AMD RX580 GPU Review Powercolor Devil

The latest AMD graphics card refines their successful RX480 formula and we take it for a spin.
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Matt McGregor says:

But it’s not a Golden Sample Red Devil “3 slot” card. Where will it stop?

MaKeN says:

the way he swallows that saliva…

Officer Hairline says:

I tried to OC my 480 8 Gb I get grey screen crash

Alexander Arias says:

Maybe it was against the 960 because its still faster than the 1050ti? That would make sense, no?

Markus Eisenhammer says:

So the 480 just got a tiny bit faster and a tiny bit cheaper. All for the cost of a new name for the child, now known as 580. Still people bitching around how dare AMD to not lauch the VEGA Torpedo that blows NVidia out of the Water. Well just wait some weeks…. What happened to patience and reason these days….

Parental Guardian says:

is this vega?

Ashley Johansson says:

I recommended this card to my Christian friend and he told me the card scares him because he “knows that the devil is real”…….LMAOO thats a first LOL

Tiger Racing says:

can anyone translate 6:42 for me? my english is not good.

GeorgeW666 says:

Lesss stutters during streaming, unless you’re Phly…

Bob McQueen says:

Hi TTL, I’m looking at renewing my system later in the year (June/July 2017). Could you put together a video on pricing a complete system, I would like RGB parts where possible. Love your videos..

Kytes93 says:

Absolutely has no point that card… 480 can do the same easy.

Play play says:

i would be interessted in a comparsion with the power Color rx 580 red dragon

Gaj B says:

I tried the 580 BIOS flash to a 480 trick, for my card it wasn’t stable and the throttling seems to hold the card back. I don’t think it’s worth it unless you got lucky in the GPU lottery like some people seem to have… but I question if they’re even gaming with it and not just idling the thing.

So the 580 is probably a result or a higher bracket of binning? The 570 seems like the 480 with a name change.

MooTaters says:

At least they actually used metallic paint, it looks a lot nicer than the more matte or glossy finish I’ve seen.

jurban says:

WTH? If the 3rd slot is blocked anyway, why not make it a full 3, or at least 2.5 card?

Yogesh Desai says:

This is my mistak!!!
my PC specification asus p8h77-m motherboard, RAM 24 GB DDR3, Processor Intel i5 2310.
can i capable the RX 580 8 GB my PC? and i use element 3d with this Card? Because I m motion Graphics Artist and my Budget is small

TransHerring says:

Nice review, thank you !

DangerDing says:

Should one pick up the 580 or continue to wait for Vega for an AM4 1700x B350M Mortar MSi set up?

discocrisco says:


Alexander Arias says:

Quick question hoping you could see if Crossfire works on the asus b350 prime plus you got there I heard some sites saying that crossfire may be supported on b350 and my manual has conflicting info it seems to talk about it vaguely but doesn’t go into detail leading me to believe that its just one of those “template” kind of things they put in all manuals

sgredsch says:

since this is hugely misunderstood. the rx580 is NOT meant as an upgrade FROM the rx480 or cards of that tier, its the REPLACEMENT to buy IF YOU HAVENT DONE SO YET. if you were about to get the rx480, you get the rx580 now, because the rx480 is no more. i’ve seen better refreshes, but its still a cheaper flat out upgrade from buying a rx480 (if its not on sale).
thats also the reason the official marketing shows the benchmarks against the old cards, because its not meant to be an upgrade for newer cards, because it isnt, its the to go card for ppl sitting on old midrange cards not going to get vega. because, face it, vega is going to be a big chip with everything that comes with it. it uses alot of power, it disappates alot of heat, it costs alot of money – its not for everyone, just like any other big chip card. vega will not change anything for you if you’re not willing to spend 500$ on a gpu, because thats what the smallest vega will cost at least, set it will be 8gb of hbm with an AIO cooler.

Cutler Cycles says:

Haha my rx 480 OC to 1375…lol and 9000mhz on the Memory

Steve 30x says:

How does it compare to the GTX 980 non To?

DDDE44 says:

When we going to have HDMI 2.1 ??

Niz406 says:

Team Red “AT IT AGAIN”….

J. Jardin says:

How did you spend 20 minutes on this without crying? Someone buy that man a drink!

A. Massé says:

Keep up the good work! Excellent review. Way in detph. Really like your channel man!

DDDE44 says:

Why do not have 2 HDMI ports – one for sound and one for video?

Duane Mediak says:

sorry but….. damn dude ur teeth are makin me cringe.. sorry dude.

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