AMD Radeon RX 480 Review: The Best Value 1080p60 GPU?

Rich offers his view on the RX 480 – it’s fast enough to offer a console-beating experience and you can’t argue with $199. Be sure to check out all of our benchmark runs:

RX 480 vs R9 390/380/GTX 970 1080p:
RX 480 vs R9 390/380/GTX 970 1440p:
RX 480 vs R9 380X/280X/270X 1080p:

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NOTE-G Beatz says:

but youre wrong. if a 960 is better than a 480, and a 1060 roughly doubles the 960s performance depending on the game – how the frick can this be the best value. It doesn’t even have PhysX or the Dedicated audio chip onboard.

LastEcho says:

can anybody recommend CPU and motherboard for this card

iOnRX9 says:

isn’t consoles trying to do 4k kind of stupid/not in their capability outside of upscaling?

Yussef Ibn la ahad says:

lol amd shit is out there get cover

Kirage says:

Hopefully this sells well for AMD because as it is they are fighting with Intel for the remainder of the GPU market share :/

NOTE-G Beatz says:

the last 480 we got could cook Kraft Dinner. xP 90 degrees at idle.

UltraAudio says:

Great card, just a shame that it costs 330$ in Sweden, just like the gtx 970

Neurotyczny Kot says:

you shoudl do Doom benchmarks with Vulkan and all new cards.

ButtsnifferStinkerface Animefan69 says:

… This guy is the best reviewer I’ve seen since I discovered Ryan Shorout and Allyn Malventano of PC Perspective.

StyleX97Baba says:

Whats the better card for Blackops 3: R9 390 Nitro or Rx 480?

Blazer915 says:

is the rx 460 released yet?

iOnRX9 says:

1080p@60fps w/high settings

Daniel Kirk says:

Sorry this is 2016 and I play @4k60

Victor Escamilla says:

i have an r9 270 and i want to upgrade, but i dont know if the rx 480 or the gtx 1060

i have an i7 4790 and i just want do play on high settings (not ultra) on 1080p 60fps

Veselin Krastev says:

That was the video that inspired me to build my first PC back in the beginning of last summer. It made me realize it wasn’t so inaccessible. I did quite a bit of research throughout that summer and eventually built my first rig in September. I ended up getting a 1060 actually.

Pan Z says:

FFS, Tomb Raider is NOT a good DX12 title. It runs worse in DX12 than DX11, which doesn’t happen in any other game. Maybe we shouldn’t benchmark a Gameworks title for an indication of how these cards run in DX12

randombot p says:


ton ms says:

why they only pick this games to benchmark how about the higher depending games like arm3 apex or even ark surival evoled which requires alot of graphic power and even the 4k games or vr games why these games the games he uses in the benchmark run on a gtx 950 almost as good and it’s a 2gb card just an opinion

jean johnsen says:

hey is it better to get this model shown here, or a “Sapphire Radeon RX 480 NITRO+ 4gb”


just got a gtx960 and i love it, but i think for only a couple of bucks more, this would have been the better choice. wish i would have known this earlier.

hvd iv says:

the r9 380x is great for 1080p/60 and i have one.the rx 480 would be 1440p card since is as fast as a 970 or r9 390

ZigTehNorweigan says:

does the new overclocking work with other GPU’s?

Edward Teach says:

Been waiting a while to upgrade my 7950 this is the one.

Jonas King says:

Brilliant stuff. Probably going with a 6700k and this badass.

Connar Comstock says:

It’s 380 bucks before taxes and shipping in Canada…god AMD, get it together.

Kevin Dwiputra says:

wow really optimized

Deathnator says:

Lovely card, a perfect upgrade for my GTX 770

PegranHimself says:

i want that shelf behind you

Dion Miller says:

Nice video. Did you come back and try 4k with 2 in crossfire?

Calvin Miner says:

Who cares that it doesn’t have a DVI plug? The only displays without either an HDMI or DisplayPort were made 10+ years ago, which is very, very few displays.

Big Gomez says:

Was reading that all apple mac’s on their way will be using Polaris and Nvidia has no slice of the Apple pie at all. They will have evaulated everything down to the last bolt… and gone AMD.

ton ms says:

this card cost as much as a console anyways consoles cost cheaper and the graphics in consoles are reaching high end graphic card detail in games

Padawan 1993 says:

Is this better than a Ps4?

FeTi Productions says:

did AMD ever fixed their driver overhead or is it still existent for weaker CPUs like the i3 pair ups

CMSonYT says:

always undervolt the reference card

Para sis says:

thank you witchard

TheErnie Games says:

And I’m here salt in my mouth with a r9 380 for paying 200$ when 480 was same price

BoggWeasel says:

Except you’re using the $240 8g version, have yet to see any reviews of how the “Flagship”$199 4g version performs, after all, that’s the price point that was touted the most. “Amazing gaming for less than $200”. Apart from that, nicely presented review.

Anthony Steele says:

this is for PC VR but who wants VR with wires?? Google Daydream is the future.

cafeplay games says:

great channel ,natural proffeciolism and fairness

Martin Mann says:

Yeah, you can apologise anytime to me, now that the 1060 specs and price have been released.

dav 2one says:

So I basically need to replace my r9 380 ?

Cannibalistic Toast says:

Gtx 1060, the rx 480 is invalid now :3

Mattia zanoletti says:

I can’t believe, we still have games working better on nvidia cards than AMD ones, and the other way around regardless of the gpu model.
Sure, supporting certain developers is part of their marketing but it’s not very fair towards players.
(Sorry for my bad English)

Nate Marin says:

gtx 1060 comes out: the price is wrong bitch!

Brian Boterman says:

Victory !

LegaCy says:

im gonna be getting the 8gb oc 480 when i can xD. But you mentioned a console beating pc just got cheaper if you wanna make a console killer you could use a rx 470 4gb be a lot cheaper and still beat it big time !

Tom Riddler says:

With the technology moving forward this fast, and the gap between cost and performance is becoming smaller and smaller for GPUs, I believe we should see more powerful consoles with the price of 300 to 400 in the years ahead. Otherwise, in my opinion, console gaming will no longer be a viable proposition for mainstream gamers.

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