Blower vs Open-Air – Which one should you buy? – GPU Cooling Comparison

Blower vs Open-Air, is one better? What should you buy?
In this video I compare the pros and cons of each style cooler.
The answer might surprise you! 🙂

Review of Founders Edition –
Review of Superclocked Edition –

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If your power supply does not provide 1 8-pin or 2 6-pin PCI-E connectors, you’ll need to replace it:

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nix mix says:


claystudiofx says:

Great information. Thanks a lot !

Luis Rosas says:

he’s the type of person that can persuade me to buy a used tampon

Baka Ch says:

can you make amazon MX links? I’d gladly use them

Atmaj Mokal says:

1050 ti single fan is that blower style

megapet777 says:

My case is hot when I game too. But my pc doesnt shut down.

Iyas Massoud says:

blower ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

BadKoTuK says:

Oh boy, this channel is great. That guy makes everything so simple to understand. Good job!

fistsOFfury366 D says:

Well lady’s and gents don’t eat spoiled chicken and jalapenos for lunch. I’m on the toilet now with nice bum lava.

Sean Kagan says:

such a good channel… nothing is unexplained or untouched, everything you say is sticking to the point of the video, and if you have an opinion about something you say it’s an opinion so it doesn’t affect the viewers (to good or bad) which is great.

GamerOnABudget says:

you forgot to say the blower style is great for sff pc’s and htpc case or mini itx where they need to exhaust the hot air.

Krothens Yay says:

im planning to put together air cooling only config to my cm n200 (micro atx / mini tower) case… I would replace all of my CM case fans with Noctua PWMs (2 120s in the front, 1 at rear exhaust, 1 at top exhaust plus a Noctua cpu cooler (perhaps DH 15)…

My question is: This is perhaps overkill for air cooling, but which gpu cooler benefit best?
Rephrase: Most prefer blower style for mini towers, but with high positive air flow, would aftermarket benefits best?

Rompastompa71 says:

Man, you are a genius! You answered every question about my dilemma.

toontownlegomaster says:

I really like the style of a reference cooler. and it’s awesome that it takes away the heat from the overall case

eliufive says:

Very helpful left a like and thats okay

Rakesh R says:

good video very helpful

Dima Zyuryaev says:

Thanks, great review !!

asdoK says:

Deserves a big like! I was planning in make a build and was directly foccused on a custom graphic card but now I’ve understood how are all the works…

Orcjura says:

Looks like a preacher and talks like a politican lol

Picard FTW says:

The non FE cards that are made by other companies “perform better/faster” .. but how? why?

Mahin Ahmed says:

Im thinking about putting a gtx 1060 in my pc but the problem is there is only 1 fan comes with my chasing which is at the back,, and i have fans with processor and power supply ofcourse..( and there is vents at the side and back) now the issue is should i worry about that fact that there mayn’t be enough cooling for my gpu??

Fred Kingma says:

You just saved my life!

Arkaney says:

Nice teeth and explanation

Richard Sanderson says:

good video informative, professional with no silly dramatics

i know what you did last summer says:

Before watching the video i want to confess that The man has the brightest teeth i come across…ok going to watch video

George says:

I bought founders for the looks

Lance Sabbag says:

That was extremely informative and helpful. Thank you sir

ilanrobz says:

Everyday I watch atleast 1 of your videos and I’m really learning,.. thanks!!

nikespeed14 says:

Blower fans are very loud and hot.

Eren Jaeger says:

Very good and effective explanation. SUBSCRIBED !!! :=)

Lu Sanchez says:

I love how Timothy Olyphant teaches the tech stuff

Pro Mark says:

Thanks i was on the fence of buying a reference gtx 780 second hand for 110$ fand install it inside my crappy case and you made me assure that it wont overheat, Well it has two fans maybe that can suffice

Renz Apelacio says:

holy crap!! most helpful explanation eeeeevvvveeeerrr!!!

Gilang B. Pratama says:

i like this dude tooth, so shiny

Paul Octav says:

I was sleepy, I came across this video, started watching and now I’m hooked and sleep-deprived and also Subscribed!

walkerboh39 says:

Thank you, this (video) is exactly what I was looking for!

Monte Cristo says:

This guy knows what he’s talking about.I’m glad he has a channel in Youtube.

RGBerat says:



awesome video! thanks man! I subscribed

fralyx says:

This is my first time on your channel, and already, this is like going back to university again

TheBanjoShow says:

But the reference ones look so much fuckin better

Calico Studios says:

Slightly louder my ass. I had a GTX 1070 founders for a while and it was insanely loud. It sounds like an airport runway

Vlad Paval says:

I buy the reference 4 the a e s t h e t i c

Ricardo Ramav says:


Nicolai says:

This guy answers all the questions I have on PC!

julian vm says:

I have a pre-build computer with 3 really cheap coolers, the thing is, i have a gtx 960 2gb (open-air) on it and i didn’t have any problem yet, should i buy the blower style cooler or open air for a gtx 1070 8gb?

dyzior64 says:

you’re really good at explaining, I didn’t know the difference at the start but now it’s so simple

Colin Parks says:

great video and great concise info

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