AMD R9 Nano Review – New ITX GPU Performance King!!!

AMD R9 Nano Explained –

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Joe Szabo says:

Your clearly Nvid fans. look at your graph drawings. like any Nvid bars look like lots of gain when viewing but in reality it could be a just few digits higher but the bar will look way longer. When its a AMD win your bar graph length compared to numbers is smaller. making nvidia look like winners most of the time. Sneaky tactics.

Richard Lange says:

about 4:37, that’s why you activate the new Target Frame Control feature on in the crimson driver


good video

Solo Molo says:

this GPU was made with for one reason only. AMD showed off their power in how small yet insanely powerful gpus they can make, like that is insane. Good job AMD. i see a really bright future for small form factor gamers

rambow70 says:

Holy shit, ok so what is that coil whine? I thought I had a squealing capacitor but if these cards do it normally? I have never had this problem on an invida card, just ati cards, one in particular the 5850. Then I quit buying them.

Subhan Malik says:

hey… 6inches isnt small….

Wapn Perfo says:

That card is awesome! I may have to get rid of my 750ti. I hate huge graphics cards. Hurts airflow and way too much heat.

Tony TheBrave says:

And who will be such a fool to by this expensive video card with such a great energy consumption?

Cestarian Inhabitant says:

Uhh.. I had no issues shoving my full size 670 card into an m-itx case. I didn’t know that the R9 Fury and 390X were so competitive with the 980 though, this surprised me. Especially considering the 390X is just a rebranded 295X and Fury performed well better than the 980.

Too bad their OpenGL performance sucks ass tho.

Diego G. says:

I have one. at first I was a little disappointed by the problem of coil whine , but now I learned to appreciate the benefits of size and performance. I am more than satisfied !!!!

Captain Gray says:


Gamist says:

Cooler master elite 110 anybody?

James Lee says:

My dick is still shorter than that card

Parth Rastogi says:

there is no denying that 980ti is the best

Juha Bach says:

Can someone PLEASE explain me the hype about this crap GPU? Only thing as + here I see that its small card but in other areas it sucks, not to mention the price.

Hassan Alloush says:


Kouyioue says:

Could probably get rid of the coilwhine with a non-vsync FPSlimiter 🙂

Rizer says:

AMD will never regain the GPU market now as they just cant compete with nvidia anymore. Nvidia will deliver the almost final blow with pascal next year!.

Edin Tarafder says:

I had r9 390x but I had to return it because coil whine. AMD get your head out your ass and fix this shit.

Rixnbix says:

I even noticed that r9 fury X overall defeated Titan X at 4K lol

Izlude Tingel says:

damn it… ok so what GPU do you suggest for 4k @60hz? the TV I use is Vizio M60-c3 and HDMI 2.0. Other owners of my TV were able to reach 4k @60hz, but they all have titan cards -_- ahhg…

tec-corner says:

omg 1000 us for a pc only for play? fuck you amd and nvidia dont going pay me for play videogames

Alcino Acosta says:

a solid performer… dat price tho.

MH5tube says:

I wish benchmarkers wouldn’t turn on AA when playing at 1440p and above. You don’t need it, so most people won’t turn it on, thus it means the videos under-represent real-world results.

Christopher Wood says:

MSI= crappy Nikos mosfets. Known to burst into flames trying to overclock an eight core FX cpu.

Mr11ESSE111 says:

Whats the point of buying R9 Nano except size ?? GTX 980ti costs same and it is 10-15% faster than Fury X which is faster than Nano !! You must be fanatic&stupid for paying same&more for less .performance

Matthew Cusanelli says:

lol AMD quality. More like Coil Whine: The GPU

Keith Peng says:

I’m blown away by your video quality sir.

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