Are external Video Cards worth it?

Are external video card adapters worth it? Let’s find out!

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This Vid is pointless Jay why would someone who has those laptops ever use this device?

TeamRabbit Alec says:

How about use a riser for the gfx card to the laptop?

Jordy Swiggers says:

Question why would anyone with a full GTX1080 in their laptop buy an external case and put a 1080 in it xD This would be usefull for people with say an i7 laptop with a non gaming mobile gpu in it.


I would also like to know the performance of this compared to a max q laptop since the whole appeal of the eGPU is portability and so are max-q laptops.

The King Lion says:

Can i connect it to old asus notebooks like g551jw from 2015? (Sry for bad english)

Andy Vasquez says:

i have a nitro v15 laptop with an i7 6700hq processor and 960m dedicated gpu, unfortunately i cant upgrade the gpu and its starting to show its age as more modern games come out forcing the gpu downward to 720pish on low settings for more demanding games.(witcher 3, nier automatta, etc)

do you guys think it would be worth upgrading to one of these with a gtx 1060 (or perhaps 1070) gpu?

Jeconiah Hoffman says:

This is useful information, but the point it missed. The point is if you have something more designed to productivity, such as one of the Surface machines, and you don’t want to buy a whole new PC. This lets you simply upgrade your portable work machine into a fully capable gaming machine when you’re home.

RideRedRacer says:

i love your background music Jay. 04:02 No one ever has music like this in their videos

chrismas says:

6 months revisit.

Jak Lawrence says:

Why could they not say, require it to be plugged in with 3x USB3.1 connectors – which would give a theoretical bandwidth of 30 Gbps?

max campbell says:

Would it not be worth it if your laptop doesn’t have a GPU to begin with?

2Awesome says:

We need a pcie x8 cable =(

Graham Brownell says:

What are the frames to an external display.?

X-Ray Gaming says:

When u buy an asus rog strix laptop with gtx 1070 but it only comes with usb 3.1 instead of thunderbolt

Ian Hirschsohn says:

Thunderbolt at best can only match PCIe 1x (1 lane). Both are serial transfer. It’s called physics. A graphics card is almost always PCIe 16x slot ie, 16 lane. So you have a 16x degradation vs. plugging the card into a MB backplane. Also Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 (and USB 2.0, 1.1) are external buses requiring a lot of ACK/NAK conversation to synch, error correct, etc. the data packets.

My suggestion (and what I have done) is forget the laptops.

Build a mini portable PC using mini ITX MB, 450w PS, I7 (actually I use a 3.6 GHz Xeon E4 — much faster), 16 – 32 MB RAM. And mini GTX 1060 — IN AN HONEST 16x slot. (A regular CPU air cooler is too big so I use a Corsair liquid cooler — 2 in-line 120mm fans sandwiching radiator, cool as a cucumber.) Whole lot in a Silverstone case. Not much larger than a big shoe box. It will knock the socks off the “docking” laptop soln. I bolted a cabinet handle to top — carrying around is a cinch. This no less than a full blown PC tower in a big shoe box. About the size of a home entertainment box. No laptop can hope to come close. And certainly not for the ~$1k cost. (I just use the monitor/HDTV at my destination.)

BTW I mainly use it for Video Editing so it has a 500GB SSD + 1TB HGST h/d. All in that little box.

zebble ganubi says:

USB 3.2 will be out soon that will double the speed of usb-c so maybe that might help a bit

Zeus Chrichton says:

first they began with floppy discs than the USB later came external the hard drive now the external GPU what next i am curious what invented in months or years to come

Anime4Life says:

I think it is good for lower end Laptops…..and I think you need to redo this with say a HP Pavilion Laptop! 😉

MrLebanman says:

This will only works if your build-in GPU in your laptop is broken and unfixable and you dont want to throw away your whole useless laptop now because of it, like my poor Toshiba Qosmio

TheB29Bomber says:

Clearly Thunderbolt needs to go through a few more generations to make this more viable. Plus you need to figure out how to get rid of that overhead with the dock+GPU. Perhaps having built-in GPUs in the dock much like external hard drives while also having more companies build these things to increase supply.

But you also need a demand… 🙁

Economics, ye are a cruel mistress…

Mário Menezes says:

It’s a helluva dongle.

Emily Peters says:

what about this with a ultra book that has only has Intel integrated graphics

Kedar Bhat says:

wtf…..I thought this was an alternative to SLI!!

Nukethe Whales says:

should have tested a cheaper laptop with mobile graphics card or one with just intergrated graphics

spar1993 says:

JayazTwoCents you should use it on a laptop that does not have a good internal gpu or one that is not following the 10 series gpus because now the laptop gpu’s are literally the same as the regular gpus. so try it with a laptop running a 960m

Alaa Jannoud says:

Can’t see any good use of it.
No true gamer care about the deference between 60 & 90 fps.
Even if I have a core i7 laptop with built in Intel graphics card I’ll still not buying this thing, I’ll save extra money and buy a 1060 laptop maybe.

Alexander Sharp says:

correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t a Mac a PC since PC stands for personal computer

stormlands says:

can this be used as a rendering helper to 3d software? on a home pc not a laptop. 🙂

xxWarbloodxx says:

I had one of the later models of the ViDock (4 Plus) with a GTX 660 in it, connected through ExpressCard. For my HP 8540W and my Clevo M571, it was a way to extend their lives, however, few models had an accessible ExpressCard slot, and the performance of the card took a hit. Also, had to run the 8540W’s FX880M with a GTX driver for it to work…

Willy Anugrah Cahyadi says:

That’s why my Intel-HD4000-equipped Thinkpad notebook is boosted using the cheaper alternative. 🙂 It will definitely bottleneck the GPU, however, the price is affordable anyway compared to buying a dedicated gaming notebook.

Radicool Gaming says:

Where can you buy this


Can we get a video of an old laptop with one of these external cards and see if it’s worth buying you know a real world scenario?

Kage Hasegawa 影長谷川 says:

If someone needs more power on a weaker laptop though it’s a completely viable solution

Beef Pho says:

If the prices were 100% cheaper, SOLD!!

Erra Tu says:

I would very much rather build a micro atx and carry that with me.

Dragon_Eat3r says:

This is the ultimate hub.

chung ostrander says:

Is thunderbolt 3 had 40gb bandwidth?

DeathHotDog says:

“299 dollars, that’s 300 dollars.” -JayzTwoCents 2017

vandal GAB says:

Interesting video 🙂

JayzTwoCents says:

Hi guys. I will definitely revisit this video with an external display. Now I need to decide if I should only do 1080, or perhaps the gauntlet of 1080, 1440 and 4k… hmm. Thoughts?

ok says:

spoiler alert no

Tiralful says:

You ran these on the laptop displays….. If you were to run an external monitor you’d see a 10% difference which I’m more than happy to eat too have a light ultra book with 11 hours of battery during the day and a bad ass gaming rig when I want it.

JuanAndresRocks - Videos says:

But is it worth it with laptops with core i3 and no GPU but with a USB Type- C port?

Miguel Cap says:

talking is hard ..

GBCAwesome says:

Will a 1070 eGPU run about the same as a 1060?

Matt Goodman-Caines says:


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