Alienware Graphics Amplifier Review & Benchmarks (NVIDIA GPU)

In todays video we are taking a look at some new technology. Want to get one yourself, here’s a link;

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GateCrashers says:

does the Alpha support gtx 1080 ti ?

silver lord films says:

so online alienware pc support i was hoping to boost my dell e6420

Nick Bates says:

my alpha does not have the slot for it wtf

Matthew McNeal says:

I have a shitty laptop that’s not Alienware and I don’t have a graphs card. How would this work for me?

Bender Anglesmith says:

That amplifier is almost the size of a mini itx pc.

Shshshshsh says:

Can I you a normal dell laptop

Subscriptions says:

Can this work any laptop?

Rafael Ospina says:

Hey Tobias, I have an alienware laptop but instead of getting the alienware graphics amplifier Im looking at at a different brand amp to connect it via with thunderbolt 3. I’ve heard the alienware amplifier port is not a fast a a thunderbolt 3 port so performance is better using thunderbolt, that way I could get the most out of the other video card. Is this correct? if so, which would you recommend? or does the alienware amp works best ? thanks much!

Suchti Games says:

So I have a msi pe60 does the dock work with the pc? Because I think you only need a thunderbolt plug and it can be used but some guys here tell that it only works with Alienware so what’s the truth does anyone have experiences?

Mr Badass says:

What graphics card for the Graphics Amp on a Alienware laptop for it too play games like The Evil Within 2?

Link Cyberspace says:

would this help for a regular laptop?

Schweetz Sister says:

how weight that alienware graphic amplifier?

justawesome 2987 says:

Are all the cables you need included with the amplifier?

Marco Almeida says:

Did you test the graphics card and amp from the same PC?

roy rizky says:

can i use gtx 1080 in it ?

Vidnog says:

does the graphics card that you buy for the amplifier have to be better than the one in your laptop to have any positive effect?

Moussa Razer says:

Hi dude,
Whats the cpu in the alpha..i5 or i7 ?

VeXxit says:

Do i jave to have a Alienware pc for this to work?

Jojo Mendoza says:

Would this work on a Dell Optiplex 3020 Micro PC?

Ray McCarthy says:

Could this work with dells new XPS15?

Altered Serenity says:

You can put a resistance adapter on the fan to make it lower rpm.

AirusPlays says:

Do you need a alienware laptop in order to use? I am planning on buying it yet I don’t own a alienware laptop

Burak Kaan Karakoç says:

does this amplifier only works with alienware computers

Natakue says:

SO when you buy it does it come with a GPU or do you have to purchase one? I’m thinking about getting a R@ with the Amplifier but I need to know if I will have to get a GPU for the Amp.

Garret Rowe says:

great video. keep up the good work comrade

Kyōka Suigetsu says:

can you run a 1080 with it?

Kyōka Suigetsu says:

can you run a 1080 with it?

Ringo Star says:

This would be awsome… if i cared about graphics… lol… i’m a serious gamer tho.

Edwin Deverill says:

I have the alienware R3 (6820HK). I use the AGA with a 1080 GTX at the moment.
if I get the 1080ti should I expect an increase in performance over the the 1080? I know we won’t know for sure until the card is released…but do we know if the AGA will choke the performance so much that it will make no noticable difference?

Cedric James says:

can you buy a better graphics card for this instead of the one they have inside it? also 4k and VR can you touch bases on those. how much better with the graphics card than without it….can you post video. let’s set you are using alienware i7 r3…. can you do that for us thanks

Lucien Chan says:

would it work with xps 13?

John Z says:

What’s your CPU in the laptop? There is no way there is no CPU bottleneck

Nazze14 says:

You probably mentioned this in the video.
Does the Alienware Graphics Amplifier connected to an Alienware x51 r3 run both cards?

Quackster Jones says:

so using this do you have to buy the graphics card separate , what graphics cards work with this and does this work with non alienware laptops like hp laptops?

Tomljc says:

What is the name of the background music?? thx

Harvey Degree says:

Great video! However, there are super close similarities in your intro and outtro to that of MKBHD. I enjoy both your videos.

Jacco van Amerongen says:

whatappend when your laptop got a gtx 1060 and you buy a amplifier with a gtx 1060

Bapplause says:

will it work with my hp pavilion? with no dedicated graphics and a i5

Theblackahsa says:

i ordered one with a graphic card gtx 1060 3gb, but tbh it felt it was worse then my inbuilt 870 3gb M, since it had issues running wow with big raid numbers, where my current is able to handle 20man raid with 30-50 fps depending on fights and etc. so i dont know, mine might had been bugged, since the alienware box i had, was weird when trying to open it, as it felt like i was about to break it, as it was tight on one of the side so had to force open it, and whenever i were to take it off, i couldnt press Fn + F1 or click on the button behind to make it react.

orix2002 says:

is the geforce included in the item box?

Uncle-Gamer Martinx says:

Will it work on over PC also or just Dell & Alien-ware?

nick lemaster says:

Will this work on an Alienware M14XR1 model? It has a GeForce GT 555M. I am not sure how old of models this will work on.

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