AMD RX 460 Review – Best GPU For $120?

Here is our review for the AMD RX 460 from Power Color.

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Benchamarking PC Specs:
– Intel Core i7 6700k:
– CPU Coooler: Corsair H100i GTX :
– MOBO: Asus Z170 Deluxe :
– Storage: Intel 750 400GB PCI-E :
– RAM: Corsair LPX 16GB DDR4 :
– PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 750W :
– Case: Corsair 780t:

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Dr. ZEUS says:

dose it support for triple moniter setup?

Benji St Rose says:

I like Gigabyte’s G1 version… same thing, no pin connetors but a bit pricier and a bit better performance.

Hysteria says:

Intel is going to include AMD IGPUS in their newer CPUs.

*listen up* says:

460 comments. coincidence?

CookieKingGaming says:

Lol why would you buy a AMD RX 460? Might as well buy a console as its console quality. For only $200 you can get a gtx 1060 and get over 200fps on all games except ark survival evolved lol.

DarkLinkAD says:

The Rx 460 has evolved a long way, getting a 5500 score would need an under-clock to 1000mhz flat 🙂

FuFыX 4300 says:

I’m a Russian Tech Bloger and we real poor. Yours test is amazing! Thaks Амуде – Тащит! СЛава амуде!

namenlose Held says:

Can you make a Benchmark between Rx 460 and r7 370 I can not decide between this Cards. (Cpu: Athlon x4 880k)

Nad says:

is there any blower style of this gpu??

Caklutfi says:

corsair vs450

Karim Moukaouame says:

where do you get a rx 470 for $150?????

brosef131 says:

Will i have trouble switching from nvidia?

Narucario says:

Was the price for these cards shot to hell or something? You can’t find any of those for the listed prices unless it is the 4gb rx-460 for the rx-470’s listed price above….

CRaul87 says:

Might be cheaper to get a 7870XT same performance if not a little bit more…

maikisvk3 says:

I will buy sapphire 460 2gb but it doesn’t even works with dvi-d and hdmy adapter if u dont have drivers. How can i have drivers without any type of image in my screen? Thanks

ElectricDreams says:

Is the card good for running World of Warcraft in ultra in raids? I was thinking the 880 quad core AMD cpu, 8gbs of ram etc

ninja of fire says:

got it for 70$ on black Friday.

Alex_N says:

And how about AC Unity, Witcher 3, and some racing games?

M4D AL3X says:

do ypu thunk multimoniyor gaming ob very low settings only with msaa will work?

Galactic Cat says:

This guy was fatter than my mama a year prior.

Killval says:

ibuypower gamer wa583r7 — can someone take a look at this and tell me if my PSU can handle an upgrade from this GPU to an RX 480 or GTX 1060?

JevtA! says:

I have a question rx 460 powercolr dosent have any power pin when card is on full load is it bad for the motherboard ?

ChillBro says:

will this be an upgrade from an integrated i7 6700?

ThatOneGamer says:

Its little lungs in a great big world smackin the booty gettin that girl

#sing like actual lirics#

Troppek says:

How well does the 460 overclock?

Budget Tech says:

holy shit almost didnt recognize you lol youre not fat no more ;(

Vasillis Zxrs says:

How about rx460 crossfire???

Mlg Quickscoper says:

bought one , and now regrettting it

Mocsen Krou says:

does gtx950 better than 460rx ?

theReFormaters says:

Can I pair this with my 4yr old Athlon ii x2 OC 3.8 Ghz?

Mark Tajan says:

does it crash at stock clock?

DEMONREAPER Gaming says:

rx 460 or 1050 ti

drankmagic says:

so this rx460 rivals a 960 ?? how is this possible, where i live a rx 460 costs 130€ish for the 2gb and the lowest 960 i could find is the white asus one 2gb for 199€ so how is this possible in some games to have a 6 fps diference? o.O

Inventor 707 says:

I bought an new Sapphire Nitro RX-460 4GB but when I plug it in after installing the drivers it shows green dots and lines on the screen, hope you can help me out.Thanks

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