DeepCool GENOME Review – Sidemounted GPU = WIN?

With a Preinstalled 360mm Radiator with 3 LED Lit fans and the ability to side mount a GPU, the DeepCool Genome sure looks like a beastly choice for those wanting to get a case that has it all (and more), though there are a few little things that I didn’t like about this case, namely mounting the HDD cage back in and also when side mounting the GPU (or vertical mounting it depending on how you are looking at it), I just found that the some of the screws had a tough time going in and also despite its’ size the 360mm preinstalled cooling kit didn’t’ do that good a job when it came to cooling.

Though when all is said and done, the Genome certainly is an amazing looking case with a great overall build quality, and is sure to please those with a particular taste for aesthetics.


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Gre3nDog says:

Whats the name orr what model of pcie extender u use some like to or name??

Frostito 2 says:

Does the gpu come with the deepcool pc

InItForTheParking says:

This is the one I used for my first build. The only screws i had problems with were with the PSU…not sure if the case messed the screw threads up or if the threads in the PSU itself were bad. I agree with your take on the front pulse light though, wish there was an always on feature.
Also, how did you remove the front and top? I pulled on it but couldn’t get it off.

Sod White says:

Were you able to bring down AIO temps? I have bought one of these for a build and now I’m more than a little worried. Is the block proprietary?

Yvan Munier says:

I’m still looking for an ATX case with the same abilty to mount the graphic card like that… and windowed of course !
Any model for me ?

Slobodan Praljak says:


sorooshusa says:

the only problem is the blue liquid doesnt come with the black case. who thought this is a good idea?

EmoWasMax says:

so that case come with all fans??

Paul F says:

I almost bought this when it was on sale for 199.99 but i kept reading reviews of watercooling issues leaking,etc I am glad i didnt, It seems like its a really poor quality pump/ radiator to have those kind of temps. I have had a computer destroyed by a leak and it costs a fortune to replace so I am pretty leary of that.

zellcrs says:

feels like there was no possibility to use a pcie riser to actually get the blasted upright card to work when I tried building on the thing, maybe the riser I got is just too short, but their hole design was shit tolerances on all the fittings were very bad, tho it seems your version did not come with the same riser setup as mine…

cubeologist says:

So I do not know ANYTHING about pc or whatever but I want this and if I get this does it come with all of the stuff to build the pc?or do I have to buy the stuff separately?

David Whitfield says:

This is much later and the aio in this case has built up a terrible reputation for leaking anyone looking at it don’t buy it.

ACG says:

Was very interested but sad to see the cooler not do as well as I hoped

Mellow says:

Your cpu cooler looks like mine. Blue glass with green liquid. Wonder if it’s suppose to look like that because all other ones look just blue(blue glass + blue liquid).

kingarthur83rd says:

new drinking game. take a shot every time brian says “there” ^_^

Mr Boar says:

Having an issue where if I side mount my evga 1080 8gb FTW, the computer boots fine but once I get to desktop it locks up and it reboots, but only when I have it side mounted

James Buck says:

I have about 37 trillion Genomes, and so do you. I only make these jokes because all the good ones Argon.

Bobby xu says:

hi i got a question where can i buy a good looking pci-e extender? thx

Dhanush Gohil says:

How did you side mount the gpu, I’m also experiencing many problems. I also own a genome

Dead Inside says:

Is there a way to mod the spiral in the res to make it green?

Tosbeliina says:

Hey, what’s the name of the intro song. I have been trying to find. I’m just loving it 😀

Aarran Tucker says:

So what’s the deal with changing the cooling liquid on this case as most liquids need to be changed every six months too a year?

Károly Kovács says:

hi! how did you pop off the front panel?

pg86131314 says:

For the price this case is bellow standard ssd don’t even have tray

genomeprojekt says:

This will be my next case. Because LOOKATMYNAME.

mamalysotoudeh says:

is that cooler enough to reach at 5 gigahertz ?
i mean onboard things are not enough cool , hows this?

Unedited Gamer says:

I like your videos, and i’m not trying to knock you or this review but that case looks horrific. It might be my personal taste (which I will admit are very conservative) but even if this case was $60 I wouldn’t consider it. It just looks to flashy for me, I don’t mind a nice looking case but I don’t want something that screams “look at me!” but that’s just my personal taste and I’m sure there are others who will absolutely love this case and I’m cool with that.

Christian Rogan says:

2:30 if you’re on a budget don’t buy the fucking case

Kevin Aguilar says:

What pci extension cable did you used. My is not working and I don’t feel like using the molex cable my has

Sunshine Starcraft says:

you said radiator twice instead of reservoir. in front its a reservoir.

Dimitri Sainis says:

Too bad it seems a lot of units come with a leaking AIO. No thanks. I’ll buy a separate quality and durable AIO.

Cool Moo5e says:

should do reviews on older cases and supper budget priced cases

Michael Y says:

Everytime he says “there” take a shot of what ever alcohol you have laying around. you’re welcome.

Alex G says:

hi great video, can you take out the helix cooling segment the helix and the radiator and waterblock and replace it with another of a different colour

Leonerdie says:

am I doing something wrong?cause all the time youtubers are having temps around 80 degres with watercooling bit my amd fx6300 overclocked to 4.2 GHz is only reaching max. 50 degrees even after hours of playing games or while stress testing. I mean its AMD and im using this shitty boxed cooler and im getting way to low temps.

AxeMastersINC says:

LOL, so no SLI? Really? Whoosh.

Silvio Torres says:

Can a 2.5 slot gpu be mounted on the side of the case?

Korkovis Paschalis says:


Ducky Duck says:

Can I mount one gpu the normal way and another sideways

Daniel The Art Maker says:

I was thinking ’bout buying that case ,but in the end I bought a Thermaltake core p3

Alejandro Vargas says:

I’m considering giving a thumbs down for that god-awful pun at the beginning of the video

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