Cheap AliExpress Graphics Cards – SCAM???

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When GPU prices stayed high for so long, people started to get desperate… So we went shopping for cheap GPUs on AliExpress to see what happens!

Buy a GTX 1060 6GB for a not ridiculous sum:
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Buy an actually warrantied GTX 1080 for less than we paid for this one:
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The_ TK_Noob says:

I love 00:04

Joao Cunha says:

In the end of the day, the cards worked as expected, so no one can say it’s a scam.

Archie Hamilton says:

Indication enterprise pregnant chief behavior Senate Olympic trend administration crawl cold broad.

Bhaskar Yadav says:

The point is how long will these work

Adib Hakimi says:

After 1 half month this elsa drop infront of my house kinda good but… I dunno how long hahhahaa

Super Bobr says:

Похоже на то что 3-х гигабайтным версиям добавили еще 2 Гб оперативной памяти.

Anthony Almgren says:

Personally imma stick woth evga

Unfamis says:

How would mining on these things be? I’ve saw really really cheap 10 series cards on Ebay and Alibaba and wondered if they would mine well. I know they wouldn’t be stable, but yaknow kinda curious.

Roberto Tomás says:

I would rather have the 5GB 1060 than the 3GB 1060 with less cores.. I mean, they seem to be more honest with that variant in China than the 1060 3Gb here in the USA.

Eric Langecker says:

ELSA???? noooooo…it was THE company back in the day…they had great modems, graphic cards & amazing 3d shutter glasses…i lived in aachen for a long time and sold these products when i worked at the “media markt” !!! Hurts me to see what has become of that brand 🙁

Bram says:

I’ve rarely been disappointed by hardware from China (if ever). It’s definitely not a scam if your expectations are realistic.

ArrowLeScroob says:

skill share is gay nigger

Banana0042 says:

5 gb GTX 1060 existed since last december:

Brennen Cox says:

Both cards are and performed as a GTX 1060 should…
Finds out Nvidia released 1060s with those specs in China…
Linus questions if they are scam… I guess this behavior is what his fans like.

Vintage_computers_at_home ! says:

rip 1000 dollar gpus

FxHnd05 says:

What benchmarking program is that?

Martinike says:

holy crap

paul spuria says:

around 2:05 “holy crow”

Farid Awan says:

These are nice

空母赤城 says:

1050 3g

Droy da ruthless says:

is absurd that the fake 1080 was a 980 but perform the same as the 1080 founders or better in some test

空母赤城 says:

there is 1p50 3g

fnicfnac says:

Louis Victor de Broglie, prince, puis duc de Broglie (prononcer Breuil bʁœj), né le 15 août 1892 à Dieppe et mort le 19 mars 1987 à Louveciennes1 est un mathématicien et physicien français. À seulement 37 ans, il devient lauréat du prix Nobel de physique de 1929 « pour sa découverte de la nature ondulatoire des électrons »2.

Have some respect pls

Eugene Molo says:

5:33 fatty :3

Kyle Mccauslin says:

you can make a gpu say whatever you want. with simple code on a floppy disk. do a real benchmark.

Dave Cain says:

Neat video. I have run into some good, as well as bad, deals on Ali, Amazon, etc. I am going to look at skillshare. That sounds neat.

Kyle Mccauslin says:

that 1080 could never perform like the real thing. the benchmark was fooled by the cards bios

XtremeRideR117 says:

Ali express is not a scam. They refund all the money if its not original.

EllisDePeSamp 2005 e momentu' says:

Lmao i have constant 300~400 fps with gtx 1050ti and i3 7100 on csgo…

Sean K says:

I would want to save 50% off the RRP for anything electronic that I purchased off Aliexpress that cost more than $200 US. Otherwise you may have a bad experience. Go spend your money somewhere safe.

samad khan says:


NorsiXa says:

You’re great man! Keep doing what you love, you do it best!

Brad Bennett says:

The classic china hustle

SaltyHorse says:

I cant wait for the Chinese embedded malware to take in effect. 😀

Cankut Bayhan says:

i wonder if you really haven’t realized all guitars are made of wood, if you know what i mean…ChiForce forever 😀

Shenpie says:

No temp comparisons or… never mind won’t be watching your crap again

Lucas Castro says:

If you won’t be using them any longer, you can send it to me.

Hamad Sama says:


SavageMate says:

im not sure if this is clickbait?

The Pink Pistol says:

Linus those are my favorite pants, very comfortable

Sammers 987Man says:

What benchmark software is that?

tribalshapeshifter says:

05:17 laaard

Ragakov Hà says:

The 5gb 1060 is for Internet cyber coffee in Asia Region to play PUBG 😀

Bailey Foxo says:

Linus: Elsa debroogly.

clorofilazul says:

His voice is irritating.

Thiosemicarbizide Benzoyl Alcohol says:

I have never been scammed on Aliexpress if you know what your looking for.. China is the source folks and you can think negative all you want but the products just keep getting better and cheaper all the time.

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