titan XPs and 5 1080s. through 1 USB or Thunderbolt. for the ULTIMATE GAMING MACHINE. THAT CAN RUN ANYTHING ON 4K AND ULTRA HIGH EVERYTHING

DPlays says:

Any chance you tried Cove V2 with ASUS Strix 1080ti? Will it fit? Love your reviews btw!

luhvxly says:

my laptop is trash

Travelgamer says:

You could probably get a converter for a thunderbolt port

Alhassan Moses says:

Thanks alot, this really helped

FgTEEV Remixes says:

Do you need to have a graphics card or does it come with it

Blastboys says:

Total: around 3700$ (with the laptop)

Me meanwhile: **building a double 1080ti gaming rig**

CT Spoder says:

Just get two PC’s one a laptop one a desktop

AssaultOPS says:

I would like to use laptop for gaming only while travelling..

Grapefruit7 says:

My laptop is a surface.

fuck you and your silence on the pressing issue of tb3, microsoft

Sergey Vinidiktov says:

Any laptop announced “eGPU ready”???? Linus, think what you say. eGPU good idea, but with this big box implemented stupidly… Need most compact device for eGPU connection, & need possibility connect GPU by my self choice.

EmptyNone says:

You want me to pay over 500 bucks + the graphics card which would cost another 150 and up? Fuck, hell no. Useless! Absolutely useless.

Wilson Tommi says:

Hello everybody. It’s a cool gadget! But… does anybody know if this is fit to the vintage HP Elitebook 8570w?

Flash Point says:

Will it work on those laptops which already have an dedicated or integrated GPU card?

levi ackerman48 says:

i have not got this port , is there any part i connect it to my laptop to have this port ? please

rana ati says:

And can we use 2.7 ghz dell vostro i7 7 gen with it ?

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