AMD RX 550 – Full Review – $79 Graphics Card

Buy @ NewEgg — RX 550 2GB – $79 — @ Amazon — More Links Below!
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If your PC can handle it, the RX 460 is generally a better deal than the RX 550, however I find that the 460 often doesn’t work in older pre-built PCs, the RX 550 has worked in everything I’ve put it in.

RX 460 — @NewEgg — @Amazon

RX 560 will be coming in May, it will be 10-15% faster than RX 460, so when it comes, if the price is the same, get it instead.

LinusTechTips – GPU Video on Video Rendering Performance –


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Mikeviker Fortnite and more says:

Can it play fortnite well

Harry potter says:

Can it work with 240w ?

Gustavo L says:

THANKS for all the great info and comparison. I am looking to purchase this soon. Unfortunately it is now $100+.

Robbe3j says:

why is the gpu usage so low?

James Lev says:

Will that card be more than adequate for just watching 4K HDR online movies and videos? I’m not a gamer.

ErmirDoesWhatHeWantsTo O says:

Can this card run gta5

MeatPopsycle says:

Is 50% render resolution the same as 720p? I figured it would be 960×540.

AdmiringTrash 25 says:

Good upgrade from gt 610?

VossGaming says:

Wait….I got the same graphics card as in you’re video but when i run Gta V on (almost) everything set on very high i get more than 70 fps

tazbe ul Hasan says:

Can i play Arkham Knight with this gpu and core i3 in 8gb ram?

Christopher Martell X says:

I’ve been looking to buy this card for about a month and your VERY INFORMATIVE VIDEO made me decide to go ahead and get it, too bad it’s $100+ right now…I’ll keep monitoring since the price keep fluctuating. Thanks.

The Stalwart Geek says:

Very in-depth. Thank you for all the hard work.

Jason Panlilio says:

does a8 7600 bottleneck to rx 550?

Michael C. Main says:

This card is actually quite impressive. I got this for my friend’s computer for Christmas and we were running Destiny 2 at medium settings at around 80FPS.

TechBaron, Cameras and more! says:

instructions unclear dik stuck in celing fan baught quadro head explodes

Timon Stacy says:

I played fortnite at 120+ fps on my ryzen 3@3.8ghz and it was still the GPU that was holding it back not the cpu

taniamiller says:

i know i’m late, but would i be able to play the sims 3 & 4 on this? i plan on switching to the RX 470, but at the moment the pc i bought comes with the RX 550.

TiagoDS says:

Excelent video mate, the execution level of your videos is prime quality, not the mention the information packed into them, keep it up! Cheers

Shoaib Sikandri says:

Can i install asus rx 550 2gb sc  card in my own intel core 2 duo e6600 2.4ghz 6gb ddr3 ram and psu is 365watt max and my pc model is 0A58h …

Daniel Patrascu says:

One and a half year later…. RX 550 is 150 dollars. I hate mining!

Brend Lowert says:

$79, those were the days.

JvGamingTV says:

I have this card and when I would update to the most recent driver update such as 18.2.1, my games would drop in frame rates completely! (0-20 FPS). So what I did is I went to MSI for the RX 550 drivers and the version they gave me is 17.11.4 which I believe is Radeon Crimson. Also I believe that is the only driver that’ll work on this card somewhat stable. I have these weird problems when I would be gaming where the screen would change into a solid color and flicker which is very distracting or sometimes the game would crash and my monitor would display “No Signal”. I don’t know how to fix this problem really if you want to avoid these problems I’d advise you to get a GTX 1050ti, or 1050 or anything Nvidia has to offer because honestly, I’m tired of the B.S. AMD has been giving me lately.

Hi.Bits says:

i love how you explain all the things slowly and detailed. I’m addicted to your videos now. 🙂

Tahmid Tahmid says:

Can I playgta 5, fifa18 dbc 17 don Brahman 17

md zaid says:

Man, your videos are too long. Please reduce length of your videos.

00Q says:

man i love you’r videos , i’m planning to buy this gpu very soon

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