Best Desktop Graphics for your Laptop – Proprietary vs. Thunderbolt!

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The ultimate showdown between the Razer Core and the Alienware Graphics Amplifier, but which external GPU solution will come out on top?

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Super terrific R says:

I have a 2014 Samsung $250 laptop from Best Buy. Would it be worth getting the amplifier and a gtx1070 or should I get a new gtx 1070 laptop for $1400?

Francis Marzuq says:

It just struck me… Can we DIY our own eGPU??

monster4fitness says:

Can they be used with any gaming laptop?

Bob Saget says:

I’m not sure why you would even bothering designing these if you can’t get atleast full 8x speeds… Cable design is behind, there is no real cable standard that can handle this type of bandwidth… Who cares if its Fat and not bendy… you hear me engineers fix your shit

WhittletheFinesser says:

yo the N-Sync haircut/ear rings went out of style years ago

Mohammed says:

Do you need the same laptop to even use them?

sirnefyorq says:

using for over 2 years now (11 years overall with this brand) Alienware 17R3 6820HK, 980M, 16GB ddr4, 256 SSD – happy till BO4 came up. 6820HK was tuned from 3.2 to 4.1 GHZ – happy, but laptop is heating badly. Replaced thermal paste with new one and ordered AGA with 1080TI. Performance 10/10 UHD. glad I did. for Alienware laptop there is no other solution than AGA.Alienware just know how to do the job and Razer… – happy with mamba, manowar, firefly and ornata but laptops are well overpriced. they should stick with externals only.

Doctor Ching Chong says:

Does the Alienware graphic amplifier work only for Alienware laptop?

1o1e12 says:

great vid thanks

Viktor Karlsson says:

hey linus i got an alienaere 17, should i buy the alienwere shit??

Niall O'Brien says:

Need some advice. I am pc noob. I bought the best alienware 17 available about 2.5 years ago. I chose the best specs and paid a fortune. Up until now I’ve been thrilled with my laptop, any game I played I could set on ultra with no problems. However it wasn’t running as smooth as I’d like when playing battlefield 1. I’m worried I won’t be able to play battlefield V with decent graphics. If I buy an amplifier with the best card available will I be able to hold on to my laptop for another year or 2 or should I look into buying a high spec desktop. I don’t really game on the move anymore.

Schnaps Baron says:

I bought my Alienware Graphics Amplifier two month before that video was submitted. It is equipped with an ASUS GTX 1070 Strix OC. The Strix doesn’t fit in properly because its Board is to high, so the AGA doesn’t close completely. I got used to it, so i don’t care about that (should have measured it before). One thing I absolutely hated was the front fan. It ALWAYS runs at full RPM and is loud as hell. The solution for that was a BeQuiet! Silent Wings 92mm fan. I swapped the original fan for that one… The only thing is, that i had to connect it to the fan-controller of my Strix (it has two). Then the PSU is trash. It tended to shut down my whole rig during summer because it got to hot. So i swapped that one for a Corsair CX650m PSU. Now everything works great. All in all the modding costs around 70€ (about 75$).

BRWI says:

Does anyone know if I would be able to use a gtx 1050+ with my Radeon Rex 560 to boost that.

webtelles says:

MXM 3.0 adapters for an external GPUs? Would be a game change

Seth Wharton says:

So this won’t work with Alienware 14?

Gordon Land says:

Probably paid for by Razer and not by Dell’s Alienware. I do not believe a word this fellow is blowing out. The performance is that of someone in need of selling something that someone else produces. It is easy to criticise products and their inventors without producing or inventing anything themselves. This is cheap and not serious to take fake advertising.

Z3RO LIN3 says:

can someone tell me if this graphics amps works with the latest GTX

Josiah says:

So I have to get a graphics card for the Alienware external cpu?

Lil 2FAZY says:

can we use with quadro?

Circuitt says:

i’m only getting this so my laptop can finally be vr ready

help me please

CoDo 1337 says:

can i use the alienware graphic amplifier on an acer aspire 5 laptop

Dan Pet says:

Can you do a review about Razer Core X, or other eGPU with Quadro P4000 with external monitor in pro applications SW, SW Visualize (CUDA rendering), Octane Render and may be other CAD apps using CUDA, or pro GPU via ThunderBolt 3 with 2 lane, 4 lane and in PC comparison? Are there any sense?
It will be very helpfull not only for me. I’d like to use a thin an light ultrabook for CAD. (in my case Acer Switch 7 SW713-51GNP-83ZF – Black Edition) Take it with myself and at home use it like a “workstation”.

Eyeball's Yoyo says:

Do these have to go into laptops or Can they go into All In Ones?

KingOfGames says:

You should look at other thunderbolt 3 egpu enclosures like the Akito node which is priced at around 200

Vel A says:

i was bummed when it came out..I still have my old Alienware M14x r2 and is the only one “not compatible ” : (

Beeflynews says:

Dr Paul brain is a rapist

Josiah says:

Can I use the Alienware one for a Lenovo Idea Pad?

Abel Ostrem says:

So does it come with a 1080ti

Andrea Munegato says:

@linustechtips Hi, I was searching for something like this, I’m interested in buying a Core and add a rtx2070 in it, BUT i need my laptop internal gtx1060 to keep working since i’m doing 3d rendering and i wanto to assign render tasks to different gpu’s. I have a alienware 13r3 with 6700hq and I’m asking this since i had to return the Alienware graphic amplifier because it disabled the internal discrete gpu when connected.

Thank you very much!


sri abhi says:

rtx cards support alienware amplifier ? im waiting for videos on youtube to confirm this. such that i can buy the rtx card and amplifier. else i need to wait for dell to make new one for rtx cards. plz confirm me. thanks.

Sachin Nichrelay says:

Lol that intro message lmao

Dan Pet says:

I have a new idea.
There are AkiTio Node Pro.
Can you do a test for CUDA rendering (Octane, or something else) combine them into a farm 5-10 pcs.(you can try to connect it to each other) Are there any sense? Will it be faster 5-10 times?
Will the Notebook see them all?
2 and in 4 lanes notebook.

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