Battlefield V GPU Benchmark, 1080p, 1440p & 4K Results

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Battlefield V GPU Benchmark, 1080p, 1440p & 4K Results

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LolzChannel says:

Rx580 king

nrpkbrid says:

wtf is that gameplay lol you can just run at them like an idiot and not die?

Stephen Pixley says:

So now the raytracing has been “unleashed” and people’s framerates, on 1300 dollar cards, are tanking to 50%, some cases less than 30%, with barely distinguishable differences. In 1080p, ROFL!!
Where are all those assclowns that were swearing on their lives raytracing was gonna suddenly make these overpriced pieces of un-innovative crap economically viable, and worth paying for the priviledge of early adoption?
And let’s not even get started with the 2070’s, they were literally unplayable at 1440p with ray tracing on, without completely GUTTING the rest of the graphics. Even tanks performance in maps and areas with no surfaces like water or glass to reflect off of. /smh
Oh, in case you didn’t know, that’s ALL raytracing is doing in BF, is reflections and reflected ambiance. That’s it. Not the shadows, the lighting, none of that. Reflections only, and it fucking TANKS performance even at 1080p, on the most powerful gaming / raytracing card on the market…..
THIS is why people who pre order every flagship to come out are screwing themselves. Don’t you guys remember the days when nvidia got crucified for launching a card that ONLY got a 59% generational performance jump? That was the 600 and 700 series….not very long ago. 1000 series wasn’t really that much better than 900 series, comparitively, but people didn’t bitch. They doubled down with multiple titans, people still kept buying ’em up. This is their hale mary, “let’s go for broke and see how far we can push it” play, showing the same lackluster 15-25% generational performance gain, but after DOUBLE the usual wait, AND with jacked up prices……. And people are buying them….. /facepalm

I miss NJSPRP says:

Best benchmarker ever. Thanks for taking the time for all this

Terran the Black says:

I have two 1080ti’s…

Ivo Fixzone says:

Thank you for your time and effort testing the game, but I will not buy it because of SJW agenda. Also the boss said: if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

Mopantsu says:

BF5 just got RTX enabled with the Win10 update. Go to it!

성준 says:

the 2070 is black ref? why not use fe?

DJHeroMasta says:

Bruh, we appreciate it but please, get some sleep!

Stijn Goethals says:

I got a i7 7800X with a 1080ti and 16gb r am. Will it run smooth in 4K?

Václav Lev says:

I wanted to go for GTX 1060 6GB first (about 260$), but then I saw RX 570 4GB only for 150$ in one of my favourite shops. I was lucky, the offer disappeared after couple of days. You won again, AMD. This time by accident, I must say.

toontownlegomaster says:

You guys tested it day 1. And the full release for the game from nvidia just released today. Better start testing again loooool.

TargetRenegadeC64 says:

“If you don’t like it, don’t benchmark it”.

Steve W says:

I played bf5 beta rx480 8G, dx11 was butter smooth and dx12 was unplayable littered with stuttering, both was @ 1080p, if I remember I had it set on high. That’s on 144hz 1080p freesync panel.

Dekker Hofmeister says:

I wonder if that hardware limitation is because they don’t want people sharing their accounts with friends that’ll probably have different specs. I do hope you can figure out a way to resolve this issue though. You’d think that they would help, considering that this is a great way for people to see how well their older card’s will perform . It’s disappointing that you weren’t able to do all of your testing, but thank you and your Patrons that helped with the Origin account access for the amount of benchmarks you were able to complete.

Owen West says:

Intrested to see if having the game set to high will keep 1440p results well over 100fps on a 1080ti.

Binggoman Live says:

Please test RTX on and RTX off in this game next, Steve!

Kat Cindys Rellores says:

damn, who needs sleep? right steve?

inkysteve says:

You’d think that the publishers would realise how important what you do is, to informing what may become more sales, and give you special licenses. Blinkered greed.

Mace 2GO RC says:

Makes no sense to me to spend hundreds of $$ more for framerates above 60fps for games. You don’t even remember all that stuff your enjoying your enjoying the game. Juat wasted $$ for bragging rights?

nick ferrante says:

Gtx 980ti is still a beast at 1440p

bakkermann013 says:

So 470/570 is still the sweetspot in 1080p in these Frostbyte games. I have the 470 4Gb, please Battlefront 2 Ultra, BF 1 – even on 64 player maps – Ultra, both 60 fps. When this V gets a discount, I’ll play this on Ultra <3

pino de vogel says:

Cant wait til next gen so the 3070 can do 4k for a more affordable price.


Hi great video,can I bring a subject up please no seem to be talking about, future frame rendering gpu and CPU useage and explain when in gameing my i9 frame rendering seems kills me frames…thank….

Owen West says:

Idk why people think this game looks the same as battlefield 1. I play at ultra 1440p on a 1080ti but I can still see the improvement in visuals in this 1080p video. There is more of a difference between BF5 and BF1 then BF3 and BF4.

Edgars Nezinu says:

What is those gpu’s where is 1070 1080 1080 ti 2070 2080 280ti?What a waste

Alex Shiva Botez says:

that’s a lot of work! fantastic!

OctoMan PC's says:

said it a million times… I love my 1080Ti

DJHeroMasta says:

3:32 Wait so, hardware bans are still a thing? Not insinuating that you were banned but I’m assuming, if hardware bans are still a thing then EA locked you out of Battlefield V in prevention of your “ban evasion”.

Galaxy says:

Nice headshots

Owen West says:

The consoles run a 60fps in every battlefield so I wouldn’t say that its consolish.

Bob Coffee says:

EA disables accounts that benchmark, challenge is everything!

JCG says:

I forgot this game was coming out….

D R says:

you only need basic to test, it gives you a 10 hour trial

Michael Schmitt says:

really great benchmark.. leaves almost no questions open.
As for BF V its ggggggreat!

nerfinc says:

what cpu are you using for the test cause i have a 2080ti and my frames are NOWHERE near that in the video

Felipe Bonilla says:

Are you using 8700k or 2700x?

Trent F says:

Nothing insane about the 2080 ti performance. A new process node and 1 1/2 years after the 1080 ti release we see a rather expected performance increase with the unexpected price hike. Performance is pretty weak considering the mammoth die size.

Complextro says:

What fps gt 1030 ddr5 low?

Byron Franek says:

DX12 is now working well in BFV, with the Win10 1809 update and latest nv driver.

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