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It’s been almost a month after Nvidia dropped RTX… In more ways than one. Today, the least expensive RTX-capable cards are out. Did they learn from their mistakes?

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McBain WoW says:

Still using a FTW 980 and still not upgrading

Steve Budding says:

Will the price reduce in 2019?

Hawkeye says:

you wanna test your card? Play Arma, no game is harder to run.

Abyssal Fang says:

So, normally you expect a comment about the video cards you’re talking about. but to me, the best thing about this video is the seizure warning. I have a father who has seizures and something like that is huge and important. So I thank you.

FS says:

It gets even better, when the new pc builder realizes, that Gsync monitors are more expensive than the freesync monitors, so going Nvidia is a far more expensive option, but as far as performance they are matched for a lot cheaper by AMD. I think it comes down to tribalism or fanboyism when people buy Nvidia and pay more for brand loyalism.

javier says:

where is the 1080 ti?

Alec S says:

3:19 So 1070 is better at v-ray rendering then 1080? total BS

GonnaEatUr Chocolate says:

RTX 2070’s seem to be cheaper than the GTX 1080 as of writing this, so I see no reason to get a 1080 instead of a RTX 2070 considering the better performance of the 2070.

Nam Qiong Trading LLP Nam Qiong Trading LLP says:

Well done…: D NVIDIA is asking Linus Tech Tips to Shut the Fk up…xD. ( They want to Earn Biggest )

Joe L says:

WOW the price has jumped up…

MysticVids says:

Nope, not buying it… way too expensive

Clivey says:

The channel is getting so out of whack with how the gaming community feels. The gap between Tech channels like this one and the reality of what people experience is getting bigger.

What is your hang up with the RTX series? In the UK: 1070Ti = £450, 1080 = £650, 1080Ti = £850+ and the 2070 RTX is £460.

For the fps, the 2070 RTX outstrips the 1070Ti and 1080 on all games and is just slightly slower than a 1080Ti (about 10%). So even ignoring the Ray Tracing, it is so much better value £ per FPS.

Stop being Linus ‘Pedestal’ Tips and be the Linus 4 years ago.

sol dier says:

I remember when i was playing “painkiller” with 64 Mb graphic card ☺

SnapBack says:

I’m about to buy the 2070…So if not the 2070 than what card is best? Building a pc now and researching cards.

Stowens says:

I’m loving my 2070. I was looking for a 1080 but was finding it pretty hard to find them (outside of ebay which I don’t trust just due to the past). I ended up getting it on sale on black friday for $480, making it way more worth for me since I was prepared to spend around $500 on a n GFX Card. I don’t know too much on the technical aspects but it runs games at a high FPS and that’s what I wanted from it. Hopefully the ray tracing gets more use than the Battlefield V!

Jon Burhan says:

The MSRP means NOTHING for the 1080 and 1080ti. You do do know that since the crypto crash prices only decreased by 50% of the overflated increase from MSRP. Most 1080s NEW are 499 or more, with the odd few companies like eBay sellers selling them at around 450. Basically for the same price (actually there is an RTX 2070 on eBay buy it now from a reputable business for 465) you get around 10% increase in performance. The RTX 2070 overclocks better than the gtx 1080. I mean seriously, some games have a 10-15 fps improvement. The 1080ti improvement is like 25 frames so it’s somewhere in the middle of a gtx 1080ti with the price tag of a gtx 1080 almost AND new technology.

Arizona Drone says:

Few frames matter. Especially when working with high refresh rate monitors

Edward Houston says:

Lol no.

Any Bag says:

Game developers are not in a hurry to add the fancy shadows. I’m not buying a new video card every year and half. Kind of sick of chasing the GPU dragon

Ad5gard Asgard says:

Where to find an 1080 ti in belgium . They are …..froetsy from the market

Noctis Lucis says:

Bro….buy it for me

Åkesson 4President says:

im buying my first pc. do i buy the one with i7 8700 and rtx 2070 or the one with i5 8400 and gtx 1080? they are the same price.

xdlight7 Ahmed says:

In Bangladesh though, 2070 is a lot more cheaper than 1080ti. Like 70-100$ less

Vasishtha Madari says:

Their rtx 2000 series prices are acceptable considering they’ve added hardware features to include amateur AI engineers like myself into their target audience (tensor cores mainly). Not every pricing scheme revolves around what gamers want. No one is forcing you to by the 2000 series, just stick to prev Gen.
Also they’ve added several AI assisted graphics improvements.

Linus Tech Tips says:

CORRECTION: The V-Ray chart shows the GTX 1070 mislabeled as the GTX 1080 and vice-versa. Sorry about that. Just mentally flip them around and you’re good.

Ben Tong says:

sli still has a purpose for people like me who works as an architect but doesnt have enough earning or jobs to justify the buying of quadro but still needs multi 70 series cards to boost rt rendering performances in applications like vray

Strahinja Vasic says:

Lmaoooo in my country rtx 2080 cost 1500 euro

nemesis9410 says:

I mean, who really caresabout SLI?

The Flash says:

The most loved gpu of all times is the 1080 ti

T Ray says:

Bearing in mind that I have not actually watched most of the video yet… My retail comparison of price (Newegg) shows that in a new vs new comparison there are more 2070 cards at lower prices. At almost competitive price points there are fewer options. And presumably some manufactures and lines are better than others, widening the gap further. Resale 1080s may be priced more competitively but one must weigh the probability of getting screwed, intentionally or otherwise, when buying a second-hand card.

Gavin Culmer says:

They made the 970 with 780 prices and specs, then 1060 with 780 prices and specs and now I guess it will be 2050 with 780 prices and specs lol

Richard Berglund says:

Boy was he wrong on this you can get an strix 2080 for 780 right now.

inchristalone says:

Ok so I just realized that I am being unsubscribed to most of the tech channels I follow , is this a bug or am I sleep unsubbin cause it’s happened before


I’m using rtx 2070 + ryzen 5 2600x + 8gb ram + asrock b450m HDV . I’m getting way below fps in games(in bf1 around 60 and dropping to 30 fps at ultra setting at 1080p). Using MSI afterburner it always says on LIM OPTION power when fps starts going up and voltage when its low even though CPU and GPU at max speed. Is it cuz of PSU? Thermal take TR2 S 700W

Noah. says:

I bought the 2070 because I wanted new. Couldn’t find a 1080 for under 700 new when building my pc

rondar2 says:

A video card that was used for mining will perform the same as a new one but not for the same amount of time. They will die much sooner than a new card. Do not manipulate the truth.

aalever says:

Be interesting to see you redo the benchmarks when more games support DLSS, which purpotedly significantly improves RTX performance.

Brent Richards says:

I know you posted this two months ago, but thank you for the seizure warning.

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