Akitio Node Thunderbolt 3 eGPU Enclosure Review – Add a GPU to a laptop! Windows Demo

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/nodegpu (affiliate link) – Thunderbolt 3 equipped PCs and Macs can now add a desktop GPU with an eGPU enclosure like the Akitio Node! See my GPU shootout: https://youtu.be/9ANawDw5Mdk and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:44 – Discussion: Thunderbolt 3 vs. USB-C
01:28 – Discussion: Not all Thunderbolt 3 PCs perform the same
02:17 – Discussion: Mac compatibility and recommendatoins
02:59 – Hardware overview, card installation, cooling
04:54 – Ports and connections
06:00 – Short cable length
06:15 – Plugging in the eGPU
07:21 – Enabling or disabling the laptop display
07:51 – Gaming: Rocket League, using eGPU on internal laptop display
08:39 – Gaming: Rocket League with internal display disabled
09:37 – Benchmark scores
10:26 – eGPU vs. Internal GPU performance benchmarks
11:42 – Discussion: More on fan noise
12:25 – Midroll
12:27 – Gaming: Grand Theft Auto / GTA V
13:35 – Gaming : Doom
14:47 – Virtual Reality / VR Performance
15:23 – Conclusion and final thoughts

This review used Lenovo Yoga 720 that I looked at last week. See the review of that 2-in1 here: https://youtu.be/84Hh6gj9jnE

Buy it at Best Buy: http://lon.tv/9ri-x (affiliate link)

Find the PNY GTX 1070 card here: http://lon.tv/pauz6 (affiliate link)

I also suggest perusing http://eGPU.io to ensure that your computer is compatible.

I was quite surprised by how easy it was to add an external GPU with this Akitio Node. On both the Yoga 720 as well as my own Macbook Pro (running Windows) it was really a plug and play experience. Games and other applications that can benefit from a faster graphics processor will immediately start working with it.

That said there are a lot of compatibility gotchyas with this. So I do suggest spending some time on eGPU.io before buying so you can ensure your hardware is fully compatible. It’s also important to note that a Thunderbolt 3 connection is required – this is different than USB-C even though both technologies use the same connectors.

I’m interested in hearing from you all on future followup videos!

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Voke Ogbalor says:

I would like to see it tested on the Acer predator 15 ive search al nook n crany for sm who has tested but there’s non would be pls if you do it thanks

respibob says:

I find it amusing that people say “just build a desktop” and for those people that is their choice. I feel this is more for people who have a nice laptop they use day to day with a good CPU but no dedicated GPU. They could use it at school, work, etc and then just come home and hook up to this and play some AAA titles.

Nate Fleming says:

would this improvement the performance of a 970m? I have a 6700hq paired with a 970m laptop and was hoping to get an egpu to improve performance eventually

oxigeno05 says:

Great review Lon, keep the good work. Can you do a review with this enclosure, an AMD GPU and your? I am curious to see if there improvement compare to internal mobile gpu. Thanks!

Paolo M says:

Hey Lon, what’s the cheapest I-5 Kaby Lake Laptop you’ve seen out there with a full thunderbolt 3 port? I saw this setup with Razer Blade last year and I would love to set this up now, but on the cheap.

alittleolder says:

Highly interesting Video. Although I just have a PC at home to use for gaming and a Notebook I use to work on.

Evilo Lio says:

you dont know how happy i am to see this video dude theres like no content on youtube that features a windows laptop with the node, but this makes me actually want to buy it seeing as how there is compatibly with pc, for some reason i thought it was exclusive to mac.

T1GR3S13 says:

you don’t reply anymore

Luis Cunha says:


Ralph McMahan says:

360p squad

Agustin Mendoza says:

Lon, great video as always!

I hope you’ll be able to review the Mantiz Venus when it’s released. It’s more expensive but apparently will deliver 60w of power back to the laptop. Perfect for my 2016 MBP. Plus it has Ethernet and additional USB ports. So a dock and eGPU in one enclosure.

Elite 1984 says:

Just buy a proper gaming desk top computer for fuck’s sake.

gatisnolv says:

Hey, Lon. I caught a small mistake: at 10:43 in the table you have named the Yoga 720 as “Yoga 920”.

Corrosive says:

Lon, do you have any core M computers with Thunderbolt laying around? I would be curious to see how much of a bottleneck that would be to your 1070.

Blastar Seymour says:

I think that these external cases are way overpriced !!

PikolUploader says:

those things are unnecessarily big

T1GR3S13 says:


Nate Fleming says:

how badly would this bottleneck a 1080?

AtomizerX says:

I like the price and functionality of the Node but it doesn’t send [enough?] power back to the device so can’t really be used with the Razer Blade Stealth. :/

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